Android 2.1 Update for Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and X10 Mini Pro Coming by End of November for T-Mobile UK



The long wait for Android 2.1 should soon be coming to an end for at least a small portion of Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and X10 Mini Pro owners when T-Mobile UK pushes the update for owners of the handsets by the end of November. Through a posting to the T-Mobile UK support forums it was stated that the update is on schedule and will bring the X10 phones from Android 1.6 to Android 2.1. Yeah, we might even be hearing announcements of Gingerbread by the time this finally gets to an SE handset, but at least it’s something.

[via Androinica]

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  1. i have to say, SE has totally failed with android, they are ALWAYS 5 steps behind competition when it comes to android and their phones.

    late release, old OS, updating to an old OS when competitors are already updated or in the process of updating to new OS

  2. When android 2.1 will be launched in india n will it be ota ……. if anyone knows pls reply

  3. 2.1 in november is ridiculous

    they’re messing up, just like motorola, the milestone is getting 2.2 end of the year, half a year later than the droid

    would be nice if google could apply some pressure on the manufacturers

  4. I was an SE user ever since the T68 many moons ago. The hardware is great in general but hell have they dropped the ball on Android. Sent from my HTC.

  5. @Covert – Judging by the phenomenal success of Xperia X10 in markets outside the US – I’d say it’s not a failure
    @(baap ka)baap – No one knows about the exact dates yet, but it’ll be an OTA for sure
    @Jarl – Why are people so fixated about getting an upgrade ? I get all the work done(that “I” need) on my 1.6 – No complaints.
    @Tony – Same here, buddy I still have the T68i with me as a backup :) I disagree with you on SE dropping the ball on Android. The 1.6 is rock solid and very stable. So what if it doesn’t have the bells and whistles that the 2.2 *might* have. For the average consumer, 1.6 is more than enough to get the job done in style.

  6. Great! By then it will only be 10 months and two full versions old. Good job Sony!
    Let’s hope they don’t half-ass it like this with their Google TV offerings.

  7. Mav3rick, I would think that if most people were only concerned about “getting the job done” then they also would be fine with a dumb phone. Se HAS dropped the ball with ‘Android’ I said. I didn’t say the x10 was a failure as a phone, just as an android device it is a failure. If you want an ANDROID phone for what ANDROID does I doubt anyone would choose the x10, but if you just want a nice phone then sure the x10 is a decent pick. But again it fails as an android phone

  8. There are many necessary apps, and many necessary hardware features, which do not work on 1.6, but only on 2.1 or above.

    Unfortunately Sony-Ericsson lies about release dates, and also do not have people on staff trained in project management.

    The result is very rapidly declining goodwill, which inevitably results in loss of customers and market share.

  9. Spot on, Mav3rick. I’m so tired of all the whining about an operating system I know nothing about, and getting it will only make the phone (Xperia X1) that I am enjoying now, all that much more enjoyable.

  10. I can’ understand why SE is so far behind all the others in getting in 2.2 OS and won’t even talk about to the public. Is this a company that doesn’t know how to keep customers?

  11. head over to the motorola forums and read about all the problems they’re having with 2.2; quite entertaining.

  12. 2.1? Typical Sony. That’s why I didn’t buy the Xperia X1 even though I wanted it at the time.

  13. stop moaning everyone. if u are that bothered why dont you get a htc. se are behind but you knew that before you got it.


  15. I have been a SE fan for a long time and have been waitng for SE to produce an android. I have had multiple androids in the past and I must say, this is the best one yet. Well done SE. 1.6 is great, Can’t wait for 2.1.!!!

  16. As I see it the main reason for SE to wait with the upgrade would be to have an upgrade that will run superbly, smooth and fast.
    Like everyone else I too can’t wait and see what’s going to happen! :-)

  17. I must to say, this is disappointing news not only has the delay for froyo (2.1) been push back from last week of September to last week of October by SE.

    It now appears that when SE do release the update we loyal x10 users will have to wait further 4weeks to receive the O.T.A form T-mobile UK. SHOCKING!!!! The question becomes who do you become more in anger with?.

    This news has done nothing but provoked me and I declare this SE X10 my last mobile purchase form SE. Maybe, their superior competitors at least in software (2.2 and beyond) and hardware(pinch zoom and more) capabilities will prove to be a wiser investment for mobile phone lovers with a predilection for the latest in software and hardware technology

  18. Anyone knows if sony will release the ota update? I’m a Linux user.

  19. will sony ericsson x10 mini will be updated to andriod 2.0 or 2.2 ?
    pls can any one tell
    bcoz ,i buyed a new x10 mini the past week
    pls tel, if any one know……:(

  20. @ju – The update is out, but you apparently need to run Windows to update your phone. Makes sense that Sony would force you to fork over some money to their competitors to make the most of their products, and inflict usage pain on their users in the process. The phone is a computer, it’s online, it has plenty of local storage – why can’t it simply update itself? Get a clue, SE!

  21. My god you nerds wind about a update? how sad are you ? if you want updates every 2 and half mins go buy your self a laptop with windows on ! xperia x10 is a great phone. i had it for months . and never look back. grow up and get a real life. u know in the out side world

  22. You guys are just too funny. All you do is complain how Sony is behind and they will never catch up. If you really wanted a phone with 2.1 + why didnt you by HTC or the Droid. The anwser is simple. You wanted a good looking phone so you went with a stylish SE insead of the shitty bricks out there. Grow up.

  23. Dear All,

    I Have Just Update To Andriod 2.1
    Firmware Version
    Baseband Version
    Kernel Version
    Build Number

    All I Can Say Is, The Phone Looks Brand New With The Colour Scheme. Still Have To Check For Persormance Changes.

    Will Update Once Am Truely Satisfied With The Update In A Week’s Time.

    But First Impression Is Wow!!! Its More Sophisticated :)

    Mohammed Ansari
    Proud X10 Owner.

  24. hey can anybody tell me if android 2.1 in xperia x10 supports multi touch.. hav hrd a lot about it but it doesnt seems 2 be possible. if it does it will be lot easier to play some cool paid games and apps.
    thanks in advance.
    and about this phone.. i am really happy 2 have this phone. it is much better than many htc phones. x 10 has a really good interface.

  25. Is anyone knows if A2.1 is available in UK to update? Stupid PCC telling me, that I can update my 1.6, but installation is failed each time at 66%. Im so p**d OFF like!
    And “support” is resending me to “x10 mini”site.

  26. “hello” pleas help im trying to download 2.1 on my soy ericsson x10 mini ive done every thing but ehrn its come to the updating it says that im gonna turn 0ff the pone then hold the <– bottom and at the same time plugg in the usb cable. when i do it then it will found the phone bt after 10s it lost the phone. im using PC canpain. it will not update the 2.1 becuse it ant in the phone becuse you need to turn it off. /¤user%echo

  27. Had the same issue with upgrading (re-installed companion, changed USB cable etc.).
    What helped? Changed from my laptop to my desktop PC … no issues

  28. hello, pliz help, I’ve same problem like dante and I really need some information about it because everytime I turn off my xperia 10 mini for updating, the processing always failed and it turn on again

  29. I can’t download 2.1!!! I’ve done everything possible but the PC won’t recognize it!! Some help here..

    1. i’ve dont it the first dat i’ve purchased… use the pc companion from sony ericsson site

  30. @ishan – Where do you base you assumptions that X10 “it is much better than many htc phones”? What are you talking about? Performance? User Friendliness? Are you refering to all HTC models? Please explain.
    Sent from my HTC Desire.

  31. i heard about this phone and i want full applications of this phone

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