Logitech Revue Shows off Its Naughty Bits (and 1.2GHz Intel Atom) in this Hardware Teardown



Despite what you may think there are no mystical fairies, imps, trolls, or leprechauns living within the Google TV-powered Logitech Revue. Sadly for the Insane Clown Posse there is no magic either. Nope, just the standard printed circuit board and tightly soldered components. The pièce de résistance? A 1.2GHz Intel Atom processor calling the shots. iFixit, purveyor of the teardown as an art form, is quick to point out that Apple TV’s A4 chip is capped at 1GHz.

The actual teardown seems quite simple, with only a few screws and plastic clips standing between you and your Revue’s guts. They give it a high repairability rating, but point out that if you need to replace any component on the main board you will need to replace the entire board. See more pics and details at the source link below.

[via iFixit]

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  1. for 179 bucks from dish network with a contract extension and the new dish 1 terrabyte 922 box.

    this is a bargain.

  2. Anyone know if the Logitech Revue lets you develop on it (ideally with ADB), or if it’s a future jailbreak target like the Sony device?

  3. @fluffy
    you should be able to develop for it in the near future (early 2011 !!!) once google releases the API and make it publicly available, however you can register here:

  4. Thought atom was a 1.8ghz processor?… Isn’t that what the black pad is using?

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