Retrovo Takes Election-Style Approach to US Phone Rankings, Android Takes the Most States


Just in time for this November’s mid-term elections comes a nationwide vote on the popularity of another hotly-debated topic: which smartphone reigns supreme. Retrovo is bringing us the results of their own unique take on tired smartphone rankings, and the votes show Android winning the majority of states at 21. However, just like the presidential election breaks each state down into a certain number of electoral college votes, Retrovo has assigned Gadgetorial votes to each state that put the iPhone in the lead with 218 votes. Taking those votes into account Android finishes third behind BlackBerry’s 198 with a meager 122 gadgetorial votes.


The votes were collected online over a period from March 2010 through July 2010 and is based not on sales figures but rather on the actual handset owned reported by takers of the survey.

Interesting to note are the regional preferences in smartphones, with BlackBerry showing it’s heaviest presence on the business and government-focused East Coast states from Washington DC to Maine. The iPhone took the majority in the southern states, lake states, and as expected the technology-oriented Pacific coast with Washington and California. Android’s presence is the greatest across the mid-west and central states, though it takes wins stretching from coast to coast with New Jersey and Oregon. Android also takes the W in the non-contiguous states.

Not sure what sort of stock we can put in these figures in terms of actual market share, but definitely an interesting, fun, and different look at how Android plays out in the States.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. This is cute. Rofl. My voe is useless though, cali is overrun with iphones

  2. I hate y’all!!

  3. vote*

  4. Get this bing shit off my screen.

  5. It’s funny how Cali has so many iphones although the reception is horrible down there for AT & T

  6. @Kevin Krause:

    As much as we’d all like to pretend New Jersey doesn’t exist, that doesn’t mean Pennsylvania is on the coast, as you claim. As a Pennsylvanian, I find your complete ignorance of simple geography both entertaining and enjoyable. Still though, your argument is *technically* correct, as New Jersey is an Android state.

    Also, the explanation for Oregon being the only Android state on the iPhone heavy West Coast? Oregon is (from experience) full of hippies (wonderfully friendly people, but hippies nonetheless), and hippies love them some open-source.

  7. WTF BING SUCKS GET THIS SH*T OUT OF HERE. Ok wow I can’t believe Florida is overrun with icrap :(

  8. “Android also takes the W in the non-continental states.”

    Alaska is actually part of the North American continent, so there is only one non-continental state. “Non-contiguous” is probably a better term to use.

    Looks like we have a lot of campaigning to do! ;-)

  9. Cute, but ultimately fairly useless poll. I’d rather know what the popular vote was.

  10. Something seems off. Consider in the electoral college that CA only has 55 votes yet it gets a 88 in this contest a whopping 60% increase in votes. And TX gets 34 and has 45 a 32% increase. So why did they change the numbers? Those were just too big numbers that stood out I am sure there are more.

  11. Did you know that 67% of stats are made up?

  12. thats preety cool. IOWA IS AN ANDROID STATE!!!! YAY!!!!!!

  13. They cannot even add up the electoral votes and states properly. If you take into account what the actual electoral college votes are per state. iPhone-195, BB-180, Android 163.

  14. As with everyone else, all I see is a massive Bing add. Get this shit outta here!

  15. fuck this bing ad

  16. Get out the Vote.

    I am sure ACORN is behind this study.

  17. I’m ashamed…California is overrun by iCrap. :-(

  18. Has anyone else thought that perhaps there was a per state vote adjustment for number of people/state that own a smartphone as these ratios between states are certainly different than pop/state

  19. They have cell phones in West Virginia? :P

  20. get that fucking BING shit the fuck out!

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