Oct 4th, 2010


The T-Mobile G2 is just starting to show up in stores and on doorsteps across America, but that won’t stop the carrier from announcing the next handset for their Android lineup. The T-Mobile myTouch, not the myTouch HD, has gone official. That’s right, the rumored HD branding has been dropped and any sort of differentiating suffix is missing from the latest phone in the myTouch line. The last myTouch to see a release was the Slide, and this newly announced device at first glance look pretty similar. But take away the Slide’s QWERTY keyboard and bump up the specs a healthy amount and you get the new myTouch.

The phone is HSPA+ ready for what T-Mobile is now branding as their 4G network, features a 3.8-inch screen at 800×480 resolution, a 5MP rear camera AND a front-facing camera, all tied together by a 1GHz Snapdragon processor. Software-wise the device is running Android 2.2 and comes with a bunch of preloaded apps, including Qik, Swype, Rock Band, Asphalt 5, and Monopoly.

We kind of miss the “HD” part of the name and already find the new name inadequate in helping to pin it as its own device. Oh well, who wants one of these bad boys?

[via MobileCrunch]

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