MyTouch 3G Froyo Update Rolling Out


It looks like some of you are already starting to get the upgrade to Android 2.2 for your MyTouch 3G. (Yea, the original.) Judging by this thread on T-Mobile’s forums, T-Mobile wasn’t bulling and most of you MyTouch 3G owners will be seeing this thing before Halloween. The only problem is that some of you – notably the MyTouch owners with the headset jack – will have to wait a while before seeing this upgrade. We’re sure this is due to the slightly-beefier set of internals in that version compared to the original. They’ll be updating everyone on that “in the coming weeks.”


[via Engadget]

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  1. Sweet, can’t wait to join the club! How will this affect us rooted users?

  2. Im First !!!

  3. I just can’t wait for the slide to get it.

  4. My girl aint got it yet. Clock is ticking.

  5. If you’re rooted, check xda as there are roms from the OTA. It is very fast (1.6 fast) from reports, way faster then CM6.

  6. Wow I still have my mytouch and mytouchslide but they wack.. They need to upgrade my vibrant!!! Its way better.

  7. I got it on mine sunday. This is by far the fastest the tough little red bugger has ever been, and far far stabler than CM6 or any ROM 1.6, 2.1 or 2.2 I have used to date. Who knew that thing still had some life in it.

    My nephew will be happy when I hand it off to him for christmas as in a few weeks I’ll be rocking the new myTouch anyhow.

  8. My friend has the original but no update as of yet. My MyTouch with the Headphone Jack will just have to wait I guess.

  9. Still waiting

  10. @galaxysdroid

    “Wow I still have my mytouch and mytouchslide but they wack..”

    Apparently so was first grade….

  11. NO UPDATE YET, I bought my MT3G the day it came out.

  12. Has anybody gotten the update yet?

  13. Does a version update include a system wipe? Do I need to worry about backing up all my data?

  14. Will T-mobile members without a data plan still be receiving this update? Because I use wi-fi, and dont have a data plan, but i’ve had the Mytouch 3g for over a year.

  15. The tmobile site says it will not reset your phone but its always a good idea just in case there are any problems.

  16. How will this affect rooted users? Please answer if you know. This
    is important.

  17. I just unrooted it back to stock 1.5 and check on the system update. It doesn’t provide any update to my poor mytouch 3G (32B), not even a 1.6!! what the heck!! Tmo fail!!

    btw, any new yorker get the OTA here?

  18. I got the update tonight. First part came in @ midnight and second part came in 30 minutes later.

    The general consensus is to do a factory reset after you get the update. That way you can reinstall the 2.2 version of your app and not 1.6.

  19. got the update, really great but two things that don’t work for me:

    Live wallpapers
    Adding accounts for syncing (facebook, etc..)

  20. got the update, really great but two things that don’t work for me:

    Live wallpapers
    Adding accounts for syncing (facebook, etc..)

  21. Got the update – seems cool. Maybe a little faster switching between apps and back to the home screen. Different Icons and different layout. It cleared out my call log and my “favorites” list in the calling screen. So far all my apps are running fine. I will post an update as I learn more…..

  22. i.still dont get the update:(……..-LAREDO TEXAS-

  23. Has anyone noticed a messaging bug after the Froyo update for the MyTouch 3G? Upon downloading the update today, my messaging will no longer open/functino.

  24. omg same here! I cannot text/ nor can read or receive any messaging alerts. I couldn’t even call!! UGHHHH I HATE THIS NEW UPDATE!!!! now my phone is much slower and not functional at all. So disappointed.I don’t know what I’m supposed to do now, should I contact tmobile for this?!?!

  25. Anybody in northern Colorado get it yet? i’m so excited :D

  26. The update is lame!!! I got it, and have had to remove my battery to restart the frozen phone at least 20 times! Yes, I did a factory reset.

    I’m not surprised though… business as usual for Tmobile.

    Don’t bother getting excited people… you’re waiting on a version of android that is already outdated anyway!

  27. By the way… yeah, there are a couple cool features included. But nothing that makes up for constantly removing the battery to revive the phone!!!

  28. Got the update and absolutly hate it! I can’t take pictures can’t look at my pictures can’t use 99% of my apps everything force closes including the home screen did a factory rest twice called T-Mobile and there sending me a new phone! Dear T-Mobile please don’t send out shitty updates thank you!

  29. Has anyone from NYC receieved the OTA update yet?

  30. No update yet.

    Sunday, 10/24 – Houston, TX.

    I got a text from Tmo saying that I’d be getting “Part 2” of the update in the next few days… but I haven’t even received or noticed part 1. WTF?

  31. Austin, TX

    Still waiting on both part 1 & part 2 of my update.

    But having second thoughts after reading the horror stories here. Froyo was supposed to be a “marked improvement” over 1.6 and give a new lease of life to the mytouch… at least enough to take the edge off my waiting another year for my TMob contract to expire so I can get a subsidized faster phone.
    It’s disappointing that folks haven’t been happy with TMo’s froyo rollout… both the lack of the rollout for some folks as well as the buggy update for the others.

    I wonder if the delay is caused by TMo looking more closely at the reported Froyo update bugs? (Hope)

  32. I am in Troy, MI (Detroit). I haven’t got my update yet. I bought my myTouch3g in Jan this year.

    Anyone from Michigan got update already?

  33. I got the notification for the update, but when i turned off wifi to do the update, it disappeared. Haven’t gotten the notification again, and its been 5 days. Anyone in Florida get the update yet?

  34. Not happy with this update. My phone is now slower with bad screen responsiveness. The home screen is slow to refresh and apps do not stay killed with ATK. Battery life is down considerably. Also, the phone heats up considerably with extended use.

    Wish I could go back to 1.6…

  35. I haven’t got the update yet… but after reading those
    bad” experiences from you guys who got the update already, I really don’t know whether I should update my myTouch 3G to froyo…

  36. To all those who don’t read. T-Mobile sent out an email stating that the first update would take 15-25min for first update. After it installs it will take 5-15min to start up on the Android screen. (Also says not to remove battery in big LETTERS, it affects the installation ) second update will take up to 30min to receive.

  37. They sent a text message to registered T-Mobile MyTouch 3G users on their website. CHICAGO – Still no update wtf.

  38. I get the message about the update, but haven’t received the update yet.

  39. i got the update and all the stuff people say about it is a lie i cant get my wifi hotspot thing and some other stuff so if u can help me help

  40. I recieved the text a while ago still no update BUT for almost 2 days my phone was off and on airplane mode at the same time, is it possible at all I wouldn’t get it cuz it was off etc? My friend got Froyo update on hers and she has no problems and it CURED the lag on it. Hope it works like that for mine…

  41. Still no update, can’t update any of.my Apps either!

  42. Still waiting and waiting wtf, Memphis tn.

  43. yo like what happens if we don’t get the update??

  44. Talked with someone from tmobile. The upgrades are being sent in waves, with and expected finish of DEC 15!!! What a bunch of crap.

  45. Wow, till Dec 15th?

    I thought all the MT3G’s would be done by Oct 31st, and the Slide & Vibrant would be done by December? I guess it’s ALL the phones running old Android Firmware? crap… that’s a long time.

    I wanna get the MTHD now…

  46. Still haven’t got android 2.2 (froyo) I live in fortcollins ,Co anyone live here that got the update

  47. I got the message a couple weeks ago, and still no update. I live in Portland, Oregon. :-(

  48. Its November 2nd now and i still haven’t received the update, also i cant update or download anything from the app store…. Bronx, New York.

  49. I got the update notice on my MyTouch 3G when they first started rolling it out, but said “update later” since I was at work where I get a weak signal. I never got the notice again and have spoken with customer service twice and now they say it will happen sometime before Dec. 15th, but I’m a little skeptical!! Very poor rollout on this. When my contract is up next year I think I’ll switch to an IPhone. You wouldn’t believe how bad the signal is in Seattle!!

  50. Its now nov. 2nd and I haven’t recieved an update yet I recieved the T-mobile message saying that it would be released before November but still havent gotten it yet. My Mytouch 3G is running extremely slow and it is force closing all of the time I am getting sick of this somebody have any suggestions?

  51. I got a message a few weeks ago saying i would have it by Halloween. never got it so I decided to do it my self, its super easy. I’m lovin froyo now!!!!

  52. Annoyed by everyone saying they didn’t get the update. Duh, we all got the text message and most of us did not get it. So please stop with the ranting on how you didn’t get it. We know you didn’t.

  53. dude ive been waiting for my update, i called t-mobile to ask them when i was going to get my update and they said updates for my touch had been extended throu december… sucksssss

    they did gave me a month free of internet on my phone lol =]

  54. did anyone tried to manually install the update?instructions here : http://www.intomobile.com/2010/11/04/install-android-2-2-1-froyo-mytouch-3g-tmobile/
    pretty easy…

  55. i have mytouch 3g i still didnt get the update why they send me text that they goen do it in two weak but it almost four still didnt get update why

  56. I did the manual update a week and a half ago, took about 30 mins tops, easy to do even for me. I hope that it is the same as the ota. Froyo is way better than 1.6.

    Multitouch works, new gallery is slow, but still faster than 1.6’s. Wish the hardware would support flash and live wallpapers, oh well, more than I expected for a first gen device anyways. This will hold me until I find a new phone that looks worth signing my life away for 2 more years :)

    Overall, my phone is now more stable and faster, not perfect, but way better!


  57. Yeah, I did the update manually. Thanks for the above links. That’ really helpful!! It was so easy to do and quick. I never got the problem and now my mytouch 3G running very smooth. I feel it’s a little bit faster..

    Shame on T-mobile. They always send your bills on time and wants the money on time. But for update, never on time. I just did it myself.

    Thanks guys. Thanks so much for providing the DIY update info. I am so happy to see my phone is running froyo.

    Here is the link with instructions I followed.


  58. quick FYI: where u are from does not at all dictate when you get the update, tmobile is updating based on your IMEI number or w.e its called, you can check it in your phones settings…not tht u have anything to compare it to…(on it now nd its very long so not going to writeit). anyways I jus got part 1 of the update like 10 min ago. I’m writing this from the phone nd experiencing serious lag (definitely something to do with the DL). mytouch3g with headphone Jack. will provide update wen I get part 2…should b in abt 20 min. Oh, from NYC…not tht it mattrs

  59. Yeah, I just got the first part of the update as well. (I think) Basically my phone flashed the installation screen twice, then rebooted. I hope that is what is supposed to happen for the first update. Will update if I get the second part. <—In Texas.


  61. I just got Froyo today. For the first hour or so, I experienced the same bugginess as described here. I got frustrated and just put it down. Left it alone for about half an hour, and now it works fine, even faster than it had been before the update. My advice to the people with bugs: Chill out and let the phone “get comfortable!” Then it will work just fine.

  62. I’m very disappointed with this update. After downloading it, my phone has been EXTREMELY slow and has restarted itself twice in the past ten minutes. The Messaging app won’t open and every other app force closes.

    I would really think twice about downloading this update.

  63. I received the first update at 5am today, however, 9 hours late I have not received the second update. So I am not sure what to do since the second update is suppose to follow the first within 30 minutes. My phone while installing the first update just flashed two times and that was it.

  64. I just got the first update at like 3 something this morning but now it’s just on…idk if there is more to be done…but my phone looks regular to me…I haven’t noticed any type of updating…by the way I’m in Xenia, OH… so I will keep you all posted!

  65. If I got the MyTouch Jack..do I still get it?!

  66. I updated mine and my messaging won’t open and the phone processed even slower (it was slow to begin with). I hoped it would help, but now my phone is worse. Now I know what all the iPhone snobs are talking about…way to go Android. Is there a way to uninstall the update? or fix the phone? Or are we screwed indefinitely?

  67. This update is terrible!
    I havent been able to open my messaging in the longest time.
    So disapointed

  68. yep, same here. updated about 24 hours ago and the phone has essentially just been a very expensive paperweight since. resets every few minutes, messaging wont open, cant send/receive calls or texts, basically useless. i went to the tmobile store and all they told me was to wait a few days and see if things get better…personally i kind of want to be in contact with the world instead.

  69. My email and calendar don’t work… I rely on these for my job. So slow with the things that work. I want to revert.

  70. All of you who are running into a lot of bugs, hang tight; it will be worth it. TOTALLY worth it.

    When I first got the update, it was bugging out, force-closing, freezing, and rebooting constantly, and I probably made things worse by trying to fix it. Then I figured it was rebooting for a reason, and let it be. Eventually it stopped rebooting and, consequentially, stopped being so buggy, but was still a little slow… so I downloaded MyBackup Pro, backed up all my stuff, did a factory reset, and HOLY SHIZ.

    My MyTouch is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY faster and better than it has ever been. It’s practically a different phone. It’s more precise and responsive (I think Google built response lag into their 1.x versions to prevent “accidental” taps, thank god that’s gone), multi-touch works like a dream, and everything is generally faster and looks beautiful. I don’t need to constantly Task-kill apps to keep the phone running smoothly like I used to; Froyo seems to manage multi-tasking and memory much more efficiently. The photo gallery looks very cool and runs smoothly despite its fancy new setup, and the camera has a slew of new settings that simply takes better photos. And it has built in USB tethering, and unlike other phone services, T-Mobile gives UNLIMITED data usage on their basic data plan. You really can’t top that.

    One of the problems I figured out was that if you’re like me and tend to hoard thousands of SMS and MMS messages (I think I had a combined total of over 10,000…) that will cause a LOT of problems as your phone tries to convert those messages over to the new Froyo format. Tis better to just back them up and set them aside, unless you really need them handy The speed increase from clearing those messages is absolutely astonishing.

    Overall, extremely satisfied and glad to see that first gen gets it’s second wind. Don’t pass this up.

  71. i got the update approximately 6am yesterday and the notice for the second part appeared about 20-30 mins later. IT WAS HORRIBLE. until i did a factory reset. then it was so much better! but its still slow. too slpw for a froyo! and takes waaay too long to load, but ill give it time. since froyo, ive been able to download and play more games smoothly.
    before, i only had about 2/3 games installed. so i am haappyy :]

    havent tried all features yet. i will soon and report. one question. is wifi hotspot really impossible for mt3g orig?

    [ btw, the only way to save ur calendar is if u used the same gmail u used before. cuz apparently the calendar is synced to ur gmail (thank god) ]

  72. I just got the update this morning, and found this site while googling because I was DESPERATE for help. This update is the worst thing I have ever done, including dropping my phone and cracking the screen. It won’t load any of my pictures, it says the sd card is empty despite the fact that there are 300 photos on it. I tried sending a text and the keyboard didn’t work AT ALL, and when I exited and went back to messaging it wouldn’t open at all. The internet doesn’t work, and those are all the apps I have tried. The new layout sucks, the way messaging looks now is ugly, it replaced all my custom ring tones and sounds, they’re just GONE I can’t find them anywhere.

    I wish I had read all of this before doing it, I would NEVER have done it. I have a virtually unusable phone now. The only thing I CAN do is make calls, and if that’s all I wanted I would have gotten a free flip phone or something instead of paying 300$ for a NICE phone.

    Thanks a lot, T-Mobile. I have been telling everyone since I got this phone 1.5 years ago, “It’s the best phone ever! I love it! I hate T-Mobile but I am sticking with them because this phone is awesome!” Well, guess what. If this phone continues to act like it’s acting right now, I am switching as soon as I can afford to break my contract because this SUCKS.

  73. this update sucks. had it for almost a week now. phone is very slow. everytime i return to homescreen have to wait about 10 seconds for icons to show up. viewing pictures is way slower, hell EVERYTHING is slower. only thing thats an improvement is the built in tethering, now no more PDANET. but still wish i could not have done it

  74. Huge thanks to AHA for instructions that rescued my phone from uselessness. Too bad T-Mobile didn’t warn us.

  75. GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doesnt work at all nothing but freeze and force close! pissing me off

  76. I never got the update…

  77. This update sucks! It makes my phone shuts down back to back…texting sucks cause it wont let you type anything in! I’m very unhappy with the update! If it would work right it would be cool cause I like what I see but I can’t use a phone that is constantly turning off!!!!!!! HUGE PROBLEMS!!!!!

  78. Got the upgrade 2 months ago phone stopped working :( cant recieve calls. messages dont send. Picture gallery cant open. I delete all applications & nothing works. dont recomended ive had tmobile 5 years, all my my phones have messed up but this upgrade messed up my touch

  79. I live in Maine. Just got the update this morning. My phone won’t open my messaging inbox or send/receive any text messages. I haven’t tried to make any calls yet, but so far I am very frustrated with this new update!


  81. T-mobile mytouch 3.5mm updated today. I don’t have a data plan. Update was done over WiFi. After the update the phone works perfect. Even better than when it was new. The only problem is the battery drain but it looks like the GPS is to blame. After disabling it everything became good.

  82. I thought this update would be totally sick, so when I accepted it this morning & waited on it to load I was expecting some amazing revamp of my phone.
    After turning it back on, however, it wasn’t recognizing my sim.
    I restarted, took the battery/sim out for a minute & put them back, but nothing worked. I ended up calling TMobile during my whole lunch hour only to find that the upgrade “fried my sim card” which to the man I was speaking with was completely unheard of and rare.
    Needless to say they gave me a free sim.
    I’m doing a factory reset as I type because it was moving quite slow for me. I hope it works, because I absolutely love the layout of the phone, the new text-message setup, the new gallery and the camera settings. I’d be extremely happy with it if not for its lag and the fact it destroyed my sim. (Which I guess isn’t a big deal since I got a new one without having to pay $20, but I still had to go without it which is a major inconvenience since I rely completely on my phone.)

    Hopefully this factory-reset helps the speed. Otherwise, I think it’s an awesome upgrade & I’m very happy with the new setup.

  83. Got the update this am! So far, so good – everything seems to be working great!! Love having 4 screens to save apps to! Hopefully won’t kill my battery…

  84. My phone is stupid slow after the update. I had to uninstall ALL of the apps I had on the phone and while it runs better now that all of the fun is missing it STILL force closes quite a bit.

    Serioulsy pissed that they gave us software that the phone can’t handle.

    When I called to complain they tried to sell me on the new 4G version. Why? So they can send out an automatic update that makes that phone worthless in another year?

  85. i too just got the update yesterday on mt3g jack. it was awful – restarts, 1/4 speed of before update. i counted – it took 15 secs to find a contact after i entered text and pressed search. gallery could not load – well, after 5+mins it would sort of load, but was unusable. did 3 factory resets after update. kept apps to a minimum. it improved slightly in 24 hours, but still not good.
    I went to a t-mo store with a new sim from a past phone purchase – have a small collection since I’ve been using the same old one for over 5 yrs, and had them activate it to my number and already it is much much better.

  86. oops – forgot to mention that although the gallery is light years better now, it is still not something this phone can handle. why is there no setting to turn off the 3d bs? It will probably take me an hour to change my wallpaper.

  87. My phone sure does look cool when it wants to stay on :( this update is an EPIC FAIL! phone keeps crashing “force close” when it does load an app it is slow and unresponsive. I have backed it up and am restoring to factory settings. just what I wanted to do…thanks Tmobile.

  88. i am so freakin pissed. i have the limited edition fender my touch. i loved the phone until the update. i dont know what to do. i was on the phone for an hr. and a half with customer support. what a bunch of no talent losers! i cant do anything, and of course no warranty because i bought the phone from craigslist. ive tried everything, factory reset, even bought a new battery! the phones hot to the touch and wont stay charged for crap. sd cards screwed as well! I AM DONE WITH TMOBILE!!!!!!!!!

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