Sprint: 4G in New York November 1st, Los Angeles December 1st, San Francisco End of the Year


Sprint’s committing to dates for launches of their 4G networks in key areas of the country, today. We know they’ve been testing 4G in several metropolitan areas in California and New York, but we couldn’t peg any sort of a date for the service to go live. Today, Reuters reports that Sprint will be launching service in New York starting November 1st – that’s just under two weeks from today. After that, Los Angeles will see a launch on December 1st, and San Francisco will finally see its launch before 2011 officially goes underway.


It wasn’t said if these would be  the only cities seeing 4G between now and then, but that’s just me being hopeful in Wisconsin where we seem to be a low priority for any of these carriers. Woe is me. But if you live in any of the cities discussed today and are waiting for Sprint to step up their 4G coverage there, you have a lot to celebrate come this holiday season.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. What about south jersey? They promised that shit..

  2. I wonder if Los Angeles is only going to be the L.A. metro area, or if it will cover all of the greater L.A. area, such as Orange County? I went to the source article, but, they didn’t print any additional information.

  3. I’m in a Sprint 4G area, and I can’t get any signal at my house… *sob*

  4. Hi Corey, you can check future 4G cities up to 3 months in advance at MVTom, the press release is located here

    Hope that helps! Jamala at Clear

  5. what about tampa? wtf?!

  6. Nice. Guess it’s time to get an extended battery for my EVO. lol

  7. That is odd, I was just in Brooklyn the other day and had 4G in certain spots. I know because it was my first time there with my new EVO and I wanted to see what it was all about.

  8. Bro it is already in south jersey I have it

  9. They have had most cities lit up to the public long before the official launch… you will probably be surprised how well it works in NYC already. There is an app that allows us all to help map the coverage so we can see the best spots, it’s called Sensorly Map Viewer

  10. I think it could be the greater L.A Area… I’ve seen reports of a 4G signal being detected in Venice and Playa Del Ray and all the way down to Long Beach and as far north as Glendale and even some marts of El Monte. Those cities are very far apart so I do not see why it wouldn’t reach Orange County.. Plus the OC is a big city on it’s own.

  11. @Corey
    Aaron is right man, I live in Trenton and when I got my evo back in june, 4G was non-existant…but recently i get 4G everywhere around town. At least 2 bars in my house and full everywhere outside. Now some will debate whether Trenton is considered central or southern jersey…but either way, the coverage is here sporatically for the most part. Play around with ur 4G phone and see what you can find. Hope that helps.

  12. I’m surprised Cincinnati wasn’t in this announcement. I just met with a Sprint rep that said 4G is officially launching in Cincinnati on November 30.

  13. I am in Glendale queens NY the 4G antenna is 100 feet from my house works great.

  14. Sprints 4G has actually been live in NYC and North Jersey for awhile now but its just not official yet. When in Paramus NJ and Garfield NJ (Central Bergen County) I am able to get a decent 4G signal if I am on the second and third floor of the house. The first floor and out on the street is a little iffy. Hopefully on Nov. 1 the blanket will cover all of North East Jersey and NYC

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