Ferrari Gets a Limited Edition Motorola Milestone



As if owning a Ferrari wasn’t enough of a status symbol, the company has tasked Motorola with a custom deco of the original Milestone to slide into pockets lined with one hundred dollar bills. The phone looks pretty delicious in Ferrari red, but if you are hoping to get your hands on it you might think again. The device, produced in limited quantities, has been given out to members of the company’s board and top executives. It may also have made its way into the hands of some loyal customers. Nothing else has changed in this new take on the old Milestone, but ogle it if you must.


[via BGR]

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  1. Wowwww…fantastis…!

  2. That is truly hideous. What is the matter with Ferrari slapping its logo on everything? I would never buy anything else than a car branded with the prancing horse-logo.

  3. Previous Ferrari-branded phones had customized startup/shutdown sounds and wallpapers as well. Are you certain it’s only a paint job on this one?

  4. Nice….does it have a qwerty keyboard?

  5. If I had a Ferrari car, I would sure as hell walk arround with that phone :p

  6. Bet the bootloader is still locked…….

  7. Acer Liquid E wannabe

  8. @Jorper: I think they’re trying to outdo Porsche Design. The thing is, Porsche has treated PD like an entirely separate brand and not just a licensing arm for the cars’ prestige. Until Ferrari (and Lamborghini and the rest of them) learn that lesson, expect more of this.

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