The Motorola MT716 Could Have Been the Droid of Your Dreams



Nice, chunky, hard-lettered keyboard. Check. D-Pad on the left (prefect for gaming). Check. That’s the keyboard on the lower half of the Motorola MT716, a phone that could have easily been the Motorola Droid and then some. The phone landing on China Mobile carries the same keyboard as the one found on the Cliq in a package that boasts some decent specs to boot. 8MP camera with LED flash and 720p video recording, VGA front-facing camera, TV streaming, and an 480×854 resolution LCD. It only lacks in its 600MHz processor. Is this the Droid you dreamt of or a pale imitation?

[via Engadget]

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  1. The only droids I dream of are made by HTC.

  2. What dethduck said! Bring on the Incredible HD

  3. The only Droid I am dreaming of is one just like my Droid but with 1 Gig RAM and a Tegra 2 250 or other Cortex A9 based SoC and a 4″ screen instead of 3.7″. That is the Droid I am dreaming of.

  4. I dream of bigger screens, better CPUs and more RAM. Preferably with an HTC logo on it somewhere.

  5. 4″ screen is a MUST requirement, at least for me. And, at least a 1.3 GHz CPU would be nice. And, a front-facing camera would be icing-on-the-cake.

  6. it looks good but there are a couple of thing missing, 1- just like someone said 4″ plus is a must at least for gaming, 2-600 MHz processor? please 1 GBz should be minimum i thing that it, anybody want to add anything?

  7. I like it! I like physical keys and I think that keyboard looks great. I am not a proponent of the bigger is always better view. I like the size of the original Droid and possibly up to the X but not bigger for me. Great for gaming sure, but I still need it to be a phone and to still be small enough to not be an inconvenience. I do have to say though I need speed and 600MHz is lame. What would make it great? Lots of speed, lots of storage and battery to spare. That’s what I need.

  8. Heh! Identical keyboard to the Cliq except for that odd button on the bottom left hand corner.

  9. moto what? HTC all the way.

  10. This is a really nice phone, it’s a mid level one. Point out the obveious, how many people do you know that are left handed?

    Plus the fact that the processer is 600MHz ontop of that. The ram is lower, the screen is alright, the Cliq keyboard is nice.

    It’s a very viable option if you want to do this. I would say the Desire Z will drown it out due to the physical QWERTY vs Physical QWERTY

  11. What? This? A droid of our dreams?! I’m getting my HTC Desire HD in 3 weeks and that’s the droid of my dreams. Nice big screen, proper processor, potential soon to come upgrades to Gingerbread and Honeycomb as the new flagship of HTC’s portfolio, proper RAM and plenty of ROM for the countless apps that I use and no chunky physical keyboards(I type on my HTC Hero faster then its processor can think and faster then my mate on his blackberry. I don’t need saggy pockets, thank you very much). AND the new Sense UI is a dream come true. Put LauncherPro on top of that and I’ve got nothing more to ask for.

  12. They really dropped the ball on the cpu! I do like the dpad on the left though!

  13. my dream droid will be a machine with 6 cores cpu and running SLi or Cross-Fire with a 64million color screen. and a DSLR camera.

  14. The Droid I am dreaming of has a working GPS (Vibrant owner).

  15. Why are all you boys bragging about your HTC Senseless devices? =)

  16. This is what the droid 2 should have looked like, then it would have been a great phone with a front facing camera, a 1Gig processor, 8gig internal memory, an upgraded camera, an enhanced keyboard that has a d pad for gaming. That would have been a good droid 2.

  17. I like it. I have a Droid 1 and this looks like a nice improvement. I like the chrome and color vs. the black case on the old droid. Keyboard looks improved and the d pad on the left is better too. Front facing camera is nice also.

    I don’t find the speed of the original droid on Froyo to be an issue at all.

  18. @zi-absolutely, as long as we’re dreaming…

  19. Did anyone notice this is pretty much the keyboard from the cliq… and they are saying this cliq2 (begonia whatever the codename is) was going to look like the milestone… This may be the Cliq 2 thats rumored

  20. Don’t know, can’t read the apps. All of it is Chinese to me.

  21. The cliq keyboard is one of my favs mainly for gaming. Damn too bad the cpu is crippled

  22. HTC then Motorola then lol @ the rest companies who tries to do wannabes devices like the companies I mentioned above.

    Can’t wait for 2 GHz devices especillay made by HTC (Hopefully 5 inches giant screen, would rock!)!

  23. Damn I like that keyboard. The Cliq keyboard huh..had no idea. Yea for gaming in emulators that D Pad is beautiful…

  24. The device of my dreams would never have a physical keyboard…

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