Fennec Bumped Up to Version 4.0 In Name Only to Make Way for Eventual Branding Change



You may have noticed that Mozilla’s Fennec browser for Android phones saw a sudden jump from version 2.x to 4.0. Don’t get too excited, the Mozilla team hasn’t released a huge update to the mobile browser using the same engine as Firefox. No, they made the change to better represent the relation between both their desktop and mobile products. Firefox is currently at version 4.0, and once Fennec is out of nightly builds and at a stable release it too will earn the same name as its desktop equivalent.

Mozilla Firefox 4 for Android and Nokia N900 will be the eventual branding change brought about to create a better link between the two products and eliminate certain marketing headaches.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. It’s coming along.. I am actually looking forward to the future of Fennec on Android

  2. I love Firefox and have been using Fennec since it’s Alpha release on Android. Totally looking forward to a stable fine tuned release!

  3. I wish I could try it but don’t want to root my Mytouch Slide and 2.1 does nor have apps to SD.

  4. I don’t believe they are able to deliver good performing browser for mobile devices. Sorry.

  5. they should just keep fennec for mobile…. i mean, it made sense. fennec, kinda like a fox, but smaller and faster and cuter !

  6. @5. Jo:

    I totally agree. Firefox is regular size, fennec is tiny (and cute)

    Have a look atb :

    Now tell me that guy isn’t cute enough to be a firefoxes little brother.

    It’s really going to have to step up its game for me to give it a shot…

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