T-Mobile UK Misses “End of the Month” Window for Galaxy S Froyo


No surprise here, but T-Mobile UK’s had to delay the roll out of the upgrade to Android 2.2 for the Samsung Galaxy S that they originally stated would be here by the end of the month (which would be the 30th. Which would be today.) It’s not exactly the longest of waits, however, as they say this will only put you guys out of the Froyo picture for another couple of weeks.


It’s likely they just want to do further testing to ensure no problems arise when you finally do pull down the upgrade (ask your Samsung Vibrant brethren how their untested software is going for them.) So sit tight and you should be on your way to frozen yogurt before too long.

[T-Mobile UK via Androinica]

Quentyn Kennemer
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T-Mobile Urges Against Updating Your Vibrant through Kies

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  1. Samsung bad with updates? Shocking.

    The #1 reason to avoid Galaxy S phones. It’s very unfortunate because the hardware is pretty decent.

  2. lol, this is soo not surprising. No one is getting froyo. The mytouch slide was supposed to have been upgraded to froyo late august, look how long that’s taken to progress.

  3. TMO: “No phones left behind”. Wait dont ALL the “DROID’s” have FroYo Already AND the EVO?? My Vibrant feels behind…WAAAAAY behind at that. Of all the worthy phones(!@#$ the X10) we are currently dead last in getting the update.

    Whats worse is the fact that this phone became official back in March and here we are 7 months later with Jacked up GPS and no clear or even blurry picture of when 2.2 is coming. 2 phones that released after the Galaxy S have already gotten FroYo and 1 has dropped WITH FroYo… I won’t be suprised if FroYo becomes the norm before my Vibrant gets updated.

    End Rant.

  4. Hah! People still forget how shafted the Cliq owners are. Still stuck on 1.5 (maybe 1.6). IDK honestly as I have a custom rom with 2.1.

    TMobile is horrible with updates and empty promises!

  5. I’m on T-Mobile enjoying their fast HSDPA 3G internet on my Nexus One with Android 2.2

    stay far away from the carriers, buy unlocked, and get an unmodified Android Operating System.

  6. @pimpstrong

    If the other carriers Galaxy S phones on other carriers had Froyo and we didn’t then you would have something to complain about. But your argument is totally inaccurate as you could have complained in the same way about the Nexus One. Froyo is coming just have patients….

  7. If you root as soon as a leaked version is out then you can put it on your phone rather then having to wait months for specific carriers to release the update

  8. totally inacurate eh? Do I have to wait until Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Gingerbread before I can acurately complain about my guaranteed OS upgrade?

  9. Telling people to root their phone is irrelevant. T-Mo publicly announced that they would upgrade most of the Android phones and has consistently not come through with those promises.

    I don’t believe a word that they say, and after being with the company for MANY years I can’t wait to walk away from their lies and spotty coverage. They cannot provide decent 3G coverage, and are now touting 4G. Totally meaningless BS.

  10. @Ron

    I agree! I am so fed up with TMo. But the GF has the account in her name…so its not as simple as going over to Verizon or the like. But, I am willing too soon! TMo better ante-up and give me the damn Vibrant for free! I’ll just simply threaten to go elsewhere. I get horrid 3G coverage. My phone will go from 2-Bars Edge network to 3-Bars 3G while sitting on my couch! And the tower is only a mile away! Simply hate there service!

    I cant even begin to describe how many times I loose signal in my house for no reason!

  11. I think it’s wise of them to hold off releaseing froyo until its been completely tested on every make/model, as opposed to releasing it prematurely and pissing everybody off because it was rushed to market and is full of bugs. Have some patience folks.

  12. Froyo will be with you sometime in October, I cant say much more about the date but trust me it will be out soon. Lets just say the delay is mostly to do with Touchwiz 3.0 as Samsung are trying to at least get a smoother user experience and at least equal HTC’s sense UI in terms of responsive time. Hopefully the delay will be worth while, I also expect another important update in the near future to address the RFS file system trouble causing the phone to lag, there is a work around out already from the guys over at xda developers and has been out for some while called Ryan’s One click lag fix. I doubt whether this problem will be addressed with the first 2.2 update.
    Try not to blame the operators to much.
    The Galaxy S has really big potential. People will regret jumping ship to the Desire HD for example, only to find that they wished they had waited.
    Hang on in there guys…………
    Now I’m going to do a drive by exit as I’ve said far to much already. Better to do it on a small forum than a main one I guess.

  13. One reason I am still very saddened why I didn’t wait for the G2… :( I mean the Vibrant is A LOT faster than the G2, I got 2104 Quadrant scores on 2.1, while the G2 got 1500 around there on 2.2, of course that is still amazing, but the Vibrant is still on 2.1 and exceeds it!

  14. Everyone stop bitching, the vibrant is a way better than any HTC phone out right now. No cell phone has a screen that looks as good as my vibrant. I’ll wait and hope its out by Christmas. Then we can get the pitch forks out.

  15. T mobile UK shouldn’t give notices about updates unless they stick to them. Alot of people thought the leaked 2.2 rom needed alot of improvement and T mobile should have kept their mouth shut about releasing it before oct. GIVE A DATE AND STICK TO IT. T mobile = fools

  16. What gets my goat is that I get a phone with a linux based OS and I have to find a damn windows machine to update it! Stinkin’ Samsung Kies!
    Don’t say Wine either, I updated to 1.3 and still no joy. :(

  17. Here’s my thought (at least my hope):

    Galaxy S will skip over Froyo.

    – Notice Samsung’s careful language:
    “there will be a software update”. They did not say to what. No direct mention of 2.2 Froyo. Just “software update”. Android releases generally come out every 6 months, with 2.2 originally being released in May. With the last 2 Galaxy S phones just coming out in September, it doesn’t make much sense to release an update 5 months into the cycle, a month or less to the next cycle.

    – The new Moto superphone (T2?) rumored to be released this month as the first phone to SHIP with Gingerbread. The Moto head bragged this summer about specs for a new Moto top of the top of the line features by the end of 2010 (dual core Tegra 2 etc) and possibly the first major carrier LTE. There’s talk of a major Moto announcement on 10/5, next Tuesday. The new Moto could be released within 2 weeks of the announcement, making it the flagship Android for a bit. That could leave the new Moto the exclusive, lauded Gingerbread for 2 or 3 weeks before the “software update” is said to be released for the Galaxy S.

    – Rumored specs for Gingerbread leaves just enough for Galaxy S phones to be included in an upgrade. 1 ghz processor, 512MB RAM, 3.5 inch screen or bigger, release mid October. However, these specs were denied by Google as just unconfirmed rumors, although they makes sense. They might end up being the minimum specs for Honeycomb, meaning Gingerbread might be backward compatible with phones with lesser specs than Galaxy Ss.

    That could just be my hope.

  18. I guess I was delusional. I missed the Samsung message title, plus statements from Spain and elsewhere that also specifically mention 2.2. But maybe Gingerbread could be just an additional patch on top of Froyo? Or am I giving Samsung too much credit, given their poor upgrade history? My biggest regret about getting an Epic for myself and one for my wife is Samsung’s reputation of support or lack thereof. But if I keep reading these sites in anticipation of Galaxy S updates, I’d get the Moto rubbed in my face. I still have a few days left to return the Epics. Decisions, decisions…

  19. As I have already stated the froyo update will be with you this month. Just hang on in there

  20. To TJD.
    You will have more chance of seeing a gingerbread walking down the street than seeing it on a galaxys s. Samung will update there froyo firmware as they have done with eclair but beyond that, you will have to wait for there next flagship phone.

  21. @reddragon72

    Learn english. It’s “patience”, not “patients”.

  22. @danno You ruined a perfectly good set of comments. You are a complete waste of oxygen.

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