Did You Find and Download Fable 3: Kingmaker in the Market?


Last week it was announced that Microsoft would be bringing a real-life “Risk” type of game to many smartphone platforms – including Android – leading up to the full game’s late October launch. Many suggested it was a UK or European only game, and sure enough, I can’t find it in the Android market as it’s supposed to be launched today. (I live in the states.) For those of you in the supported regions, were you able to find and download Kingmaker? Let us know in the comments below.


PS: I still can’t get their website to show any content outside of the admittedly-intimidating image of that troubled war general holding two guns.

[Update]: Courtesy of one commenter – waynester – here’s the video promo for the game. Seems like something I’d take my phone out of my pocket every 5 minutes for.

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  1. I’m in the UK on 3 and I can’t find it in the Market.

  2. I haven’t found it and I live in the U.S. I have a Cliq running Android 1.5.

  3. Maybe they yanked it to put on there own platform. God knows they’ll need it.

  4. I can’t find it either. I’m on Orange in the UK. Also tried a Vodafone sim and it still doesn’t show.

  5. Nothing on O2 in the UK and I can’t find an apk anywhere either so I’m guessing it’s not been released at all yet.

  6. They never said it was for Android. In The press release it said Windows Phone 7 Series and 60 other devices, but no where in the press release did it state Android.

    So as of now it is not known as to how this game will be released and to anything other then WP7S. Also I would like to point out that it scores gold for the actual game, and I am having a hard time seeing M$ allowing anything other than there own devices and software access to a gamertag account.

  7. Nope, Canada, Milestone

  8. @RedDragon the editor’s note said it was For Android, Symbian, Windows Phone 7, and iOS devices.

  9. Nothing on the Belgian market either

  10. The Android and Symbian versions are the only ones due to release today, and it’s thought they’ll be sideloaded via the website rather than appearing on the stores. Nothing’s out for either platform so far.

  11. Press release said Android and Symbian versions were out on the 4th, iOS on the 6th, and Windows Phone 7 whenever the first device with that OS launches.

  12. Nada Hero 2.1 Orange

  13. not for us market

  14. same in Austria – nothing


  16. HTC Desire, Android 2.2, nothing on market yet in the UK. Kingmaker website has nothing either.

  17. Nothing in the Cambodian market either.


  19. zip, Vibrant, 2.1 JI5

  20. I Cannot Find It :( (HTC Legend, Vodafone UK)

  21. Nothing in The Netherlands, LG GW620 (Android 1.5), Hi (provider)

  22. Apologies for delay, this is launching on Android but has not appeared in the marketplace yet. Please bear with us.

  23. Also this is a European initiative so not available in US. Please see for all participating countries (flags in top left)

  24. If you live in the US, The Maple Leaf State (j/k), or Mexico, don’t waste your time trying to find it.
    That sucks, I love the Fable series and have been following it since it was called “Project Ego” (anybody remember that?). Oh well, at least I still have Fable 3 to look forward to. Still, Kingmaker looked like fun and I wonder if similar games for android will hit the market in the future.

  25. Peter Molyneux has lied to us again… :p

  26. Nothing here in Antarctica…except a bunch of penguins. TMO service is great here though!

  27. Nothin in Northern Ireland on ipod touch or android (HTC Legend) yet :'( Hope it comes out soons

  28. Looks like it’s on the marketplace now, by grapple mobile, searched for Kingmaker.

  29. Nothing in Switzerland… anyway in the Apple Market.

  30. It’s now available on the Android Market (UK). Although the “Plant a flag”, “Quick plant flag” and “Show on territories map” (i.e. the actual game) don’t work. I just get constant loading.

  31. Downloaded and installed from the market, HTC Hero, Android 2.1, United Kingdom.

  32. No dice, (HTC ARIA) looks epic though

  33. 9pm – still nothing @ austria

  34. Just Got It! (Vodafone UK, HTC Legend)

  35. Just tried it, absolutely appauling, one of the worse things I’ve ever had the discomfort of installing on my Android. Every screen sticks, nothing loads, I was assigned to the Rebels but my team keeps changing itself, no way of closing the app. Worst of all, I was logged in but it kept telling me to check my password and now it seems as though my password has changed itself! This is one die-hard Fable fan hitting the unsinstall button.

  36. hero 2.1 ; germany ; o2; game is availible

  37. Yep, I see it in the market (Nexus One, SFR/Vodafone, France). I didn’t try to download it.
    Wasn’t there 10 hours ago. Must have arrived recently since there’s only <50 downloads…

  38. just got access ….. but there’s no app for austria :-(

  39. Erm… I’m having trouble finding it to be honest this whole app thing is kind of new to me. I’m not sure if my phone is Symbian or Android although if I had to guess looking at the OS I’d say Symbian. None the less could anyone give me an idea where I could find the Kingmaker app for use in the Uk please?

    Thanks in advance.

  40. Anyone have a link to the .apk file? I can’t download it yet because I can’t find it on the market. I’ve tried using the phone’s browser to go to the Kingsmaker website but it requires silverlight and wont load.

  41. app released and working on android market. 2.2 T-Mob UK = )

  42. @zee what did you expect? After all it’s a microsoft release :)

  43. Verizon Droid X 2.2 – not working…Also my Nexus without a carrier on 2.2.1 can’t find it either

  44. Installed…. Vodafone UK HTC Desire on 2.2….

    Not really used it yet but have registered OK and seems to be working fine.

  45. Link to the .apk please.

  46. In Holland it works. The only thing is that it asks for access rights to my exact (gps) location.

    Why would that be necessary? No go for me…

  47. Found it.
    Galaxy S on Spanish Orange.

  48. Downloading now.

    G1 on Vodafone UK

  49. @deoki where did you find it i am in spain to, i have the nokia 5800 on yoigo

  50. Using the [de] imyo (E-Plus) Settings in market enabler popped up the game! :D

  51. Available on Android Marketplace on Tmobile UK

  52. has any one got this on the nokia5800 phone, if so please tell us how and where

  53. Nothing in switzerlandd… and unavailable on fable3kingmaker lin

  54. The application is now available here (Android):


  55. the link for the symbian doesn’t work. can anyone tell me where to download this?

  56. Why not for Palm Pre to? :(

  57. nope, nothing on ovi store yet :( stupid delaysss…. any one know WHEN it will eventually be on s60? :/

  58. i`m from the netherlands downloaded it last night works fine for me ;) (Htc Desire Android 2.2 kpn/telfort)

  59. Any luck on android phones yet?

  60. well this is a funny october 4th. nothing on the OVI store still! and i need it :( .

  61. hi

    im on a samsung gt.i9000-android 2.1 but i guess that does’nt matter anyway since, i guess we are all on the same market server ?. im from norway. cant find it here either :'( it would be great fun to conquer all of the terretories around where i live :)

  62. Why is the Rep of Ireland not getting it?
    The North gets it so why not the rest!

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