Oct 25th, 2010

Not everyone likes the same look and feel to their phones and Android’s ability to offer customization is one of its greatest assets. From taking vanilla Android and adding widgets and shortcuts to starting with HTC Sense and packing different Scenes full of sexiness, there isn’t a lack of options. And more options are popping up in Android Market every day… let’s hope one of those options is soon Slick UI.

Slick UI is a home replacement currently only in the design stages but it’s well thought out and lives up to its name – super slick indeed. The “wonder wheel” in the middle rotates, displaying content relative to the selected module closest to the bottom or the wheel. The stream of info is outputted in a simple format that makes it clean and easy to read.


I’m a little bit less excited about the app drawer they’ve created. While it has a nice look to it, for some reason it seems a bit too busy and complex for my liking. I’m not sure if it’s the bright colors or the text – but I’d like to see some alternate app launch drawers.


Don’t expect to see Slick UI in Android Market anytime soon- the developers of the upcoming app had this to say about it’s progress as of yesterday:

Don’t get too excited yet! Work has just started, so don’t expect anything that actually works soon. There is a lot of work to be done, and we really have to think this through if we want it to ‘feel’ right.

I simultaneously hope they take their time and hurry the heck up… I’m definitely loving the “Wonder Wheel”. It seems to have some nostalgia as if the action replicates the rotary number dial of an old fashioned phone. Upcoming features are listed as “innovative app drawer” and “customizable dock”.

If you’ve got “mad coding skills and experience with android”, the folks behind Slick UI are accepting private messages over at XDA to help bring their vision to reality. And a reality is exactly what I hope this slick design becomes.