Supposed HTC Tablets Delayed Until Q2 2011


We haven’t even received a hint of solid confirmation that HTC is working on a tablet device, but it’s apparently already been delayed. Reported by DigiTimes, HTC’s tablet plans have been pushed from Q4 of the current year to Q2 2011. The reasoning is due to the fact that Google’s giving Motorola and LG priority in working with them on adapting the next versions of the OS for tablets.


According to Chinese outlet Apple Daily who spoke to a JPMorgan analyst:

Although HTC is also facing issues such as patent lawsuits, bugs in its Windows Phone 7-based smartphones and component shortages, the analyst believes HTC should be able to resolve all the problems gradually, added the paper.

I have no comment about that specific quote, but the tablet news lines up with what we’ve heard before. Motorola’s expected to bring out at least one tablet – if not two of them – sometime very soon, with one supposedly headed our way in time for the jingle bells.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. It will be interesting to see what the new tablets are capable of.

  2. LG?? WHY GOD, WHY LG ?

  3. Seems weird that Google’s not helping HTC bring theirs out first since they seem to have been a flagship in the past with the G1 and Nexus One.

  4. I think the longer HTC works on it the better. I dont want a giant Evo with screen separation issues and 30fps issues. I love HTC and can’t wait to see what a Android 3.0 gingerbread Tablet will be like from HTC. Right now HTC MOTO and Samsung are leading the android takeover. The galaxy tab I will pass on…as well as these other off brand tablets. HTC and MOTO know android through and through…so if HTC wants to wait til the best competition releases their product I’m all for it….just don’t disappoint us HTC… give us what we want…what we know you can deliver….

    S/n that blackberry playbook looks better than any Android Tablet announced so far…imo

  5. Totally agree with Ash, HTC has pretty much been the face of Android! I would be more inclined to buy an HTC tablet before LG. I already have the HTC EVO.

  6. Chrome OS

    not android


  7. I think that Moto and LG have Tablets that are further along in the development pipeline, and thus the focus on getting them Gingerbread.

    I assume Google wants to devote it’s full attention to this project to get it right, so pushing it out until Moto/Lg/Et. all launch their tablets makes sense. It gives them an opportunity to learn and adapt their tablet accordingly. I’m rocking my D1 and love it, but I will strongly consider waiting for a HTC tablet over a Moto – unless there’s some strong device synergy between my D1 and a Moto tablet.

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