Google Shuns Oracle, Requests Dismissal of Patent Infringement Case


In mid August, Oracle sued Google over it’s Android operating system, claiming the world’s new mobile leader was violating 7 patents the company owned and acquired from Sun Microsystems. Not only is Google asking for the case to be dismissed, they’re openly calling Oracle out for their ideological contradiction.

As explained by the Wall Street Journal, Google is drawing negative attention to Oracle by claiming it is “attacking the open-source licensing policies it used to support.” Essentially they’re saying if you combine “the grass is always greener” with “practice what you preach”, “fair weather fan” and a few other cliches that you’ve got the recipe for this Oracle lawsuit.


Described a bit more eloquently by our own Quentny Kennemer:

The infringement pertains to code written in Java – the same Java owned and licensed by Oracle-acquired Sun Microsystems and the same Java that helps power Dalvik and Android as a whole.

This is pretty fundamental, base-level, yet hugely important stuff. I’m no Robert Shapiro, but I’d venture to guess that Google will come out of this whole thing unscathed. They might not get the summary dismissal they want, but I think worst case scenario this gets settled out of court as Oracle realizes they’re hurting themselves and they’re image while they make a hail mary pass while in goal line formation.

Google has already responded once before and even withdrawn from an event because Oracle was participating. Can’t we all just get along? When it comes to market share, profit, and ownership of the lucrative mobile market… it’s become all too obvious that “getting along” is a rarity, although we tend to do it better than most in the Android world.

EXTRA CREDIT: If you can tell why the included picture is relevant, and provide symbolic references to this story and the movie, you will earn the respect of the nostalgic childhood movie gods.

Rob Jackson
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  1. Neverending story is the movie…

  2. It’s the Never-Ending Story, where Atreyu has to walk between the statues without fear or doubt in his heart or they would shoot lasers out of their eyes and destroy him. By standing up to Oracle, Google is facing down the statues (pending lawsuits) and they have no doubt that they are in the right here.

  3. I LOVE the NES! I’ve been craving seeing this movie again lately.

  4. It’s the Southern Oracle from Neverending story, a repository for wisdom and like um, stuff like that.

    What free phone did I just win?

    Great Job!?!

  5. all i know is watching that movie as a kid scared the S*** out of me!

  6. Best movie ever!

    Both companies if they try walking through would get zapped.

  7. Google will settle for an undisclosed sum/license deal. That’s the way cases like this always work.

  8. “they’re hurting themselves and THEIR image while they make a hail mary pass while in goal line formation.”
    Fixed that for you. ;-)

  9. The two blue statues are called “The Oracle” in the Neverending Story world. They know everything.

  10. If Oracle was smart they would work with google instead of against them…..learn a lesson or two from Apple and not kill your own market share!

  11. Oracle was so cool like 13 minutes ago… what the keck happened? They could have won over the whole world, now they are considered another Microsoft/SCO company.

    Boneheads… the lot of them.

  12. Atreyu (aka. Andy the Android), -young brave powerful upstart, approaches the Southern Oracle (Oracle), -old powerful entity from ages past.

    Oracle likes blowing things up.
    Deep down the Oracle knows without Atreyu, Fantasia and the Oracle itself may be destroyed forever. BUT the Oracle really feels like blowing stuff up.

    This scene is the ultimate faceoff tension….

  13. OH! and Sebastian needs to hurry up and give Android 4.0 a new name or else…

  14. Ok then smart aces… then name Atreyu’s horse from the movie… and the name that is given to the Empress… and the flying dog… and the giant turtle… and the name of the guy with the racing snail… and the wolf…

    That movie was awesome when I was a kid…

  15. and yes, I realize the flying dog was supposed to be a dragon… a luck dragon… but let’s be serious here… he looks like a mutt – specifically, my childhood dog.

  16. @TF…Artax, Moonchild, Falcor, Morla, Teeny Weeny, and Gmork.

  17. Artax was the name of the horse. He named the empress after his mother but I can’t remember her name. Fying dog = Falkor Turtle = who cares all he did was sneeze the whole time and was freaky. God I think I’ve seen that movie 100 times.

  18. Oracle, SUCK MY BALLz

  19. I can only imagine how many of these companies have disputes like this on a daily basis. They almost need a team of attorneys, like working full time on these cases if they are ever going to get anything resolved.

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