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The Dell Streak is a device on a long list of those promised but still awaiting their turn with Android 2.2, but like most others waiting for Froyo with a little bit of work you can now get your fix early. A beta of the Froyo release for the Streak has no become available, and while taking a bit of work to get up and running, it looks a pretty polished build. Major bugs include 3G connectivity issues when switching from WiFi an some random rebooting of the Streak, but if you have rooted and can’t wait to this up and running there is no fatal reason not to.

You will need to update the baseband of your streak first, so this is not for the faint of heart. Actually, though lengthy the process isn’t too difficult but carries the usual “You may brick your phone” disclaimer as any other root procedure. Check out the full instructions over at Android @ Modaco.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. fix typos please, “Streak has no become available”

  2. You guys gotta start adding a warning for these types of leaks. 9/10 leaks always have some serious issues, and there is always the chance(albeit small) that once a leaked update is applied, a user can’t apply the official update.

  3. Yes, I know that you mentioned some of the potential bugs.

  4. @Tyler. if youre scared youre going to have issues then just dont do it? Why get on here and bitch about it!

  5. This isn’t a leak at all, it was cooked up by DJ Steve, I believe on XDA.
    There are major bugs being reported by some users too, like 3G and Wifi, GPS, and camera not working. Those are pretty big issues to me!

  6. Mario, that’s not even close to what he was saying and your comment is uncalled for. Do the world a favor and disable your keyboard.

  7. @Grover

    WiFi and GPS are working for me though camera is not; apparently is a baseband software issue. Is much, much faster than the 2.1 ROM that has been kicking around for a few weeks now.

    Worth a look if you’re not worried about having to flash back to 2.1 or (heavens forbid) 1.6

  8. im tiered of people nagging and i cant tell you nag lol newb….. good job mario keep its up im sick of people being little babys like stevesuckmeoff lol

  9. can tell you nag*

  10. @Andy
    Oh believe me, I want 2.2, probably more than the average guy out there. But from what I’ve seen, the Quadrant test is the same as on 2.1 (though it looks as though the 30FPS cap has been lifted).
    Yeah, I’ve seen different people having different issues – somethings work for some people, others don’t. Personally, the 2.1 works just fine for me, and I have it all customized exactly how I like it. When a stable (maybe leaked official build?) leaks, I’ll be ALL OVER it! lol. I use the cam/wifi/GPS daily so I’m holding off for now… I’m excited for you guys though! :)

  11. What’s up with the writing? It looks like someone was speaking another language and translated it into English, it’s almost that bad, but not quite. Still, a lot of typos, someone needs to proof-read these posts..

    “…Streak has no become available…” I believe “now” is a much better fit (as opposed to no). What do you think?

    “… when switching from WiFi an some random rebooting …” I think “and” is the word you were looking for, yes?

    “…and can’t wait to this up and running there is no fatal reason not to.” Seriously? I guess I must infer through your horrid sentence structure and wordplay that you mean…if you have managed to root your phone and can’t wait to have this (Froyo beta release) up and running, nothing should stop you.

    Also, DON’T end your sentences in prepositions/prepositional phrases, as you did in the last sentence of the first paragraph.

    “…Actually, though lengthy the process isn’t too difficult but carries the usua…

    I think you meant to say, “Actually, though lengthy, the process isn’t too difficult, although it does carry the typical, ‘You may brick your phone’, disclaimer that often accompanies most (if not all) rooting procedures”.

  12. FINALLY!!dell needed a good smart phone!!they were with windows mobile in the beginning and lets all agree that windows mobile sucks!!Dell always needed a smart phones and they are gonna get some money now!!

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