Verizon Launches Buy One Droid Incredible Get Any Phone Free Campaign


Having the HTC Droid Incredible in stock must be a little unsettling for Verizon, as no sooner than have shipments began to flow back into their warehouses they have launched a new campaign to help clear them off shelves. The Droid Incredible is now being offered as part of a “Buy One Get Any Phone Free” campaign. It may even be one of your last good chances to get ahold of one if you are still looking, as the slew of new high-end Android handsets headed to Verizon this holiday season should only serve to bump the Incredible closer to falling out of VZW’s lineup. Check out the new commercial below.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Probably, will be replaced by the Desire HD (since Incredible is similar to the Nexus One. Another year, another HTC Droid.

  2. It was only a matter of time. I’m sure the Droid X will be the next to be offered BOGA.

  3. I could only hope that the Deisre HD replaces it. The Desire HD is the phone for me as soon asit hits Verizon.

  4. For these “free” phones, perhaps it is more accurate they are $200 off, since you still have to pay $720 of data fees ;)

  5. That sucks, that means I’ll probably be seeing more of them around now…. I have yet to see someone else with one.

  6. Droid Inc is no where near the nexus one. It has the same specs as the Evo 4g but without the hdmi and has a smaller screen. I have a droid inc and it’s an awesome phone.

  7. I tried to take advantage of this promotion yesterday and no one I spoke with knows anything about it. I saw the commercial run twice on TNT yet they argued that the promotion is buy one Incredible get one Incredible … I finally gave up after talking to a half-dozen people.

  8. @rushmore or $552 for those with a 20% corporate discount.

  9. Only if you’re a new customer. I tried. Oh well. Droid Eris is still pretty scrappy. I just have it loaded up to its limits. I will never want a slide out keyboard, so the 2 droids and the coming Desire are out. I don’t want an absurdly large phone like the Droid X. Just have to wait until my upgrade time comes— hopefully there will be an Incredible 2.

  10. the only problem with this deal, is that people will go in and say oh hey, i’ll get the incredible and you get another phone, but then the other person drools over something like the droid x or the fascinate, and you start getting that nibbling shadow of doubt in the back of your mind. My dad and i went to take advantage of this deal, needless to say we both got droid x’s. The incredible is an extremely well built, attractive, and speedy device, but IMO it cant hang with higher profile devices @ verizon. Which is probably why the sale exists in the first place.

  11. so i take it you have to go into the store for this deal? i looked through the website and was going to try this but it’s the buy a droid inc and get a droid inc free. not a get any free. my parents don’t have smartphones and could definitely take advantage of this deal and i could get an inc out of it. :)

  12. @ Sanjeev….got ya beat, my corp discount is 25%. :)

  13. Went in with the wife to take advantage of this offer. To make a long story short, we are waiting until next month when I can get an early upgrade credit to make it more financially beneficial for us.

    The interesting part is that the salesperson promised us that there would always some kind of buy one, get one free offer on Android phones between now and Xmas.

  14. I’ve seen it on TV also, but when I ask at online chat he says it is only online, and cannot get two Droid Incs, hmmm….sounds like he didn’t know what’s going on either. I am trying to upgrade one line to Droid Inc and replace a damaged Droid X with the other Incredible. Wish me luck! Better go to the store with this, and my 25% corporate discount, you guys had me laughing!

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