HTC Desire HD Source Code Released.


Jeesh, I wish they would have released the source code for the EVO this fast. It’s just been discovered that the source code for HTC’s Desire HD has been uploaded onto the internet. And that means XDA is about to pump out another round of ROMs based on the reworked HTC Sense that we’ve been hearing so much about. It’s such an exciting time for Sense fans who felt left out of the fun after HTC didn’t commit to bringing this version of Sense to their older devices.  If you’re a developer, then stop reading and go download. We want our ROMs and we want them now! [via AC]

HTC Desire HD_Front+Back+Left

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. first..

  2. Can’t wait to get the new Sense on my Evo, should be pretty cool

  3. Does this also mean that the Desire HD is about to get root-access or am I talking stupid now?

  4. the g2 and desire hd both have a security against root and it seems there hasnt been any progress in a long time

  5. oooh please let CM take a look at it, so I can mod my DHD.
    please pretty please!!

  6. they already have it seems that the device is perm-locked unless someone else more familiar with the matter can weigh in

  7. What is this for roms or something?

  8. Fifth

  9. Does anyone know of an online guide that show how to turn either the Android source code or manufacturer’s source code into a rom? I’ve seen a bit of info, but it’s mainly about customizing an existing manufacturer’s rom on a particular phone.

  10. where can i find roms in general?
    is there an app for roms and root?
    sorry for these questions if u think they are stupid but im a noob and still learning

  11. @Andulas: Check xdadeveloppers.com

  12. @EmEffer

  13. thanks

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