LG Delays Android Tablet Until January Due to Froyo Concerns



From everything we have seen up to this point we had every indication to believe LG would be releasing an Android tablet in time for the holiday season, but as seems to be the case with many of the big-name devices that were supposed to be dropping around that time LG’s slate has been delayed until January 2011 at the earliest. The reason being Android 2.2, or rather Android 2.2’s lack of optimization for tablets.

Apparently LG is in talks with Google to determine the best suited version of Android to run on the hardware, and while the report at Reuters doesn’t specify that version to be Android 3.0 (Gingerbread), one can assume that is the direction the company is headed in. And once again, the Android tablet boom has been delayed.

A few tablets are still coming to market with Android 2.2 — most notably the Samsung Galaxy Tab — but it seems Google is making a big push to get the first generation of tablet big boys up to speed on an even newer iteration of Android than Froyo, one designed to work on both smartphones and tablets. Is it worth the wait?

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  1. Android 3.0 is not confirmed to be Gingerbread, at least not yet.
    Gingerbread could be Android 2.5, who knows.

  2. Yes, nuff said.

  3. Ahem…Where the hell is my LG Android Smartphone option for Sprint? Time for Tablets but no phones?

  4. I don’t mind waiting a couple more months to get something really freat instead of being impatient and getting something I may wanna trade in later. I already for 2.2 on my phone but some features introduced in 3.0 from Google I/O I NEED to have so I dont mind the wait because i know ill be totally satisfied

  5. great*

  6. Good for you, LG. Everyone has been running so fast, trying to get a tablet competitor out there for the ipad. At least LG acknowledges that Android is great for smartphones, but, is just not ready for tablet use and is waiting to release a quality product, even if that means allowing more ipad sales for Christmas. Instead of copying the ipad, they want to produce something superior. I think the serious tablet consumer will wait. All of the Apple fanboys are going to buy the ipad anyway.

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