Latest Nielsen Report Shows Android is the Most Popular Choice for New Smartphone Owners



Continuing a trend that was first reported a couple months back, Android remains the top choice for new smartphone adopters over the past six months, according to Nielsen’s August numbers. With 32 percent of all new buyers choosing Android as their smartphone platform, Google’s OS trumped iPhone adaptation by 7 percent and RIM’s Blackberry by 6 percent.


While the numbers for current buyers swing in Android’s favor (due partly to the large selection of handsets available on nearly all carriers), RIM and Blackberry still hold a pretty dominant lead for overall market share at 31 percent Apple trailing at 28 percent. Android sits almost 10 points below at 19 percent, though if the numbers continue to shift in Android’s favor that is a gap that could be closing quickly.

[via Nielsen]

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  1. Its early yet for Android. 6 months more then lets discuss.

  2. Now that data is including the iPhone 4 launch, this is one trend we all saw coming but just needing the evidence to back it up. I can’t wait to see this graph in February, once the holidays are over.

  3. Amazing that Apple’s results were actually lower in July than in January, which indicates the iPhones problems were a huge negative towards sales. Even with known problems I thought the fanboys would still have purchase more than indicated above. The only thing that’s going to keep the iPhone from staying yesterday’s news is by switching carriers or releasing a second (and better) handset.

    Results for the Blackberry Torch are probably not in yet but I’d bet it’s going to be similar to the iPhone, showing uninspired results.

  4. hey buddy i dont think the figures are correct. Where is the symbian OS i think it should be on the top.

  5. Interesting to see how iOS and RIM seem to mirror each other’s grains and losses, while Android just keeps doing its own thing, steadily climbing.

  6. I would like to see a meaningful comparison. Saying “Android outsold the iPhone” is like saying “Windows outsold the 15 inch Macbook Pro”.

    How did Android compare to iOS devices total, not just the iPhone? It is a comparison of devices on a particular OS.

    I’m probably going to switch to Android in a week or so, but these “Android outsells iPhone” announcements are silly.

  7. Give it time. the green line will eventually pass the black one :)

  8. lets see what happens when we get windows phone 7

  9. I’m very happy with my Sprint Epic by Samsung, and am not surprised that ‘Droids are beating iPhones. I have heard horror stories about AT&T service with iPhones.

    I think Palm and Windows 7 will continue to lag.

    1. raffay with a face like yours you should keep it off the net

  10. @Maj: WP7 is basically iOS with Microsoft branding. I’m mad at Microsoft for that, as Windows Mobile 6.5 is actually pretty decent, especially on the HD2 and similar. With WP7, they killed the best parts as well as the worst. Android is more like desktop Windows than WP7 is, and I predict that it will succeed as such.

  11. Saw windows phone 7 last week… we all stood around and laughed at it.

  12. SwampFox wrote on October 5, 2010

    I like Microsoft…but that Windows Phone O/S is uuuuuugly.

  13. We saw the Win 7 phone last week too, but we just stood around and poked it with a stick. Nothing new here, don’t know why people are making such a big deal over this thing. It’s as bad as people talking about a Facebook phone….too funny!

  14. @Jeff – Android so far is just on phones, with a tiny tiny minority on tablets, so Android vs iPhone is a valid comparison, considering how many iPod Touches may skew the data.

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