Samsung Captivate for Rogers Finally Launching Next Week


Rogers in Canada has a great message for you Galaxy S fans to wake up to this morning: the Samsung Captivate will be launching next week. The news comes to us via the company’s blog where I’m sure they’re just as excited as you are to get this thing out here. The phone’s launch was originally delayed due to manufacturing issues, and – at the time – no one knew how long it’d take to overcome the problems. Thankfully, they’ve worked quickly and a release finally looms.


You’ll be able to grab the Samsung Captivate for $149.99 on a three-year contract and $549.99 if you just want to buy it outright. The phone ships with Android 2.1, but they’ve already set a timeline for the upgrade to Android 2.2. You can expect that to head your way early 2011.

[via MobileSyrup]

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  1. early 2011…..hmmmm i sense possibly after the xmas 2.2 for vibrant?

  2. based on Rogers track record, early 2011 probably means Sept-Oct 2011…

  3. The blog doesn’t say for sure that it will be released next week, it says that they are ‘working towards’ it. They didn’t provide a date either so this gives them leeway to delay the release even further. This article and other ones I’ve seen are all wrong.

  4. Hopefully next week it will actually happen. Rogers has completely blundered this release.

  5. The only reason I won’t get the Captivate is due to the Flash on AT&T cause they remove it and the front facing camera not worth my money and time.

  6. @JJFNIGHTS80 why would you neeed a flash with adjustable ISO from 100 to 800? even at ISO 400, you should be able to take decent pictures in low light. just sayin…

  7. I can see why people would want a flash, a game breaker if its a camera phone your looking for.If you want rogers best android phone to date,the captivate is it! I hope by taking this long the lag fix is good to go off the bat and the gps is no issue whatsoever! Thats 2 problems that the bell vibrant is facing right now.

  8. I hope the manufacturing issues they were referring to had to do with the GPS. I wonder if they made a change to the GPS antenna or made some quality control changes to make sure that all their Captivates have a properly working GPS.

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