Google Pulls Out of JavaOne Conference Due to Oracle


Oh, did Oracle think Google was just going to sit on their hands and take this beating without fighting back? The recent lawsuit slapped onto Google’s foreheads over apparent copyright and patent infringements in Android’s Dalvik VM won’t just affect the outcome of the courtroom: it’s going to affect everyone in the Java and open source community. That includes the group of developers holding the JavaOne conference which Google was once keen on attending.

This past weekend, Google saw fit to pull out from the conference – set to go down starting September 19th – due to Oracle’s stance against what Google’s done with Java for the advent of Android. It’s almost literally sapped their desire to interact with a thriving and welcoming open source community as the recent series of unfortunate events have completely changed their outlook on the whole matter.


Google’s Joshua Bloch (Google Open Source Programs Office) to Reuters:

We wish that we could [present at the show], but Oracle’s recent lawsuit against Google and open source has made it impossible for us to freely share our thoughts about the future of Java and open source generally. This is a painful realization for us, as we’ve participated in every JavaOne since 2004, and I personally have spoken at all but the first in 1996.

If there’s one company I must say has a real passion for the spirit of open source – throwing ideas into an even bigger pool comprised of the ideas of like-minded developers to spark innovation and progression – it’s Google. It’s obvious through Bloch’s – one of the biggest advocates of open source (and one of the engineers responsible for some of the libraries you see employed in Java today) – response that they feel jaded by the entire situation. It’s not to punish the developers (who are willing to stand by Google, it seems), but rather a necessary stance Google must take to protect themselves as a result of Oracle’s money-fueled antics.

It’s natural for us to wish the best for Google in this case due to the implications it may have for our beloved Android’s future, but I really do sympathize for the many developers affected by the lawsuit as a whole.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Googlol vs Oraclol, who will have the last laugh?! lol.

  2. Who can blame google? When there is a possibility that anything that they say/present could be jammed back down their throats in s courtroom, they would be insane to show up.

  3. F*ck Oracle!

  4. This is both good and sad. It’s good that Google isn’t going to feed the beast that is Oracle with continued support. What sucks is this is going to translate into a slow exodus from Java’s OSSC. It’s always sad to see Open Source Communities die but Oracle is definitely doing their best to make that happen.

  5. What can small guys like us do to boycott Oracle and/or support Google’s open source way?

  6. Give ’em hell Google, F*uck Oracle…greedy *astards

  7. This reminds me a lot of the whole GIF file format fiasco. A new owner trying to squeeze money out of patents. That didn’t end up well either. I’ve always hated Java anyway, but this could really swing other options to the front (like what happened with GIF).

  8. People should understand to switch to an opn source system. DON’T use Windows, DON’T use Mac……use only UBUNTU!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Oracle is about profit. They’ve made this clear from the beginning. They are probably content reducing Java’s appeal to a nitch enterprise market as long as it’s a profitable market. They’re probably not making any money, or not enough money, from Android and related open source development.

  10. Man what is Oracle doing to this world!

  11. I certainly understand the desire (and need) to make a profit. However, Oracle is going WAY too far. I think this is a great opportunity for new developers and new products.
    On a similar note, if you aren’t aware of what net neutrality is, and the current issues involving net neutrality, I highly recommend researching it and contacting your senators and congresspeople. Net neutrality affects us ALL.
    Oh, and f**k Oracle.

  12. Google should just buy Sun from Oracle.

  13. Oracle= squatters. Buy a company and their patents to sit on until someone else builds on it then jump in with your greedy dirty F’in mits. F*U Oracle. Maybe if put half the effort into developing Java as you have on trying to profit from Google and developers maybe you could have a F*kin leg to stand on you lousy D*Bags. Can anyone say NTP. What the F is wrong with America today. No wonder we are getting our a$$eS handed to us. Bunch of greedy, money whoring CEO’s who only care about how much money they can bleed the company for then jump out with your golden Parachutes. I hope Google puts you out of business.

  14. @Droid masta: You know, they didn’t sit on Suns patents, the merger was done at end of January this year. Add few months for consolidating the portfolio, then few months trying to negotiate with Google – and you are here, in August.

    I’m not defending Oracle at all, i think they are making a mistake – but calling Oracle a patent troll who was sitting on patents is a bit too much.

  15. Oracle has been trying to break into cloud computing for many years with zero success. Along comes Google, who takes to the cloud like a duck to water, and Oracle must helplessly watch as their lunch is eaten.

    Oracle is jealous and whining like a little baby, stomping their feet and screaming “no fair!”. Poor little guys.

  16. Who is actually surprised at what Oracle did. The company DISPISES open source. They bought Sun so they could privitize Java for their server appliances and to KILL MySQL. They hinder competitors on two fronts – server software and database software.

  17. This is their last stand, if they cannot control java and software similar to their’s then there’s no point to use oracle applications over open source ones. in the process that insults the open source communities but most of oracles clients are big business, which will just pay them more for stuff they used to get free.
    Yea F&*k oracle.

  18. The way I take it.., is that Sun opened sourced Java.. except for the mobile version of the JVM.. So Google created their own JVM for Android to get around that.. Sun didn’t pursue it according to many because they were not as financially secure as Oracle.. and this is a can of worms all to similar to the SCO battle against Linux/Novel/IBM (that bankrupted SCO where the only winners were lawyers).. I am pretty certain it will end up that no code in Android belongs to Oracle, and it will come down to whether or not software patents are specifically violated, and as generic as all these patents (and most software patents for that matter) are written.. I see little success for Oracle, and years of frustration for both sides.., But I think Google will prevail in the end.

  19. Xperiance do you even know what oracle does? They are the largest provide of database tech to businesses in the world. This is by no means there last stand.

    Not that I agree with Oracle suing Google over Java, but Google was aware this could be a risk. I bet we’ll see some cross licensing of patents or some sort of settlement.

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