HTC Merge Could Launch November 11



A quick little rumor for this Friday afternoon has popped up placing the HTC Merge (or is it Lexicon?) right around a November 11th release date. That sounds about right to us, but of course as a rumor don’t be marking this one down on your calendar just yet. A whole list of Verizon Android devices are slated for the time period spanning the end of October through November, so don’t expect this to be the only option appearing in just about a month.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Fuck verizon 4g, Here Is what WE CARE ABOUT:Were the fuck is Project emerald from tmobile. That new plasticly MyTouch blows! Fuck you Phandroid and fuck your source who said there would be a “dual release” of two phones. Where is it?!?!?! And where the fuck is the htc Glacier? The Glacier’s cpu PWNED the shit out of every phone, And PWNED most phones gpus. The new mytouch’s 1ghz processor is NOT the glacier. Not done trollin yet

  2. @Keller really? If you frequent this site and others, you would know Qualcomm dual cores were delayed. Come down

  3. Evo NEEDS the landscape homescreen! WHAT do you think the kickstand is for?! MOVIES?!!!!!! :) Someone PLEASE notify me when there is a rom with the Sense landscape homescreen!

  4. Incorrect brandon. Qualcomm 1.5 dual cores are delayed, not their 1.3 or 1.2. You lose

  5. someone ban this moron keller

  6. Dear Keller, you are an idiot. Please shut up. No one cares about your copy paste comment that you keep posting in EVERY ARTICLE! No dual core CPUS before early next year. A 1.2 SINGLE CORE will be coming sooner than that, but not 1.2 dual core.

  7. @Keller both are delayed. Shipments on 1.2 are going to manufacturers at the end of this year. Phones wont come out until next year. 1.5 wont be out until the end of next year. Tegra 2, thats a different story. You FAIL GLORIOUSLY!!


  8. @Keller… you’re a douche. I don’t want to have to login to post comments like on Engadget after people like you left their curse-filled comments

    @king there are several EVO roms ported to the INC with landscape sense. Plus Sense 3.0 will bring that as well.

  9. Keller comments on every verizon phone article just look around you will see him crying when it doesnt matter its verizon not tmobile you should know with as shitty coverage and service as tmobile has that they wont get the best things

  10. Would this be a good phone to draw me to Verizon from Tmobile. I’m impressed with the build, the platform, the keyboard, and I am not impressed with how TMO lied and handled with incompetance the pre orders of the G2. I don’t like its hinge, and its keyboard looks cheap compared to the Merge.


  11. i think keller has the right to say what he wants. if u dont like it just ignore him.no one told u to read his post every artical.freedom of speech!

  12. anyways im thinking the lexicon or the env pro. which one should i get guys?

  13. It’s frustrating that whenever you finally see a device with the type of build that you really like, it is diminished in some other way. For example in this case, BING, and the previous version of HTC Sense.

  14. I wonder if it’ll be a DROID? Saw the boot video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYzWGzoe8J8

  15. @King There is a ROM for Evo that has a landscape homescreen. Its the Desire HD ROM. EVERY next gen Sense phone will eventually be updated to the “New Sense” so just sit tight :)

  16. A better way is to ignore these guys, but peer pressure beats freedom of speech every time.

  17. i hate keller

  18. Such a beautiful phone as Verizon gets all the goodies from HTC while I’m still stuck at AT&T with their shitty phones. Just glad I got my X10 for now. after that I’ll be either going to Verizon or T-Mobile.

  19. Seriously @keller can you not act with a little decency on sites with the language are you not an adult if you hate it so much I have to coworkers who love their htc HD2 witch yes is windows but is a good phone if your gonna complain do it on tmo not verizon who has better phones and coverage. Besides that I have a source at one of the stores who said it will be called the “Merge”

  20. this doesnt matter much, but am i the only one that doesnt like the HUGE Phone button on the bottom without the word “Phone”??

  21. could also launch October 42nd.

  22. …….::::42nd? Wow…I’ve heard to daylite savings changes in the fall but takes the pumpkin pie!

  23. I think this is a way nicer looking keyboard than the G2. I might switch to Vz. The pricing is about the same anymore and they get better phones and coverage.

  24. @ tomnewtn, if you look at the intl version… Desire Z, is basically a carbon copy of the G2, I’ve looked for other images of the Merge but can’t find any. It will probably will have the same “hinge” as the G2, also the G2=Vanilla > Sense/custom UI.

  25. the galaxy tablet will be coming out on November 11 I have that on good account from a Samsung Rep who already had Verizon branded device..so it would be cool if they launched together.

  26. Here are more pics- http://www.androidcentral.com/htc-merge-more-pics

    I don’t know if it has the hinge. I thought I read somewhere it was a slider. I would think they would have shown the hinge in these photos. So I wonder how it opens, AND, is it locked down like we’re learning to G2 is? Is internal memory spec’d actually available, or is it misrepresented for marketing purposes?

    Not happy with TMO right now. They were always so good to work with too.

  27. keller is not a douche… but a mongoloid =D

    o u guys saw the droid 2 global specs? :D 1.2ghz

  28. Droid 2 run Vanilla?

  29. Seriously getting tired of seeing Keller post in every Verizon article with his copy-paste BS. Can someone ipban this troll?

  30. Freedom of speech if fine and dandy until you abuse the privilege by continuously trolling your incoherent mumbo jumbo on every post that comes up which is not related to what you want to hear. You’re just an idiot at that point and all the kids will just laugh at you.
    -Typed with my fingers, on a keyboard.

  31. anybody know why they don’t put 5 line keyboards on only the epic?i love the keyboard on this phone but 5 lined are way easier..i would get the epic,but i’m strictly HTC.

  32. Bing is the sound you will hear when you guess that I’m not buying this phone.I have been waiting for a qwerty slider from HTC for Verizon for a year and I get offered this POS! I guess at least I’m not on T_Mobile with a lose “Z” hinge!

  33. @Mr.Slave
    i totally see what you are talking about.when i saw a small image of this phone it looked cool but when i see the big image,it just looks cheap!!the keyboard looks like a keyboard that should be on a cricket phone!!the touch screen part of it looks cheap too.dont get this!there are going to be problems with this phone!!i want a HTC slider too,the G1 looks like the best one!!

  34. I think we need to see whether the inclusion of Bing matters. Some of the crap TMO did to the G2 are hard to overlook when the keyboard/hinge mechanism doesn’t do much to instill confidence. If I have a solid phone build, and can use Google apps without crapware getting in the way, I’ll be happy. If crapware is going to be a factor in provider phones then screw them…I’ll go unlocked for now on.

  35. People keep crying and trying to put t-mobile down for lack of so called coverage. Here in my area in northern NJ.. Verizon does not serve up better coverage of service. They drop more calls than you can make. On the other hand I drop calls maybe once a year with T-mo. People don’t like to give credit where credit is due.. T-mo has already caught up to the amount of coverage area AT&T has in term of potential customers covered and thats in half the time. Does anyone ask themselves why AT&T with their infamous service has basically just as much subscribers as Verizon even though Verizon coverage bests it by a mile? Me thinks Verizon’s coverage isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

  36. Haha, Keller:

    Trolling. You’re doing it wrong.

    You don’t say you’re trolling in a post that is intended to troll. Kinda takes away the purpose of it.

    And I wanna see another Eris-like phone from HTC. I love my Eris, I don’t want an Android that’s huge as my next phone. Hopefully there will be one out there in another year.

  37. who the heck put bing on a google phone?

  38. Your mistaken belief that you have freedom of speech on a forum is laughable.
    This is a forum not a government entity.
    Get a clue before spouting, freedom of speech “.

    I was ready to jump to Verizon due to TBLOWS horrible coverage and pathetic phone selection.
    Then Verizon made the decision to bake bling into Android phones.
    What a fuckin joke.
    TBLOW I remain.
    hopefully Verizon changes this.

  39. LOL OOPS Bing.

  40. @Jose
    Ive been just about everywhere in nj and have never had an issue with verizons coverage. So maybe you do have better coverage there but its doubtful at best and verizon’s coverage is all its cracked up to be but the only reason at&t has anywhere near as many customers is because of the iphone i bet if verizon got an iphone many would jump ship to verizon.

  41. BING may end up not mattering, and if not, I may jump on this beauty. TMO is great in many way, but for serious smart phone business users, it’s been getting frustrating that other providers get the device you’re after. Great to have choices.

    That ERIS was a beauty too, but it should have had more horsepower so as to handle updates and keep owners happy longer. I was interested in it, but really want to have a keyboard when I have to compose an important message accurately and efficiently. The Merge keyboard looks great.

    It will be interesting to see if HTC locked out those who want ROOT like they did with the G2. If they didn’t, and if the DesireZ isn’t locking out ROOT, then TMO shot themselves in the foot again in this particular aspect.

  42. @everyone, stop feeding the trolls

  43. Anyone else notice the cool LED indicator lights for when you use the shift or function keys? Very nice!

  44. @Jose

    Not sure you have correct information, there about the VZW coverage. I am TRULY North Jersey, and have Verizon because it’s the only thing up here that’s reliable.

    Passaic, Morris, Bergen counties are pretty much SEAMLESS coverage. Sussex county has a few gaps, but that’s to be expected in bear country :-)

  45. Looks good to me. I’ll be holding out until at least Nov to see what my options are…unless my always crashing Blackberry happens to fly out of the sunroof before then!

  46. can i get a phone like that with webos on it?… hopefully my day comes soon

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