Logitech Harmony Remote App for Android Out Now (Revue Only)


Just as soon as Best Buy’s started shipping out the Logitech Revue, Logitech’s gone ahead and released their Android-based companion app – Logitech Harmony Remote – in the Android market. Just as you’d expect it to, this app will allow you to control your Google TV from your Android-powered device over a WiFi network. It will only work with the Revue companion set-top box and over a WiFi connection, of course, but if you don’t think you’ll get along with the hardware and would rather use a free solution, then you shouldn’t still be reading this. Go download!


[via Droid-Life]


(On Android? Touch the QR code above.)

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  1. wonder if it will work with the dish DVR?

  2. “Just as you’d expect it to, this app will allow you to control your Google TV from your Android-powered device over a WiFi network.”

    That’t not what I would expect. With an app called “Logitech Harmony Remote” I would expect a remote application to manage any home device, just as it’s hardware namesake…

  3. yes you can control other devices with it as an IR blaster is provided. this article is not as well-written as it could be.

  4. I wonder if they will put out a wifi IR device to allow the operation or revue-less home entertainment systems. And maybe a bluetooth option for ps3/xbox or wifi even.

  5. fail! who wants to use their cellphone to control their tv….smartphones today have crappy battery life as it is, so whats the point? At the end of the day most people come home and charge their phones so I don’t see this app being very useful or pratical.

  6. @mikeeeee: no, i don’t wonder; do you? you shouldn’t. the article said this.

    “It will only work with the Revue companion set-top box”

    this means it will NOT work with the dish DVR.

    of course, i admit, i am making a certain assumption; that you are referring to directly controlling the dish network DVR with built in Google TV. though it would seem reduntant, and therefore stupid to shell out hundreds of dollars on a dish DVR with google TV then to shell out hundreds more for a seperate google TV box.

  7. There is no Dish DVR WITH GoogleTV, the logitech revue integrates tightly with only the DishDVR, you can control your dish receiver seemlessly through the GoogleTV interface, therefore you will also be able to control your DishDVR via the app. This app is built to work with the logitech revue, Dish partnered with logitech to integrate tightly with the revue set top box. Dish has no intention currently of releasing a DVR with GoogleTV embedded.

  8. @ToastnJam I have been controlling my MythTV, Boxee, etc.. devices in all my rooms with my phone for a couple of years. It’s great, my phone replaces 7 or 8 remotes in 4 rooms and still has all the benefits of being a smart phone as well.

  9. @codersphinx: that is not how i understood it. from what i had gathered, Sony has their embedded TVs, dish, either through a pushed software update or shipping new boxes would be integrated and all others use the logitech box(at least till other comers arrive)

  10. C’mon ToastnJam, think of the fun you can have with your kids/spouse. They will have no idea why the tv keeps changing to ESPN when they are trying to watch Discovery.

    Besides I have a plug for my phone next to the sofa just because of the battery life so the phone usually sits next to the remote anyway.

  11. @ John the lesser: Dish is not selling a new DVR w/ GTV integrated (at least not at this time). Dish is selling a discounted (subsidized) Logitech Revue that will have tight integration w/ existing Dish DVR’s (like Coder said), and will also require a $4/Mo fee for that tight integration. Basically, this means the Revue will be able to scan and index existing recorded programs on the DVR and thus fully manage the DVR. Currently, Dish will be the only provider w/ such tight integration w/ Google TV. Basically, Dish shoved a pile of $$ at Google & Logitech to have this exclusive functionality for the launch of GTV.

  12. @gunner: interesting. i wouldnt pay an extra monthly fee for a functionality that should come with my revue box.

  13. Someone has to pay for the programming Dish has do to for the revue box to interface for it.

  14. The Dish integration is an additional functionality. The GTV works with any STB, DVR or not, but it doesn’t directly search the recordings or live TV. It simply controls the box, allows picture-in-picture internet/TV, and integrates it into the activities of the GTV.

    As for full Harmony integration, I’m still trying to work on that. I have a Harmony 900 system set up, there are settings in the GTV for Harmony integration and a “Watch Google TV” activity. I’m about to add the Revue to my Harmony, and see if I can use it with it. I know it won’t have the keyboard capabilities, or a cursor (beyond up-down-left-right), but a lot of the rest it should be able to do.

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