Sony Ericsson LiveView Gets Priced and Dated



It isn’t an Android watch, but it’s the next best thing. The Sony Ericsson LiveView is a mini remote screen for your Android device, and it has just passed through the FCC in all of it’s tiny wonder. Reports are now stating the secondary screen will retail for about 59 euros, or $80 bucks give or take depending on the exchange rate. It should be shipping in November when all will be decided if this turns out to be useful or useless. Would you drop the cash?

[via Engadget]

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  1. I think I would be interested. I use a bluetooth device with my Android phone, and whenever a call comes in (and my phone is tucked away in my bag, I always dig for it to see who’s calling before I pick it up. With this, if it’s on my wrist, I can simply glance down and decide whether to pick up the call. If I can also use it as a watch, even better. Hmmmm. Interesting product.

  2. I might buy one, as long as it can be a watch.

  3. Well, if it succeeds we can at least hope for a competitor at a reasonable price instead.

  4. I don’t get it…what’s the point of a remote screen for a portable, pocket sized device? C’mon Sony, just because you CAN build it…doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

  5. It sucks for the Sony Ericsson Xperia users …. theyre still stuck in Android OS 1.6 … and the minimum required is 2.1 !!!! Lol they failed!

  6. If they follow through on the open SDK they announced this might have an interesting future. To my own surprise, pulling a 4+ inch device out of my pocket, activating the screen, swiping to unlock, navigating to the desired app and/or menu (especially with Android’s fairly involved menus) and hitting the desired function has proven to be a hassle at times.

  7. With Bluetooth 4.0 and Qualcomm’s Mirasol display, you’d only need to charge this thing every few months.

  8. @tagno25: i believe 1 of it’s features is indeed showing the time from your phone.

  9. I paid $70 for a Bluetooth watch that just buzzes when I have a call and shows me the caller ID, so if this did those things and more, sure I would. Though I’d rather it looked more like it belonged on my wrist, at least the BT watch I bought looks pretty stylin’.

  10. I’m interested. 50-75 would be better!

  11. whilst it looks quite insignificant I think this could be bit of game changer – ideal for all the tablets that are going to be sold – it’ll let you sneak around the corner and answer your 12″ Dell Streak without the cat calls of “Oi big ears!!!””

    seriously though this could be a big seller and something we take for granted in few years !!

  12. if its waterproof i might get one. does anyone know if its waterproof?

  13. I believe when Quentyn first reported on this it was waterproof up to a certain level, but I may be wrong. Either way for $80 it’s cool.

  14. I would certainly buy this thing. Main argument is with poster #1. If this pairs with the phone AND does show albumart and music control this will be the iPod Nano killer.

  15. Yes, I am buying it!

  16. I’m definitely getting it. I use my phone as my music player when I ride my motorcycle. Having to do anything on the phone is very hard when riding. This device will let me control the music remotely on top of the other functions such as SMS. This is indeed a great product for use when you just CAN’T manipulate your phone directly.

  17. If it will show time similar to flipclock (with weather info at the same time) this would be awesome.

  18. Watches are getting re-invented – I might go back to wearing a wrist watch again. I have a small post on this upcoming world of smart watches..

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