G2 Problems Start Surfacing: Loose Hinges and Some Units Shipping with Half the Promised Memory


I don’t want to say I told you so, but upon the hinge mechanism of the T-Mobile G2 first being revealed I immediately voiced concern with how it would hold up structurally to repeated use. I was more concerned with the what to were me weak looking hinges snapping after continued use, but it turns out some customers only had to open the G2s to discover loose and faulty connections between the screen and keyboard halves of the phone. As demonstrated in the video below the loose hinge will both open and shut at its own will given certain conditions, including what looks like the exact angle you may use the phone at if you were say lying in bed and texting.

The second problem them seems to be arising is G2 units shipping with half the memory promised. If you recall, the G2 is supposed to get a full 4GB of internal storage, but some handsets are showing up with only 2GB. That just happens to be the same amount specced out for the HTC Desire Z. A pretty brutal mix up, and enough to irritate any new G2 owner. Anyone out there experiencing any of these issues?

[via engadget]

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  1. Amazing. That looks horrible. I could never use a phone that flops around that easily. Return it!

  2. 2GB?!? mine only came with 1.5 GB worth of user available memory as for the loose hinge mine is kind of loose but not as lose as his

  3. Same here!! First thing I noticed was the “Loose Hinges” and the memory I wasn’t aware of. BUt it does show me that it has 2Gbs of internal memory wat da heck?

  4. ^^^^ you never get the full amount but it should be closer to 1.7 gigs

  5. I love full QWERTY keyboards. but…I could see this coming honestly. A closed hinge (unable to access) type could have been preferred. All hinged phones will eventually suffer from being used too much. But, the memory issue is somethin else. Id be pretty mad is I only had 2gb and promised 4gb.

    Just curious. Does the box say 4gb internal included?

  6. T-Mobiles site does say 4GB Internal Memory…


  7. With the larger screen sizes and capacatative screens theres really no need for hardware keyboards. I used to swear by them until I got the nexus One! I love my Nexus One :).

  8. With no force….it’s magic that’s closing the phone it self

  9. The screen issue seems sort of like, “Does it hurt if I poke this bruise? Yes, Okay so don’t poke it.” I mean sure, we all want are phones in 100% working order, especially when paying 100+ dollars for them, but Hey, call HTC or T-Mobile, let them know, get it replaced, and be happy.

  10. damn…ud think tmobile would have gotten the right amount of internal memory right. pretty big deal for a lot of people. and im about to get this ive had my g1 for 2 years in one one month and the keyboard hing still is like it was out of the box. the g1 still has one of the best keyboards/hinges in all phones

  11. I really like what HTC does style-wise with their handsets, however quality control is why I can’t seem to bring myself to buy one.

  12. The Samsung Captivate (galaxy s) has 8 gigs internal, but only 2 gigs available for “internal memory” and the other 6 gigs are used as a internal “external” memory.

    Is the G2 something like this?
    Take your microSD card out, do you still get an extra 2 gigs as an “external” memory?

  13. @nxt

    both the captivate and vibrant have 16gs of internal memory and like 13 or 14 avalible out of the box.

  14. The Samsung Captivate has 16GB internal, a little under 2 GB of phone storage space and about 13 GB of total space. Of course I have a backup rom on mine so my numbers may be a bit low.

  15. not sure about the box as I haven’t picked it up yet (hoping Radio Shack does sell it Sunday) but their website says 4gb http://g2.t-mobile.com/g2-specs
    are there some that actually did receive the proper amount?

  16. I too only have the 1.5gb internal. Ill call tmobile monday

  17. Sounds like a recall is coming up soon.

  18. HTC as always makes a great phone with caveats, the more things change the more the stay the same

  19. wow another good looking phone gone wrong. this sucks!

  20. HA! I’m glad I waited and didn’t preorder. I knew it was going to have some issues (cough*EVO*cough*) I hope HTC will fix the issue because i just got paid and i want to give Tmobile my money.

  21. Don’t really care.. not getting this phone.. but really nice demonstration of gravity, as well as overreaction.. As to the memory issue.. well that, I would take issue with, and return it for a phone that had the memory I was supposed to get.. That shouldn’t happen.. I can see how it happened with the Z being almost identical, but then when I think about it.. they have different 3G, so then I know that it absolutely should NOT have happened.. Somebody at the factory made a bonehead decision that they thought would not be noticed.. and they will probably be looking for work soon.

  22. What a piece of crap..Dude quit bitting your nails.

  23. Well my G2 doesn’t have the 4gb however I am not experiencing the loose hinge mine. I called TMO and they told me it did have 4gb and the system was using up the memory. Can’t say that I didn’t see this coming as the response………. Hopefully TMO will straighten this all out

  24. This is why I will wait till Oct 6 and just find a store that has them in stock, and verify the memory card before buying.

  25. I got my G2 today, noticed this article. My phone only shows as having 1.21 GB of storage. Local T-Mobile store’s demo model had 1.21GB of memory, same as mine. They agreed that was odd, and noticed calls in their system stating the same from other users.

    A call to T-Mobile support gave me a man that said:
    1GB of OS
    1GB for OTA Updates
    remaining amount is left for applications.

    Seems to be a case of bad advertising.

  26. to all those people out there who insist on having as many moving parts as possible on their phones i have only one thing to say…. HA-HA!

  27. @Dennis Stfu moron. Overreaction? Demonstration of gravity? More like terribly built hinge setup. Not a single hinged phone that I have been in contact with will close by itself. That is extremely loose and ASKING to be snapped in half in any situation.

    You think 2GB of storage is more important than snapping your phone in half BECAUSE of a flaw in the phone? The above average user will NEVER hit 1gb in stored apps. I agree that it IS an issue with the MONEY spent, but to downplay the terrible build to gravity and overreaction and state that 2gb is more of a problem is retarded. Crawl back in your hole, what are you using now? an iPhone? gtfo~>

  28. I dont have any issues with the hinges….yet…But I didnt notice the memory issue. That friggin sucks.

  29. Mine didn’t ship with 4Gb, although it looked closer to 1.5 then 2, but I could be wrong I would have to look again. So far no hardware problems. I was wondering why the Memory would be different between the G2 (supposedly 4gb) and the Desire Z (announced as 1.5Gb) since its the same phone with stock android on one and HTC Sense on the other. It makes me wonder if T-mob screwed up in advertising it as 4GB and it’s really supposed to be 1.5

  30. hahaha should have bought an evo

  31. I talked to tmo, they said 1gb is reserved for theOS and 1gb is reserved for updating the OS. mine shows 1.2GB after updating the gmap and another app and installing the speedtest.net app.

  32. I really thought HTC might be stepping things up with the Evo, being as big of a deal as it was, but after both my Evo’s had dust under the screen in less than a month, this is just what I expect from them now. I really don’t understand how people tolerate this kind of stuff over and over, and really I have to say I’m surprised at just how bad HTC has gotten. With as many phones as they’ve made, they should know better than to let something like THIS out of the factory…

  33. Listen you fucking hack, internal storage is not memory. Memory is RAM, what you are talking about is just internal storage.

  34. WHOOPS!! shouldve waited for the mytouch hd with NO KEYBOARD!! LMFAO!
    @redandblack1287.. this is tmobile were talking about here. they get all the lackluster phones. do you think Verizon wouldve come out with a device like this? hell no!

  35. @Steve They are both memory. The internal storage is ROM (Read Only Memory) and RAM is Random Access Memory. The phone probably has 4GB of ROM, but with only 1.5-2GB available for apps and such. Back in the day, the Droid shipped with 512MB of ROM, but only 256MB were available for internal storage.

    Here’s another interesting link that I found on the XDA forums.

    I wonder if they did something similar for the G2…..

    Tmobile does, however, say that there is “4 GB of Internal Memory” http://g2.t-mobile.com/g2-specs

  36. @Rob
    I don’t usually respond to idiots.. but your an example of overreaction.. based on what you saw you have said that the hinge is easily snapped in half.. That is to be seen. As to the phone closing at that angle.. watch the video again, and put whatever phone you use at that angle.. won’t stop you from bitching.. but whatever.. It is more likely that you are an iphone user than I am.. and you might want to read the text at the start of the video as well.. or better yet, actually try one out before you play chicken little.. I will not stfu .. too bad so sad for you.

  37. I could see how this would be a big deal, seeing as how many people spend a majority of their time texting while up-side-down.

  38. Of the 4GB internal, the OS takes up over 2 of it. Bad advertisting on HTC TMo, but not shipped wrong. And I LOVE it. Great phone, barebones Android, no UI fastest I have see because of that. Way faster than the Vibrant I have. Best phone since my G1

  39. @Dennis
    If u mean “As to the phone closing at that angle.. watch the video again, and put whatever phone you use at that angle.” that its gravity…..My Droid 1 doesnt do that. If I half slide the keyboard open, it stays half slid open…
    I dont know if its a bad design, but it just looks more fragile, easier to damage, break compared to other keyboard designs

  40. Moving parts on a phone. Enough said.

  41. I have the G2 and if you ask me, the hinge is a non issue. As someone else mentions, seems to be more of an issue with gravity. When holding at that angle, which I don’t see why you would, the half that falls is the heavier screen half. When phone is open

  42. fvck. Mine has only 1.17Gb Available and I only installed 3 apps. .. T-mobile has to do something with this like giving me 2 years of free subscription or else…


  43. Oops, when the phone is open and you’re using the keypad, it seems your hands assist in keeping it in place anyway.

  44. Yeah, I’ve only got 1.17gb showing also. Wtf! I’m calling them tomorrow!

  45. @Dennis I don’t usually re-read a topic after I post, but you’re a clear example of someone who makes a dumbass post, and keeps refreshing for a response. I have had 4 android phones, ALL of which had sliding mechanisms and not a single one does this. I have a Samsung Epic right in front of me..Doesn’t happen. It’s ONE phone that when tilted upside down, there is a 1/2 inch of space, and that’s this phone.

  46. Those of you crying “moving parts on a phone” are ignoring the fact that this is the only keyboard phone on the market with this problem.

    Droid, Droid 2, Epic, Intercept, whatever else is out there… none of them have this issue. Only the G2 does. It’s just poor build quality and/or design, which happens just as often with non-keyboard phones.

  47. @rob
    Why don’t you stfu you moron. You’re the one who came out swinging to a post that was spot on. I just typed this upside down in bed with no problem so there!

  48. @coolmandingo, I guess you only look at posts pertaining to tmobile phones. http://phandroid.com/2010/09/27/the-htc-adr6325-merge-for-verizon-shows-up-in-the-wild/ research before you talk please

  49. It could serve as a feature. “Hey my phone closes its keyboard on its own!, can yours do that?” hold it at an angle viola it closes by itself.

    It should stay closed because if its in your pocket things can possible slide between the keyboard and the screen. that’s my opinion. As for the internal storage, there’s gotta be a good explanation from t-mobile. Maybe they fired someone in the factory or something, who knows.

  50. Oh…great..

    Now this is beginning to make me NOT want the Desire Z when it comes out here… -_-

  51. I could careless about the hinges cause I won’t be holding my phone like that anyways. What I’m pissy about is the 2GB of internal storage instead of 4 -_______- I mean I don’t even need half of those preloaded Google app on my phone in the first place! Ugh. I hope they at least give us the option to start removing them or moving them to our SD.

  52. If anyone feels like looking at the xda forum where this was posted, you’ll find a bunch of people saying their phones don’t do this. It might be a defective unit.

  53. HTC = FAIL

  54. I tell u its amazing how people cant wait for and issue to pop up to voice all kinds of complaints. If your phones defective then return it for a new one dont act like tmobiles the only company that has released a phone that has had a few problems pop up on Launch.

  55. And the fun starts… Amazon UK pushed HTC Desire Z release date to November 1st :(.

  56. thats tmobile quality for ya

  57. I wonder if the writers of this site read their own articles? Looks like a 10 year old wrote it…lol. My G1 had a good hinge but the frame around the screen cracked.

  58. Those bitching about the memory…parts of them is for the system n part for storage apps just like my vibrant 14 n 2gb

  59. its fine to report the problem. But what about the videos where people show that their hinge is fine. That literally had to shake the phone be for the hinge moved.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOhbEvlzBbI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbyu7JCItYI

    Im still getting the phone but definitely after they fix the NAND issue.

  60. @Myg1 check out the XDA forums. Its been confirm that the space is 2GB. There is a temporary root out already. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=795594&page=26

  61. Ya know, one of the reasons I was choosing this phone over the Vibrant was the fact that it was being made by HTC but the more I think about it the more I’m losing my faith in the company. With the EVO issues and now this? Crap like the MyTouch comes out no problem, TMO finally gets a decent all around phone and its broken (I’m discounting the N1 when I say this because I refuse to buy something I cant first test).

  62. I am more bothered by the fact that this dope didn’t have enough pride in their appearance to shower,shave and comb their hair before turning a camera on themselves. How can I take anything this trailer dweller says seriously?

  63. Ah, b1gg134: A tactic of a liberal- do not argue the issues, but go on a tangent and complain about something “other” than the actual issues.

    I think Gore Whore needs you, since he needs some tangent help too :) ;)

  64. Its interesting to see how many phones released in the past several months have had some type of problem (I.e., screen issues/shortages, gps issues, reception issues). The market is being flooded with new android phones, which is a great thing. But with everyone rushing to get a piece of the android pie, it seems as if quality control has gone out the window. Manufacturers need to do their homework and test these devices properly prior to releasing them to the market, rather than “hey, well just see what happens and address any problems as they arise.”

  65. @brownsbacker youre right and its not just android phones.

  66. My galaxy s is 8 gig internal and shows nearly 6 gig

  67. Sorry read the wrong one 1.7 gig internal not sd internal

  68. @b1gg134, what the h*ll does his appearance have anything to do with the topic?? Aside from that, who the h*ll are you to proclaim that he doesn’t have pride in his appearance? Maybe he doesn’t care what any stereotyping A-hole, such as yourself, thinks. Take your BS somewhere else.

  69. The G2 was not rushed out to the market, I waited a long time and got tired of waiting so decided on an EVO. Now it seems that I may have made a good choice.

  70. I was really looking forward to this phone…but I do not know why HTC chose to deviate from the standard slide they had on the G1…which works AOK. I suppose they tried to copy the Nokia’s N97 type slide but avoided the tilt to not infringe on the patent. In the end, it doesn’t come close. If the G2 can open so easily, it is prone to damage. Sorry…not for me. The memory thing is so much a bother…might be a mix up…but easily exchanged/rectifed.

  71. to be honest, HTC usually makes their phones pretty durable and out of all the HTCs that i had, none lacked good build and quality. even those with hinges seemed pretty durable. i hate reading these comments and seeing many people write that ALL their phones have problems and suck all around. well that’s not true and we know it, people just like to go crazy over some small things. just go return it or let them know the promise memory isn’t there. easy.

  72. @Londroid – The fact that you’ve been waiting a long time for the G2 has no relevance to it being rushed to the market. That’s due to T-mobile taking forever to get anything done.

    @KamilG – I’m not saying that all phones around suck. But there have been several issues over that last month with certain devices. Its easy to give Samsung a call and tell them that the GPS on your brand new $200 Vibrant is not working properly. However, its not easy to accept the fact that the GPS will not be immediately fixed and you have to wait for months before it is. And if reading these posts about issues with phones are driving you crazy, then just don’t read them. easy.

  73. @brownsbacker and @Brandon

    I agree. Quality control is lacking lately. Some of these recent issues should have never gotten out the door.

  74. htc is really falling behind lately. they need to learn how to design not only aesthetically but durably. learn a thing from Samsung or Apple

  75. well that’s what happens with thing


  76. @smc29 umm Samsung and Apple have recently had hardware problems. Problems that i think are worse than the G2 issues. How can they learn from them? Vibrant GPS still doesnt work and we all know about the antenna issue with iPhone 4.

  77. @Brandon – um, it’s not a hardware problem. the fix is out. if you’re going to say some shit like that at least get your info straight. On the other hand, htc DOES have hardware problems. Just like it did with the Nexus one’s malfunctioning screen, as well as dirt getting under the EVO within a month lol. Apple does have it’s problem as well in the antenna. So i guess this is Samsung FTW! LOL

  78. Today, I was at the Mall and dropped by the T-Mobile store. Sadly, they did not the G2 on display. I asked about the problems the phone has and I was responded with something like T-Mobile with not send out a phone with serious problems like those. (A phone with only half of the internal memory promised, come on!) I hope he knew what he was talking about.

    Off topic, but in the PSP Homebrew scene they called ROMs “custom firmware”. Maybe, blogs should start using the word over “custom ROMs” as that really makes no sense. Just a suggestion!

  79. @Smc29 ok the Vibrant GPS problem can be fixed with software but it is a problem none the less. Technically for the average end user (not the man or woman reading this site) the fix isnt out. Tmobile and Samsung both advice not downloading the current fix from Kies. Which means its still not fixed….since July. My point is no company is immune to a new device having issues. Happens with every launch. MS XB360 with RROD, Apple with the antenna, Sony PSP dead pixel. The list goes on. The key is how its handled and that its a low percentage.

  80. @Brandon well you’re right. no company so far it seems, is immune from some sort of problems. anyway sorry for cursin up there but it wasn’t at you ^_^ I just got swept up in some fanboy mode earlier lol.

  81. I’ve got the g2 for 2 days now. I will say that the hinge issue shown in the video can be replicated only if you don’t open the keyboard all the way and hold it upside down. If he had opened it the full way and then held it upside down it wouldn’t do that. That being said the issue with the internal space is real. My phone shows 1.2gb of free space and there is no way that the system is taking up or hiding the other 2.8. Which sadly is what a tmo tech I spoke to said.

  82. Dust under screen, bad battery and now this? HTC use too many cheap and slow components inside their phones.

  83. Went to my local T-Mo store here in San Diego, Ca, and I can confirm the hinge issue. First, let me say that this is a shame because the phone is solid like a rock. I have an N1 and build quality is of utmost importance to me. With that said, I held the phone upside down like the gentleman in the video does, and the screen does indeed hang, or sag down. Also, overall, the hinge felt very loose. Kind of like when the Palm Pre came out and it could be twisted like an Oreo, the hinge on the G2 took little to no pressure to unhinge.

    I told the rep there that I had been hearing about quality issues with the G2 online, and his response was basically: “people will always find something to complain about”. Other than that he was an okay guy.

    The whole problem that I have with this is that if this becomes a well documented and widespread issue that HTC and T-Mobile cannot diagnose, I fear that this may be the end of stock Android as we know it. The reason I say this is because T-Mo and HTC will say: “we gave you all a device you wanted with powerful specs, a hardware keyboard, stock Android, and no one bought it”. And thus, I think that they would begin to move away from plain Android.

    Here’s hoping that this issue can be resolved both quickly and efficiently, It really is an awesome device, and I’d love to own one barring any issues.

  84. The Samsung GPS issue isnt necessarily fixed. Some folks say its doesnt help.

    I’m still not convinced it isnt hardware. The Galaxy S line has been out overseas since June…ppl were aware of the GPS issues since June….US folks shouldnt have had GPS issue at all if it was software…of the fix should have been out if it is hardware.

  85. I meant software at the end there…lol

  86. I’ve had my G2 for 4 days now and I haven’t had any problems with the hinge. I don’t try to hold it in any strange positions, I just open it to type and close it when I’m done. I take a bit of care when I close and open it, but not excessive;y so. I came from the G1 which I had no issues with either. Maybe I’m lucky, maybe some people are just being too rough with their G2’s, I don’t know. In terms of the memory, I wasn’t aware of it til I read this post. It’s a little off-putting that they advertised 4 GB and it came with 2, but it’s not the end of the world. Still more internal memory than the G1 had. Plus you can install apps to SD. All in all, I am still impressed with the G2 and it was very worth the wait.

  87. I don’t know guys, I don’t see a possibility of this design working at all. It’s too flimsy to be implemented on a mobile phone.

  88. yeah I guess we gotta give em credit. they tried somethin different and it just didn’t work out. but I still like HTC ^_^ never said I didn’t. I actually had the G1 since the first day it came out. It was one tough phone.


    Hi there! Well first of all let me clear things up real quick. The GPS does work. Just not all the time. Any real developers will tell you, that’s a software flaw. Yeah, it sucks that Sammy did this but they have quite a few updates taht does deal with this issue. I have the JI2 update and now we’re at JI6. I’ve been getting great locks. I can lock on to 7+ sats in under 4-5 seconds with the GPS Test program.

    I just hope we get 2.2 soon!!! ^_^

  89. Not an impressive phone at all.. either get the Vibrant (i have one and love it) which would eat this thing for breakfast, or wait for the mytouch HD in november thats sporting a 1.5ghz dual core. even if it had the full 4 gigs of storage space, thats only a few songs and a couple pics. My Vibrant shipped with 13.2 gigs of accessible memory. how amazing the G1 was clunky and beyond a mistake and now you have the G2 which is equally a tragic.

  90. That’s what happens when you but HTC crap. I wonder if the Dezire Z uses the same hinges?

  91. I have the new g2 and thought I was missing half the internal memory too, but a tmobile rep assured me that it does have 4 gb in actuality. But that the OS takes up 1 gig and the OTC also takes up 1gig therefore leaving you with roughly less than 2 gigs of internal memory. Im just hoping shes right.

  92. Physical keyboards are so 2006, get with the times, go full touch screen, you won’t regret it!

  93. bobbort your right the g1 had one of the best keyboards ever. It was a joy to use when I was not using the on screen keyboard. If they left the keyboard the same all around but made it bigger and the phone have abetter look then the g1 and more memory…then the g2 would be a bigger hit I’m sure

  94. Hello –

    Let me start off by saying, that I have had this phone so far for 4 days, and I honestly believe the video posted here to be from some Apple fanboy trying to stir up issues with Android phones. It is really IMPORTANT that this phone succeeds so that consumers can send the message that we WANT vanilla Android, and I think there are people out there trying to screw that up.

    I truly do not think there is anything wrong with the hinge and believe it was built that way on purpose. What you dont see in the video is that for the screen to ‘hang’ like that, you literally need to be holding the top screen with the very tips of your fingers, which is something that I PROMISE you, you will never be doing if you know how to use a phone. Even when “Texting” in bed, you will be holding the phone in your hands on the sides, and that keeps it together.

    In my opinion, HTC developed this hinge to be as ‘smooth’ as it is so that it is frictionless, fast, and feels good to open. I, personally, believe the Droid is defective because of how gritty it feels when you try to open it. Its like driving a car that doesnt have power steering.

    People need to stop believing every white-trashed video made on the internet and actually make their own decisions for once.

  95. Not to mention that guy sure has ugly – ass fingers anyway….ick…


  96. This could just be a lemon. We all that happens. I dont think the Droid 1 keyboard opening is defective tho. Its sturdy. And after months of use u can feel it loosing up.
    This looks loose off the break…I will take the no power steering opening of the Droid 1 to freestyle keyboard opening….
    Does the G1 have hinges like this? I cant tell from clips n pics….

  97. @Charlie “Physical keyboards are so 2006, get with the times, go full touch screen, you won’t regret it!”

    Do you type my emails for me? Didn’t think so, I don’t know why people argue about physical and non-physical keyboards. Get what you can type on the fastest on because you will be the one typing. So what if you are fast typer on a screen, you don’t use my phone to write my emails and text messages I do.

  98. @josh I totally agree with you but some people, like my mom, simply have to feel the clicking feeling of pressing a key. It has nothing to do with how convenient or fast the keyboard is. It’s like a OCD thing.

  99. So did anyone watch the videos i post earlier showing the hinges working fine or did everyone choose to ignore them and claim there is no way that the hinge can work properly?

  100. Why not just buy a samsung vibrant a lot more value for your money 16gb internal hard drive ftw!!!

  101. just got my g2 its amazing. hinge feels great and solid, and everything about it is perfect. fast as hell too

  102. Come on people. The hinge works fine. When I hold the phone upside down my index fingers naturally move to the sides and hold the phone open.

    As far as the memory, yes I’m concerned about that too – but I’m confident we will find out if it’s a partition issue or they really were shipped that way. then we can deal with it.

  103. @Want2CBetter You know what, you have a point. I had to pick up my G1 and actually think about it but I do naturally hold it open, so even if it does slack, its not a big deal

    As far as the memory thing goes, I’m sure they will fix that, hopefully before retail release (which I can see getting pushed back if they do).

  104. This thing is probably heavy like MyTouch3G slide. Like a brick in your pocket. 800Mhz and still using ancient GPU.

  105. pretty sad such major problems already surfacing with the G2… software issue I could understand… but such blatant hardware issues are unacceptable… i was thinking of picking up a G2… first qwerty Android I’ve been interested in… but not anymore…

    I’d almost rather the G2 be a true slider than this flip flop design…

  106. i have a much worse issue. my hinge is fine and the memory is correct people….but is anyone else having an issue with their G2 automatically freezing while the screen is off or having the phone automatically shutting up and restarting on its on?

    i love the phone but i am getting agitated its been bad the past two days

  107. I just picked mine up 3 hours ago.

    No hinge problem, but I am showing 1.19GB of internal space available. So, I am assuming I have a 2GB phone.

    *sigh* I have 14 days.

  108. I went to see the G2 today and the screen was a big disappointment compared to my N1. I DONT WANT TO GO BACK TO LCD! no matter how “super” it is. The hinge sucks but can temp fixed with double sided tape. i compared Angry Birds on my N1 and the G2 plays it way smoother. I still want to get the G2 but im gong to wait a month (and save some cash for it) to see how it goes. And as for the memory i think @Want2CBetter is right.

  109. FYI:

    Turn the phone off. Hold down the volumn control and then press and hold the power button. This will bring up the Firmware menu with boot options.

    September 2, 2010, 17:59:38

  110. I ordered my G2 on Friday and it’s in-route for Tuesday delivery. As a non-contact user, I planned on paying $500 for this phone… NOT ANY MORE!

    Absolutely NO WAY I’m paying $500 in this recession for a floppy hinged phone! (No less getting ripped off on internal memory!)

    I’ll be either refusing shipment or returning the box un-opened to a T-Mobile store. I guess it’s either a Galaxy S, or the MyTouch HD (but if I wait for the HD, I won’t be ordering it until its been out for a week!)

  111. Haha ! you guys shouldve waited for the mytouch hd WITH FFC!! all you haters of the ffc kiss a$$!!

  112. Am I the only one that isn’t put off by this? I get my G2 tomorrow and I’m pretty excited. I know the screen is prob gonna droop when held upside down, and I’m definitely going to see if mine does, but I don’t see it being a huge issue. And for the screen shutting on it’s own, I thought that was the best part of the vid because it snapped shut so solidly! Arghh I love new phones

  113. @LilWhtSlpr Im still getting it. Ive posted 2 videos above showing the hinge working fine but people rather be apart of the mob. OMG FAIL!! HTC SUX!! I KNEW THIS HINGE WOULD FAIL yada yada yada. Just like any other product launch, there will be issues. It seems that the hinge problem isnt wide spread. Im just waiting for the dust to settle and the mem issues to be figured out. Someone is currently breaking apart the G2 on XDA. Sometimes i really hate the internet. Everything gets amplified by a million.

  114. To be fair, I thought about it…

    And realised…I don’t particularly care that much and I’ll still be getting this phone when it’s out in the UK..

    Whenever that is..

    Play.com pushed the date back to 25 October now.
    Amazon.co.uk pushed it back to 1 November..

  115. I have no problems with my G2.

  116. I contacted T-Mobile yesterday in regards to HTC G2 device. Dont get me wrong, the device structure compared to the G1 is great but the issue IS INDEED with the hinges.. Ive noticed the loose screen issue when i lay down and have my hands in the air to txt.. I read about the reviews though endgadget ( by the way AWESOME android app) and decided to call TMO!!!! Since the phone has not rolled out, until October 6th they couldnt do a single thing for me. the first issue we talked about was the memory.. according to the Rep, its 4gigs on onboard memory, not including all the google apps, which take up space of course, giving u a total of 1.23 gb left for additional apps.. they are aware of the issue with the 4gb but i think that they were kinda beating around the bush.. as far as the hinges, the rep told me that its not a known issue YET since the phone hasnt rolled out, but still insisted i remove the battery.. FOR WHAT>??? i do not know how the battery will infact fix the issue with the hinges.. sooo they recommended a replacement.. I told the cust that i had just got the G2 2 days ago, and she said that she will give me a refurbished device.. WHAT THE HELL!!!!!! after a couple of minutes of disputing the refurb.. the rep checked inventory and obviously they dont have any in stock.. the customer rep said to call back on oct 10th and check the status of the inventory.. SOOOO ill keep you guys posted

  117. @Eric If you just got the thing, you don’t get a refurb, you send yours back, but you will have to order another. They don’t even have refurb ones yet!!! Some of the reps don’t think, they just read script.

  118. I knew this phone was going to suck from day 1. Why are people so enamored with sliders? They suck large. Blackberry has the best form factor for qwerty. It’s hilarious to see android manus ignore this segment, they really must hate bb… Or maybe googs told them to stay out until the os is ready for business so bus doesn’t get turned off by it… Who knows.

  119. Why I’m not an early adopter for smartphones.

  120. Mindo…..Read my comment.

    I have not had any problems with my G2, hinges included. Just because one video surfaces does not mean ALL the G2 hand sets are flawed.

  121. I was at TMobile over the weekend and got to play with the phone first hand. The hinge does do this on there 6 hour old demo model. The phone also reports 1.70GB or internal memory.

  122. I was in the T store today and did note the hinge issue as well as the 2gb internal memory. As for the hinge issue i cant believe that people are complaining about this, the only way it should be a problem is if you text upside down. the design felt incredibly stable with no lateral movmnt all. The hinge is designed to open and close with ease something that i really appreciated while playing with it. This really is NOT a design flaw as far as im concerned but maybe it can be improved. as for the internal memory i think that the above mentioned hit it on the head 2gb is wat is left after all the pre-installed apps and features. Time will Tell. Ill wait to see what is what before i purchase, but it appears to be a great devise.

  123. Its a problem inherent with all sliders, this phone just happens to have it worse. For a slider to work well you need to engineer and test the heck out of it, then u improve on that mechanism year after year. Or you outsource to a pro like rim or nokia. If u can’t do that then u stick to candybar or at the extreme u do flip. Htc is im sorry to say a horrible manu, from n1 radio & mic issues to g1 being such an embarrasment and their whole line up generally being aesthetically challenged – htc sucks.

  124. I’m sure they’ll waste no time in announcing a firmware update to address this issue whereby the hinge springs are displaying the incorrect amount of tension in certain circumstances.

  125. @ michael: Hey michael, and your right.. the more i use my phone the more i like it.. the screen doesnt drop down when im txting siting down… the next thing ive noticed within the last week or so, is that every now and then, when i open the screen to reveal keyboard, the screen starts flickering. i was concerned that it would only worsen later on… Im not really complaining about the issues… they dont bother me one bit.. just want to kinda let everyone know about the issues with the device. aside from that i only wish it had the mobile hotspot.. With my nexus one, that was one of the best features a phone could have… hopefully the G2 will get it. to be honest, in my area we’ve upgraded to hspa+ but i really dont see the differance… the 800 mhz processor, is really the same thing as having a 1 ghz snapdragon processor like the n1. have any of youhad the same issue???

  126. Who holds their phone like that anyway? Who the hell cares?

  127. Wait!! The GPS on the Samsung Vibrant is messed up!? Is it like this on every phone, because I be GPSing, LoL!!, everyday and I don’t have any issues with that!! And for those people complaining about the hinge. I’m sorry but I have to say this. You are an idiot. LoL!! Why on Earth would you want to hold your phone upside down? I mean, all you do is slide the phone up. Does it mess up when you slide it up? I mean, every phone would break if you pulled it apart as shown in the video. And other phones don’t do that because they don’t slide like the G2 does. Dohye!!! The G2 snaps in place when it opens, so the hinge isn’t a devastating issue.

    About the memory. You all know you need to stop complaining because you know you was going to go out and buy you a micro SD card anyways. Simple fix. You can get an 8 gig for 10 dollars. Don’t expect these phones to come out perfect people.

    Except my Vibrant. My Vibrant is perfect. My GPS takes like 5 min to find my location, but it still works. Unlike what other people are talking about. LoL!!

  128. Its not about holding the phone like that. If its loose like that, doesnt that mean it could open easier in your pocket, purse, etc? If its loose like that upside down, it could be loose any other time when u dont want it to be.

    It also just looks like it would be easier to damage vs. other designs.

    I can see the jokes from iFans now…

    “Your holding it wrong” “just dont hold it that way then…”

  129. Oh and ppl thinking its not a design issue or wont be…..I hope it isnt either, but tell that to ppl that bought those thin ass Moto Razrs. I skipped the whole Razr craze cuz it just looked fragile…..and it was…

  130. yea, my hinges are loose like the guys in the video…i thought that was weird to be that loose, but it doesnt really cause any problems or open up in my pocket or anything…i also noticed that the light on the keyboard would randomly turn off while im typing…ki really like the phone though, wish it came with a case like the g1 did….

  131. sooo far, still have my g2.. i like the phone.. heres a question for you guys.. if we use a old sim card ( the one that came with my nexus one) am i getting the full HSPA+ coverage??? or should i use the one that came with the g2.. i see no difference in the sim card. according to other posts ive read, they state that it had the HSPA+ settings/configuration already in the sim.. i just havent had a chance to switch them out. will do it today though.. and test it out.

    @ happyhour hero: yeah man, me too.. i love the case that came with the g2.. and as far as the light on the keybord, it does the same here man, it turns off when im typing. soo what i do is close the screen and reopen it and it works..

    aside from that, i love the phone.

  132. i posted this in another thread so ill repost it here, where it belongs………. i wanted to comment on the whole “hinge-gate” thing….whoever the first reviewers were that said the G2 hinge was “spring-loaded” ….well i think they were “loaded” or drunk or something….the hinge is just a hinge, there are no springs in it at all, it simply lifts up and over, so its naturally loose, its not a defect, its a simple, classy, strong, hinge. just like on a door. so to the idiots claiming defects, its not a defect, its the design, and its wonderful, no resistance at all. so yes if u hang it upside down it will swing open with gravity…..its not an issue…

    @eric…i have your answer….u need the new sim card, i bought my G2 at a local tmo store and he told me i wouldnt get the hspa+ speeds without the new card, in fact he said the system would eventually just crash without it…but he did copy the contents of my old sim card to my new sim car with this cool handy looking machine….looked like a voltage reader with 2 slots….1 for the old….1 for the new….prob gotta goto a store to get that done, unless u dont need the stuff on the old sim card…hope this helps

  133. @no nickname…..when u actually buy a G2 then u can comment…..anyone that actually has the phone can attest that it does not “snap into place”….it rests comfortably but it is not snapped into place…..u make it sound like there are magnets or pegs that it snaps onto….there arent any…its a simple, strong, elegant hinge, like on a door, well kinda….but its only job is to swing the keyboard up and over, then back again….there are no springs or anything like that.

  134. @ihatefanboys… i used my old sim card…that came with my old phone, which was then swtiched to my G1, now its in my G2… it gets the high speeds(not all the time though) and works fine… if i were to switch the sim card out, aside from contents, would it still work right away? or do i need to call t-mobile to activate it? i ordered the phone from the site… i dont know, the old card seems to work just fine though….

  135. @happy….im no expert on sim cards but i would goto a tmo store or call them….but the tmo guy in the store said that i “had to switch” to the new card….he saidthe old card would def work, but that the old card wasnt designed to run on the faster network and would def crash after a short time…he took out a little machine and copied the contents of my old sim card to the new one. i cant guarantee that u will have a problem yourself, but why take the chance ?

  136. I just got off the phone with an HTC customer service rep.

    They state that every G2 has 4gb of rom but 3gb are inaccessible due to the android os/applications and ??? used by the system. The applications that you can’t uninstall without accessing those inaccessible 3gb.

    That is seriously false advertising to put this on their product page spec sheet.

    Processor 800 MHz Qualcomm MSM 7230
    Operating System Android 2.2
    Memory 4GB ROM, 512 MB RAM

    When has any other HTC phone launched advertising a set amount of ROM and only served up a fraction of that advertised ROM to be accessible for use by the consumer?

    Are there people out there with 2gb or 1.5gb of available storage? I only got 1.

  137. @TadpoleBuckshot : when i got the phone, that was the first thing i checked.. the memory.. mine came with 1.97 gb free after the os load and all the apps ( which some i NEVER use). i called tmo and they stated that it was due to the os.. i use a 32gb sd card, so really i have no problem with the onboard storage space.. my resolution. buy a bigger memory card to make up for lost space if thats the case.

    @ihatefanboys: thanks for the tip.. im still using my old sim card. havent had a chance to update it. will do tonight and post tomorrow or the next day.

    here’s my new issue::: ive been reading about tmo sending every g2 user a OTA update that will FINALLY enable 3g mobile hotspot and wifi calling. which is such a awesome feature on a phone. soo hopefully we get the update pretty soon.. that was my favorite feature on the nexus one aside from andtorrent. speaking of andtorrent, i wonder why the app was pulled from the market. copyright laws.. maybe!!!!

  138. hello people!!! well ive changed out the sim card to the one that came with the phone.. and to be honest ive noticed significant change in HSPA reception. my calls dont drop that often either. ive been hunting for a way to get the ota update that had the wifi calling, google goggles, and moiblehotspot/tether. heres what ive found: if you change the date on the phone it might be a possibility that your phone will get the ota update.. anyone that has a G2 should try it. its worth a shot. ive tried it and no luck.. sooo ill keep you guys posted on this issue.

  139. I absolutely love this phone, it replaced my G1. No issues with the hinges, and as I understood the spec sheet, 4 GB of ROM would have included the OS, so wasn’t surprised to see less than that available. NO issues at all, a perfect replacement for my G1. If you hated the G1, you probably will hate the G2. I loved my old phone, and I love my new phone. HD CAM straight upload to my youtube channel – lovely.

  140. well i had my g2 for about month and two weeks now. but the screen suddenly went off and i dont have any clue what happened to my phone. I was really careful with it not to drop the phone because i dont i wanna break it. but now isnt working. i went to best buy to get fix cuz i have my protection plan, and even them they can seem to find out whats really goin with the phone. i hope someone will get the answer for me. thanks.

  141. I’m having the same issue with the hinge. Hate to say it, but I’m glad I’m not the only one. I really thought that was a cheap design. The Clique was designed better with that aspect. While it still functions, I’m worried about it snapping and then ruining the feed cord underneath. Once that’s broken the phone is useless. A lot of money to pay for a cheaply made product. Other than that, love the phone.

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