Get the Motorola Droid 2 for a Mere Penny on Amazon



Amazon is continuing its streak of offering devices for the extremely low price of a single US cent, this time putting the Motorola Droid 2 up for sale at the price. For a measly 1/100 of a dollar and a new two-year contract the phone can be all yours. You will need to add the item to your cart to see the price, and it looks like you will also qualify for free shipping. That’s a savings of $199.98 from what you would pay through Verizon.

It kind of makes you want to hold off an initial smartphone purchase at launch knowing it may very well go up for a cent through Amazon. No clue how long the deal will last, so if you are thinking about it you may want to jump in quick.

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  1. Quick heads up that my friend isnt do for an upgrade until January and was able to get it through Amazon today for $80. Still a great deal.

  2. Droid 2 eats balls

  3. This is a good deal and all, but.. wasn’t there a story last month that best buy was going to have free phone fridays in october?

  4. yeah im eligible for a upgrade but only can get it for 80 bucks cuz im on a family plan i want it for a penny

  5. Free phone Fridays have started, but it’s a different phone each week so who knows when and if they’ll offer the Droid 2 with this offer. You may wanna call or check BestBuys website for details on upcoming phones being offered on this deal.

  6. That Best Buy thing is worth a wait.
    They announce the phones on their mobile web page. So far, they’re batting .500, with a Fascinate the first week and an Ally (?) the next

  7. well this would be a good deal with out the two year contract. i never get a two year contract one is about as high as i will go.

  8. Only brand new accounts or single upgrades get it for $0.01, looks like the rest of us get it for $79.99. Still a helluva deal.

  9. It would appear they have the fascinate for $50 as well!

  10. …AND the Droid X for 79.99

  11. best buy free phone friday rocks!!! cant wait to see whats going to be this weeks phone.

  12. Is this a big deal in the USA? I don’t get why you keep posting this kind of stuff, in the UK pretty much every phone bar iPhones goes for free with 2 year contracts…

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