Color Nook Coming from Barnes & Noble Next Week [Rumor]



A new and exciting rumor has emerged that if it pans out will certainly give the Barnes & Noble Nook a bit of an edge in the e-reader market: next could see the release of a full-color, full-touchscreen Nook running on Android. The new device is said to be called the Nook Color (mocked-up above) and reportedly will retails for $249.99 when it goes on sale alongside (not replacing) the original. While based on Android, the device won’t feature full tablet functionality.

While the rumor itself can’t be confirmed, the bigger question on everyone’s mind is what sort of display the e-reader will use to still allow for long-lasting battery and crisp, easy-to-read text in all lighting conditions while allowing for full color display. Options include a standard LCD, Mirasol’s specialty displays, or even the Pixel Qi display.

For now it’s a waiting game to see if the rumor pans out, but the idea of more fully-functional, full-color e-reader at a reasonable price definitely has my interest piqued.

[via CrunchGear]

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  1. I have been waiting for a non-Apple comic book reader for a long time. This could be it!

  2. I would recommend one editorial revision. I would delete “still” from “still allow for long-lasting battery”. The battery life on my wife’s Nook is fairly horrific.

  3. Why is the display it’ll use a question? Colour e-ink displays have been available for a while or are about to be available in large quantities. Amazon’s next Kindle line up will almost certainly have a colour option because of this.

  4. This makes Verizon’s Galaxy pad pricing look all the more ridiculous.

  5. What’s with the huge annoying ads on phandroid now?

  6. @4 Of course it doesn’t. The Nook is not a tablet device, even it ends up having an LCD screen. It runs Android, but I seriously doubt it can get the Google applications and the processor won’t be sufficient to act as a tablet, again, even if it gets an LCD screen. If it gets a colour e-ink screen it won’t do anything well except allow you to read text.

    Given that a typical smart phone retails for around $500 off-contract, $600 for a 7-inch tablet with phone functionality off-contract is good value.

  7. @5 Hmmm, maybe they’re trying to make some money?

  8. @2 – what does your wife do with her Nook? I read mine daily for up to three hours, and I charge it once a week, MAYBE. I’d recommend she follow B&N’s recommendation and put it in Airplane mode when she’s only using it to read.

  9. @Dave… My nook has outstanding battery life. I think that it’s one of the better attributes of the device. IMHO

  10. i love my nook! Im fine with the monochrome e-ink screen.

  11. Thank you for using “piqued” correctly. I usually see “peaked” or even worse “peeked”. Drives me nuts. Thank you Kevin for helping keep English alive.

  12. Ok? Sounds like an Android Tablet.

  13. @8 and @9 – She always leaves it in airplane mode and, even if she doesn’t pick it up, she’ll have to recharge after a couple days. She’s had it replaced, hit the forums and contacted customer service (which was also pretty horrific by the way.) She’s very nearly ready to drop it altogether for a Kindle. She’s going to wait for the upcoming firmware to see if that helps. Even her first gen Sony had better battery life. Maybe she’s just been lucky enough to get two duds…. Glad you guys like yours tho!

  14. If it has a LCD screen then it is not an e-reader it will be a tablet or pad. Ereaders had epaper.

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