G2 Boasts Amazing Benchmark Scores After Being Overclocked to 1.3GHz


Well we knew the Scorpion processor in the T-Mobile G2 would be one of Qualcomm’s most efficient yet, but no one outside of HTC, Qualcomm, or T-Mobile – up until now – has been able to put that claim to the test. First of all, let’s talk its Quadrant score: 2,264. Quadrant takes into account not just the CPU, but I/O speeds and GPU performance. The GPU  isn’t that much better than the one found in the Samsung Galaxy S, which trumps the Nexus One in Quadrant before Froyo (and without the I/O hack.) So with a very overclockable 800 MHz CPU at 1.344 GHz, Android 2.2, and the Adreno 205 GPU, the G2 goes from a “why only 800 MHz” device to a “whoa that thing is amazing” device. Not that clock speed has always meant the world in CPU architectures before, but now you can put your qualms to rest regarding the G2’s.


Next up, LinPack. We usually don’t see 1GHz Snapdragon-enabled phones get more than 35-40 in score consistently, and the Scorpion can sit right on up there with the big boys after being overclocked. These scores don’t say much outside of “you get better performance when you overclock your CPU,” which is obvious, but perhaps folks can see just how scalable the new Scorpion CPU inside of the T-Mobile G2 really is. Clock speed isn’t everything, and you shouldn’t feel bad when you see that someone else’s number is greater than yours.

As for the overclock method? SetCPU’s developer coolbho3k has the goods and just might be releasing them soon. We’ll be on the lookout for that.

[via Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. and in the end it means nothing. overclocking is big d*ck contest, nothing else.

  2. Wicked. I’m impressed.

  3. That is why the G2 is the best turbocharged :)

  4. Quadrant scores are junk. We’ve proven that on Galaxy S phones. I’ve gotten 2662 on my Galaxy, OC, etc. but it’s much faster with other hacks getting a score of 1300-1500

  5. My Evo is crying…

  6. @ Eric: Really? Because my Droid Classic feels like a different device after OC’ing from 550Mhz to 1Ghz. Like night/day. OC’ing is extremely useful for me. As far as comparing my Droid’s bench scores to other phones, I’d agree, I could care less.

  7. Since when is the Adreno 205 better than the PowerVR SGX 540?

  8. How does Galaxy S fare in Quadrant with froyo? From what I understand the Galaxy S is still the most powerful out there. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  9. Meh. 1) Apples vs Oranges with Android 2.1 vs 2.2. 2) While I have no supporting evidence, I have heard linpack is biased towards Qualcomm chips.

    But yes benchmarking is a questionable practice compared to day to day use. Besides the Galaxy S cpu is spec’ed at 1gz because they meant it to run at such a speed, while the G2 is downclocked on purpose. I’d have to make the guess the jump in clock speed is inversely proportional to battery life. Thus over clocking the Galaxy S would of course impact battery life, it wouldn’t do so as much as I’m sure it would on the G2 going from 800Mhz to 1.3Ghz.

    But just like benchmarking, I’m throwing that all away because it still comes down to software. It will always come down to software as it has to be optimized to hell and back to run the best it can on a particular hardware set. Look at the iPhone, everyone loves it because it seems so snappy. Thats not to say the hardware is just that fast, its because the software has been optimized for it to be that fast. Reminds me of back in the day when it was the norm to rebuild your own kernel for linux to get it running the best it could for your pc.

    The A4 chip and the Hummingbird proc are pretty much the same processor, yet UI wise Apple has the upper hand in performance. Its all about perception and only optimizations will get us there.

    Everyone talks about wanting stock android, but guess what folks, pure stock android would suck. This is part of why updates take so long(and I highly doubt it has to do with skinning) is that manufacturers have to do work to optimize code for their particular hardware set and their particular drivers for said hardware. Anyone who’s worked with linux for a long enough time would know this.

    heh wow ok rant over, thanks red bull.

  10. @David though i agree with mostly what you said, my roommate cant stand his Vibrant at the moment. My G2 is alot snappier than the Vibrant and its stock and a lower clock speed. Ive sat and watched his vibrant stall just from notifications. And the Ryanza Lagfix kinda of proves that skinning slows down performance (if not implemented correctly).

  11. Evo, Galaxy S, G2, Droid X, they are all fast as shit. Who gives a flying phuc about how it does on benchmark scores if they all perform very fast and smooth? Super nerds with no girl friends or boyfriend’s, thats who.

  12. @Brandon Then I’d tell your roommate to root his phone, and put the Bionix 1.9 rom + Jac’s oc/uv voodoo rom on it. There are many other roms available as well, though all come from the same ‘stock’ so I don’t think of one being any faster then the other, but I’d say at the very lest if he were to update to JI6 firmware and have Jac’s kernel on there, he would be much happier.

    The fact such work exists is proof manufacturers don’t do enough to optimize their work. I think HTC knows this, while Samsung and Motorola need to catch up.

    But in the end, even with as much of a geek I am, I chose this phone due to aesthetics. I find its sleek design much more pleasing then the G2. Another reason why benchmarks dont mean anything.

  13. joedon3 is totally right. I have Quadrant scores on my Captivate that are just as high with the CPU set at 800MHz http://twitpic.com/2f4ayj and this is running Android 2.1. Quad scores are meaningless.

  14. @quentyn I think you’re confused about the names of these processors. The snapdragon a chip-set that contains a scorpion CPU. The nexus one and the g2 both have snapdragons and they both have scorpion CPU’s. The g2 just has the second generation of snapdragon chip-sets.

    I did a short report on the snapdragon for my computer architecture class. It was very interesting.

  15. @David yea it seems that HTC is the only OEM that knows what their doing when it comes to software. My roommate isnt as tech savy as I am (i dont even consider myself that tech savy. Ive built a PC once lol). The point is, it should just work. Rooting and custom roms is nice but there are average users out there. He is one of them. It shouldnt be necessary to root to get better performance.

  16. I’m a geek, but when it comes to reading comments on these issues, I realize that I am not as geeky as I thought I was. You guys are alright in my book though.

  17. @ #9: You would only lose battery life if you OC and set it to run OC’d full bore, all the time. And it would, of course, be ridiculous to do that, since most of the time our phones are idle. My Droid gets far better battery life running a custom kernel w/ a 1Ghz OC, because it runs on-demand, and spends most of it’s time idle, where it runs at 250Mhz. This is no different than modern desktop power-friendly CPU’s.

    Regarding the iPhone, it has such a smooth, snappy UI because the UI is hardware accelerated. I think Google will make hardware acceleration of the UI an Android feature in the future, probably the near future.

  18. @cdogg Word.

  19. can someone tell me what their benchmark scores are with a stock g2? even though i don’t really care about the scores, cause they don’t really tell you how the phone works with everyday apps, i would still like to know what the scores on a stock g2 are, and compare with the galaxy s. then when the galaxy s gets 2.2, see where they compare. i had my vibrant rooted, and had the lag fix on it. it was noticably faster. however, since the j16 update, i haven’t really felt the need to reroot and do the lag fix again. the phone is fast, and no matter whether you have your device rooted, have the lag fix, or even overclock, when it comes to the games, it won’t really make much difference. the gpu in both devices are pretty impressive. and for the everyday apps, both are lightning fast.

  20. It seems that Galaxy S owners are trying to convince themselves that benchmarks are useless. Galaxy S might be faster on paper but do you feel it?
    Sorry Galaxy people, we are waiting for the Gingerbread and you are waiting for the Froyo. I bet, we’ll get the Gingerbread before you get the Froyo.
    There is no need to turn down the G2 because it is getting good numbers. I don’t know why people hates it more when they see it achieving things more than expected.
    Wheres the Android LOVE?

  21. Going from 500mhz to 1ghz is one thing, but you’re not going to notice a difference going from 1ghz to 1.3 except in benchmark scores and we all know those don’t mean all that much in the real world. There are 800mhz phones on the market right now that are just as fast as 1ghz models. The numbers may differ, but during real world use you’re not going to notice much of a difference at all.

  22. My hummingbird just ate your snapdragon and then took a dump on a scorpion!

  23. I don’t know how fast the galaxy s phone is with lag fix. But without it its significantly slower. And I have yet to find a phone that is as fast on the web as the g2 is. I love all android phones and have used many of them. I have to say the g2 is my favorite so far.

  24. G2 is now sitting at #2 spot at http://smartphonebenchmarks.com !! MSM7230 is an amazing processor. :)

  25. both phones are fast. but only one’s got the super amoled :)

  26. My vibrant gets 2500 when overclocked to 1.2ghz and 12 mflops in linpack ;) Imagine when it gets 2.2 froyo.

  27. @smc29
    and one has a Froyo

  28. If the fascinate had a keyboard I be all over that shlt

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