T-Mobile Announces the Newest myTouch with HSPA+, Front-Facing Camera, and Froyo



The T-Mobile G2 is just starting to show up in stores and on doorsteps across America, but that won’t stop the carrier from announcing the next handset for their Android lineup. The T-Mobile myTouch, not the myTouch HD, has gone official. That’s right, the rumored HD branding has been dropped and any sort of differentiating suffix is missing from the latest phone in the myTouch line. The last myTouch to see a release was the Slide, and this newly announced device at first glance look pretty similar. But take away the Slide’s QWERTY keyboard and bump up the specs a healthy amount and you get the new myTouch.

The phone is HSPA+ ready for what T-Mobile is now branding as their 4G network, features a 3.8-inch screen at 800×480 resolution, a 5MP rear camera AND a front-facing camera, all tied together by a 1GHz Snapdragon processor. Software-wise the device is running Android 2.2 and comes with a bunch of preloaded apps, including Qik, Swype, Rock Band, Asphalt 5, and Monopoly.

We kind of miss the “HD” part of the name and already find the new name inadequate in helping to pin it as its own device. Oh well, who wants one of these bad boys?

[via MobileCrunch]

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  1. Stock android? probably not.

  2. this is either gonna have a car or desk dock maybe both it has the three gold dots on its right side in between the volume rocker and usb

  3. I love to see that there are still some powerful phones being released with more modest screen sizes. 4.3 is great, but so is something that will actually fit in 1 hand

  4. I am so happy with the mytouch slide that it will be hard to give up the keyboard, but this phone is very inticing.

  5. Still waiting for the phone that will retire my Nexus.

  6. Wait, what? Rock Band on Android?

  7. hey call me crazy… but wasnt this phone supposed to be dual core?

    is this not that phone?

  8. decent device, finally front facing camera device for T-Mo… but still looks cheap and HD is a misnomer… not like it has a high res, retina-like, display…

  9. Hopefully this means that the desire hd with ffc is coming to verizon and not tmobile!

  10. this is the device my wife has been waiting all summer for. we’ll probably pick this up for her on day of launch.

  11. When?

  12. Not I says the T-Mobile customer. I’ll wait for a 4.3 inch offering.

  13. When will T-Mobile get it. Bigger and Faster devices not standard mid-grade devices. Might have to switch carriers if they dont do something before 2011.

  14. TMobile now has the Vibrant, G2, Defy, Mytouch Slide and now the new MyTouch. It’s going to be a tough decision for the Android buyers this holiday season. I do agree with shawn1224 point, I think a 4.3 inch device would round out TMobile’s android lineup nicely.

  15. I was interested since this has the FFC (waiting for that on any carrier other than Sprint), but seriously? Monopoly, Rock Band, Asphalt 5?? Stop loading these things up with crap that can’t be removed without rooting! At least install them to the user area so it can be removed, just as PC makers do

  16. I don’t know how reliable this listing is but it seems like this processor is a higher clocked version of same processor in the G2 (as opposed to the same previous generation 1GHz Snapdragon in the Nexus One):

    If so, that’s great news. The G2 already handily beats the Nexus One, so the extra 200MHz here will widen the lead even more.

    More than likely this will be the Espresso interface though since that is where T-Mobile is going with the “MyTouch” lineup. It’s going to be a tough choice between this and the G2 for sure. Stock Google and hardware keyboard vs. faster processor and slightly bigger screen.

  17. le sigh. if only it were on sprint. were i a t-mobile user i would probably grab this. i would like to stay under the 4″ size and i hate hardware keyboards. oh well. still waiting for a 4G worth getting on sprint. till then, my hero works fine.

  18. My Christmas list:
    An Android with 5-row QWERYTY, 4.3-inch screen, FFC, and dual-core proc. And no wimpy screen hinges!!

  19. Well well well! Im def not going to BASH t-mobile today!! FFC is finally here!!! For the all the naysayers that hated on the ffc and thought it was a fad (it still might be Coolmandingo!) stay away from device!!!

  20. I love my vibrant but if the specs are better on the mytouch hd i will be getting this bad boy for sure

  21. @ John the Lesser. Just a question, what is wrong with the EVO? I really think you are putting too much significance to the size specs. I put my EVO next to my daughter-in-laws EPIC and the size difference is hardly noticeable. Comparing it to my son’s Hero puts the Hero to shame, the speed difference (we don’t yet have 4G service, this is comparing it on 3G) and readability is very apparent. My EVO fits in every pocket I have ever used for a cell phone. If you don’t want a keyboard, I’d go for the EVO. Besides, on Sprint, you have 30 days to try it or return it. If you haven’t actually used one, give it a try.

  22. wow fuck tmobile. such a dissapointment. That thing is a plastic piece of shit. Where the fuck is a 4.3 inch phone

  23. Tethering Removed? very handy on my N1..anybody know? and if it is the same chipset as G2 is it the same GPU

  24. @Nathanial … i too hope they dont remove the tethering thats in the device like the n1. i know people are going to say to download the other app online from the market but i dont want that . i want the one that comes with the phone,point blank. this device is going to open doors for other ffc phones. i just wantmobiel to improve and sintead of being a lackster kid friendly phone company. which i highly doubt will ever change.3.8 is aight but it will do for now.

  25. So whatever happened to project emerald? Was it just a big rumor as was the simultaneous release of 2 phones by TMO? Or should we still expect the rumblings of project emerald to bring something groundbreaking to the market?

  26. IT HAS THE 1GHZ PROCESSOR FOUND IN THE DESIRE HD! Count me impressed. Probably the best phone in the US right now!

  27. Ew. That thing looks like a Sidekick. That’s a MAJOR turn off. I hope that image up there isnt the official.

  28. best tmobile phone now is the hd2 with android hands down!

  29. So I’m guessing this is the glacier

  30. Considering I just installed a front-facing cam on my Vibrant, this doesn’t interest me at all.

  31. @derp.. howd you put a ffc on your vibrant?

  32. Sorry, I’m not interested in carrying a merely
    adequate phone.

    If T-mobile wants my business:

    4.3″ amoled screen
    LED notification
    1.2 ghz or greater
    no qwerty thanks

    A large fast phone running STOCK android and running it smoothly.

    Is this so impossible to source?
    I think not.

    T-mobile needs to stop thinking like #4.

  33. @coolMANDINGO: he put the phone under his pillow and the ffc-fairy visited him overnight.

  34. I agree Bob. Where the fuck is Project emerald. Fuck you Phandroid and fuck your source who said there would be a “dual release” of two phones. And where the fuck is the htc Glacier? The Glacier’s cpu PWNED the shit out of every phone, And PWNED most phones gpus. This is NOT the glacier

  35. What a stupid idea… there’s already a “myTouch” device. This new one needs to be differentiated. What’s wrong with adding “HD” anyway?

    Also, speaking of the original myTouch… T-Mobile promised Android 2.1 for it almost 3 months ago. It’s still stuck on 1.6. Were they lying? Can Phandroid draw some attention to this matter? I’m sure there’s a good number of myTouch owners who would love to upgrade from 1.6 to 2.1.

  36. Why would I buy the g2 again?
    So I can enjoy my locked down
    less than awesome phone?

    This is a lot worse than bait and switch
    memory or loose hinges:


  37. I Thought That MyTouch “HD” sounded pretty cool!!! Oh well :-)

  38. @Bob, the HTC/Tmo Emerald Project is due on or about November 5th. This MyTouch isn’t that phone. The beast cometh! The fight will be the end of the year frenzy of the phat phones. Moto is entering the fray with their Tegra 2 dual core possibly btw Christmas and 2011 Q1. Since this may be a Verizon production, we can bet that the HTC/Tmo Emerald Project is still on, and on schedule no doubt. Save your “duckets!”

  39. Don’t fail to notice that this forward facing camera will allow chat across the TMO’s 4G network and you can chat with a PC if you want through Yahoo. Unlike the iPhone which you need two of and wi-fi to video chat. Easier to pull out my Macbook at that point.

  40. wow, lots of hating on this phone, we actually got one in our store today, and its slimmer then an iphone, camera is super nice, has flash player aka porn viewing for all you jerk offs. You guys want huge screens, seriously the HD2 is our biggest pile phone we have, and its a brick in your pocket, chicks love that. This phone is perfect size, our demo had wireless tether built in, sprints “4g” is no where to be found and you pay 10 bucks extra. Show me a carrier with tmob rates and both be in 3g spot and watch another carrier outperform on a vid loading, wont happen. t-mobile has a 3rd of the customers and the same amount of bandwith, do the math nerds!

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