Barnes & Noble’s Nook Being Updated to Version 1.5 Late November


nook-1-5-updatePeople may have thought Barnes and Noble would be close to finished supporting their Android-based eReader once they come out with a full-fledged Android app, but that isn’t the case at all. The good folks over at their blog have updated everyone on their developments: 1.5 is definitely coming. Some of the things you can look forward to in what they’re calling the biggest firmware upgrade since the device was released are faster page turn speeds on 3G and Wi-Fi, improved search, password protection, customized library organization, page synching and bookmarking with Nook’s apps on iOS, Android, and PC, and more. Sounds pretty nice if you fancy this over the Kindle or other competing products. We’ll be on the lookout for this one come late November and we’ll be sure to update you guys as soon as it’s available.

[Barnes and Noble]

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  1. Thank goodness. I’ve been waiting for bookmark sync since I bought my nook in June.

  2. Give me color e-ink and you will have my business immmediately… and I’ll replace not just books, but magazine and newspaper subscriptions…

  3. I hope this includes the ability to search files in the documents directory. As it stands, you can only side load a couple hundred books before navigating through them becomes a serious pain.

  4. Sounds nice. Would have rather heard of a Nook 2 though. Girlfriend’s birthday in a few weeks and she’s an avid reader. She wouldn’t really use a full tablet (not to mention that they cost 4x as much) but I would love to get her a Nook. I’m still probably gonna get one for her but dammit I know the new one is coming soon so I’m irritated that I have to buy the old one if I want it by her birthday.

  5. Nice. I’ve had my Nook for a while and this update sounds pretty nice. I installed the B&N Nook app on my Nexus One, but didn’t even want to bother with it after learning it didn’t do page syncing between B&N bought books. I much prefer e-ink over reading on a backlit screen, but the Android app is nice when I don’t happen to have my Nook on me, so syncing between the two would be awesome. Even better if they do non-B&N books too, but that may be hoping for a bit much. And any method of organization in the Library would be greatly welcome.

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