Samsung Galaxy Tab Priced for O2 Germany, Gets Gorilla Glass


It doesn’t surprise me to learn that Samsung’s gone with Gorilla Glass for the Galaxy Tab as we saw them do the same for their Galaxy S phones. It’s even more so important for the tab as a 7-inch screen can be quiet easy to scratched up compared to the 4-inch on the Galaxy S. We all know what Gorilla Glass is and what it does, so there’s not much to detail here. Just know that your Tab’s probably safe in your pocket with your keys and coins (that’s if you can even fit it in there.)


We’ve also gotten pricing of the device for its launch on O2 in Germany. You’ll be able to get the device up front for 99 euros, but you’ll still have to pay for the full price of the device using O2’s My Handy Payment Plan scheme over a 24-month period (think T-Mobile’s Even More+.) I guess they said if we’re going to be charging our users an arm and a leg for this thing with on subsidy, we might as well make it easy.

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Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Actually this is just like paying in rates for buying the Galaxy Tab. There is no plan included. You are free to choose any plan you want. You could even choose the competition of O2 …

  2. That’s why I said it’s a lot like T-Mobile’s even more plus plan. Essentially the same thing.

  3. This guys are out of their mind, who the heck is going to pay over $1000 for this thing. If this is the price for the US, this is going to be a major failure. The most I would pay for this thing is $200 on contract and $400 off contract for the 3G version (16 GB). And $300 to $350 for the Wi-Fi version (16 and 32 GB respectively). I am hoping someone from Samsung US is paying attention to these forums.

  4. Well I think the chance it’s a failure exists no matter what the price. I own a Vibrant and a I9000. Samsung will never get my business again. Broken GPS, absurd file system, completely inept getting froyo on their hw. In my opinion, they are a joke. I didn’t have a Behold 2 but from what I read what they’ve done with the Galaxy is par for the course.

    Disclaimer, my phones are both working well. But I have rooted it, using custom ROM’s with Lagfixes and color fixes. But I am in the minority. What, maybe 5 to 10 percent are willing to go this route to make this phone acceptable?

    Anyway, Samsung probably isn’t but they should be embarrassed at their performance with the Galaxy S and I have no reason to think the Tab will be any different.

  5. Samsung is the king. dont mess with the big boy.
    if they really wanted too, and put all their resources into it they can own any segment of the industry.
    They’ve just been playin nice.

  6. What people waiting for is this ?

  7. But that’s not all.
    You might know it, but it’s not made clear in the article.

    You have to pay 99 Euro in the beginning, then 24 * 27.50 + the monthly contract fee of 21.25 Euro. Mind the EURO!
    That’s all in all $137 + 24*$38.04 + 24*$29.40 = $1 755.56 !

    And this is why the Galaxy Tab goes nowhere. Samsung will learn this lesson the hard way.

  8. I’ve gotten deep into these remarkable Samsung products they are releasing and there is no doubt they far outrank every single tab out there in so many ways!

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