Samsung Galaxy K Launches in Korea with Android 2.2



While the rest of the world bops along to the tune of Galaxy S, Samsung’s native South Korea has seen several other letters of the alphabet get a matching phone. The latest is the Samsung Galaxy K, a phone sharing similar specs to others in the Galaxy line with one key difference: it is the first to ship with Android 2.2 on board. This of course means the handset runs Flash 10.1 on its 3.7-inch AMOLED Plus screen and 1GHz CPU. The phone has 8GB of internal storage and all the connectivity you’d expect from Bluetooth to WiFi.

The Galaxy K comes in both black and white color schemes and retails for 800,000 won on South Korea’s KT.

[via SamsungHub]

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  1. Are you kidding me?! So us Galaxy S (Vibrant for me) users are still stuck on 2.1 while the same touchwiz ui is 2.2 for a newer phone. Samsung!!!!!

  2. I just hopes this means we are even closer. I know it means that at the least.

  3. FAIL! Why do us Galaxy S owners here in the States have to wait all this time for Froyo when these damn Korean phones are comming out with Froyo STOCK??? Samsung USA needs to get their shnit together!!!

  4. @Dan Really your surprised, its the same for all Samsung phones that came before the Galaxy S line like the Behold which is stuck on 1.5.

  5. I know we will see it before the year is over. I have a feeling we will see it before Oct is over. I mean its Oct and Gingerbread is not even mentioned yet. Even when that is mentioned you will have to wait until that is released to everyone and optimized etc. So we will be good. Do I wish it had 2.2 already? Sure but I mean c’mon.

  6. Waiting for Galaxy Q =)

  7. waiting for galaxy Z

  8. Notice that new devices from samsung doesn’t carries the super amoled screen? I wonder what’s really wrong with it…

  9. Im sure 2.2 will be out by the end of october. be paitent.

  10. She’s HOT!

  11. 2.2 will be released ota on our Galaxy S phones by the end of October. You heard it here first.

  12. @trainwreck The only reason I clicked on this article :)

  13. @James: Because on average, 55% or more of my battery is used for the screen. And thats at low brightness settings. Cant imagine what a 100% screen brightness setting would do to these batteries

  14. great come to sprint.

  15. The FroYo update will be here before too much longer. I have been running the leaked Captivate FroYo ROM for over a week and the only thing I have found that doesn’t work is DivX playback (presumably because the codecs are missing, but I haven’t checked). It was well worth the upgrade. Everything else works great (including the GPS!)

  16. I could care less about the phone. I would like to know how to get a hold of that cute Korean girl. She is absolutely gorgeous.

  17. ~o~

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    J Gunawan Liep,
    Registered Tax Consultant,
    Anggota Ikatan Konsultan Pajak Indonesia

    Samsung Galaxy K with Android 2.2 is the best …

  18. @sol…you and me both.

  19. never ever ever ever will i buy any samsung phone or tablet again i cant wait for htc mytouch hd HTC makes better phones than samsung and they are not dead azz slow with their updates

  20. oh ps forget froyo give me that sweet asian babe

  21. Wait, 707 dollars for a galaxy S??? I paid 345 for a new one on Ebay. And T-Mo sells them for 600… why the price hike?

  22. the galaxy s will the the last samsung product i ever buy because of this. they treat customers worse than fucking apple! FUCK YOU SAMSUNG WHERES MY GINGERBREAD!

  23. I’ll take the Korean babe!

  24. The Japanese Galaxy S be released, finally, at the end of this month will have 2.2.

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