Oct 14th, 2010

Google held a financial earnings conference call earlier today and threw out some interesting mobile-related stats to prove that their desktop search strategy isn’t the only thing poised to earn them some big bucks. According to Google’s  Jonathan Rosenberg, if you take all of last quarter’s earnings and extrapolate the trends over the next year, they could be looking at over $1 billion in revenue. It’s a far cry from the $10 billion goal they’ve set before, but it’s a good first step.

This doesn’t even take into account what they’ve earned from other platforms such as iOS, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and Blackberry. With Android growing as fast as it ever has, Google’s not going to want to slow down on their strategy. Many have been afraid of Google letting Android get so out of control to the point where they wouldn’t know what to do with it, but rest assured Google won’t let their next big money maker blow up in their face.

Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt had some words to throw in, as well, saying:

android-money“Android is much bigger than I could ever have hoped for. Android can become a hugely profitable business for us. Search on mobile will eventually exceed that of PCs … so, eventually, mobile will be a very, very strong revenue stream in comparison to PCs.”

So Android seems to be Google’s next baby, and – as Android handset users – we’re very happy to be a part of its success. 2011 will bring about some interesting changes for Android – both technically and in an economic sense – and we can’t wait to see this train really take off like we know it will. Go, Android, go!

[via CNN]