HTC Desire Android 2.2 Update Coming Tomorrow for Three Subscribers



Android 2.2 (v2.25.771.1) will begin its push to HTC Desire handsets on the UK carrier Three tomorrow, October 14th, according to the mobile provider. They are so ready to push the update that they have its launch pinned down to an exact hour (now that’s something you don’t see everyday). That time would be 9AM when you can begin to feverishly refresh your “System Updates” menu item until Froyo descends from the Android heavens unto your Desire.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. I bet all 6 of the people on the network are looking forward to this!

  2. This was a pretty funny headline to misread. Took me a while.

  3. I saw the headline and for a minute I thought “Only three subscribers? What about the rest of them?”

  4. @ Dan Grover
    I have an unlocked Desire but use 3 because they have the biggest and best 3g network in the Country. I have tried vodaphone, o2, T mobile and Orange, but 3 definitely has the best coverage and one of the best data plans.

  5. Once again another carrier upgrades the HTC Desire to Froy, but still one of the first carriers in the world to release the phone, “Telstra” in Australia lags behind. Typical.

    Best of luck the 3 users.. We will just have to wait.

  6. @ian

    three leech off every other carriers towers, while not actually having many (if any still) of their own

    so coverage is good as between all teh carriers there’s nearly full coverage of the uk, but 3 generally suck balls for things like updates, good deals etc

  7. I dont get it. Im on 3Uk and my desire got an ota Froyo update about 2 months ago? Whats all this about then?

  8. Bob: I used to work for an electricity company (Powergen as it was) and the team i was in organised the installation of electricity meters to all 3/Hutchinson3G, 3rd Gen masts/towers. They have a lots of their own masts out their and we’re way ahead of other uk carriers back in the day.
    Overall their coverage is pretty good, and as posted above i got froyo back in August so they aint such a slouch. (Not like Voda)

  9. Not sure what update this is supposed to be unless it’s simply an update to Froyo. The date/time you gave us is wrong. It’s 11.30 here in the UK and nothing. Still, Three have always been good to me. Except when they sold me an N97 and then the Indians buggered me around for 9 months. Thank god for the office of the CEO and generous groveling :)

  10. When and where can i install htc desire froyo upgrade, i live in egypt so i doubt ota updates can work here. Will it be available on their main website?? thanks

  11. Wow. another company upgrades to 2.2 and uscc still doenst have their stuff together what a disappointment. I was excited for a minute because i thought the headline said three carriers not he carrier “three”! Dumb

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