T-Mobile G2 Begins Shipping to Lucky Early Birds


T-Mobile said their customers would have an exclusive preorder opportunity for their first HSPA+ phone – the T-Mobile G2 – not too long ago. Fans were distraught as third party retailers Best Buy and Radioshack opened their flood gates before T-Mobile even mentioned word of a pre-order date. Some of you who stuck with T-Mobile might be getting the last laugh, however, as it’s been reported that some devices have been shipped out as of today.

T-Mobile G2_Landscape

If you’re one of the lucky few, that means you could be seeing your G2 before the weekend if they’re doing 1-2 day shipping. We know they’re on their way to stores, and now they’re on their way to some of your doorsteps. Let us know in the comments section below if you’ve gotten confirmation that your device has shipped!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Mine has been shipped, delivery scheduled on 9/30

  2. I pre-ordered my Monday evening (9/27) and it was at my door today! I can’t believe it. It’s great!

  3. Waiting for my Desire Z… :)

  4. I’m going to wait and see what the Mytouch HD looks like and what it offers then ill make my decision and hopefully a black version of the G2 comes out.

  5. still waiting for the desire HD :(

  6. I got the G2 this morning and have been playing with it all day. I upgraded from the G1 and I can’t tell if it’s the upgrade to Android 2.2 or the hardware but it’s amazing. It’s surprisingly heavy and very solid feeling. The hinge feels kinda weird. It’s difficult to describe what exactly is wrong with it. The G1 had this snap-in snap-out hinge but this feels more like you’re folding out the keyboard. It doesn’t bother me but it’s a notable difference.

  7. I ordered the G2 by calling TMO as soon as they opened on the first day of preorders. I have yet to receive a tracking number and when I call TMO they can’t give me one. Also, it shows BACKORDERED on my account. I called CS to ask about that, and one rep that this is standard for pending orders. Another rep told me it means they sold out of devices and had to order more in.

    Did anyone receive their G2 and NOT get a tracking #? In other words, did it arrive

  8. I was trying to ask if anyone received their G2 unexpectedly? or before being given a tracking #?

  9. I ordered mine on the 1st day, and yes, I’ll be holding my lil baby in my hands tomorrow, tomorrow, i love you tomorrow, I’ll have my G2 that day! Tomorrow! :)

  10. i ordered mine on sunday and i got regular shipping and it was sent out today and i should get it tomorrow by what the schedule says

  11. Got my tracking # today but it doesn’t work with the ups tracking site. I hope it comes early

  12. I ordered mine on Saturday and just got the text from T-Mobile saying that it shipped today. UPS tracking number says I should have it this Friday, 10/1. It is shipping from Kentucky. I have heard that some people optioned for faster shipping but the customer service rep that I spoke to on the phone said that it is all 2 day ground and no option to overnight or anything like that. Oh well, tomorrow is going to be the longest day ever but if I have my G2 by the weekend I will be happy.

  13. To find your shipping info: go to http://www.ups.com and track by reference number. the reference # is your phone number without any dashes in it (1234567890). Don’t try to get it through CS or Tmo’s web site.

  14. @tomnewtn

    i’m in the same boat. i ordered friday morning, and i’m still seeing “backordered” status on tmobile, and no tracking numbers yet. and i have express shipping, so i’m really angry. i spoke to one rep online who said that because the phone was a preorder, it showed up as backordered, and another rep on the phone who basically tried to tell me all people online who are saying they’ve got tracking numbers on ups.com are liars and no phones were shippped.
    i’m pretty upset with tmobile about this one.

  15. I liked the g1 keyboard much much…but this one looks like it sucks pretty bad. It looks like crap, can anyone tell me if they like the keyboard or not….I mean is that thing even useable?

  16. I went to TMO on Sat and Pre-Ordered it and got a text saying it shipped and gave me my tracking #
    I am really hoping to see it at least by SAT as I’m in Hawaii. I will be checking the tracking # like crazy.

    I got some scolding for buying my G2 but hey its been two years and unlike some of my friends who’s gone threw way more phones while I stuck to my G1. give me a break, Its upgrade time. I’m glad I waited.

  17. You should see all the crying over at the T Mobile forums. We were all promised a delivery date of 10/6, yet some over there want to cancel their orders because they were not the first to get one……Hilarious.

    I pre ordered and should have it today. I’m anxious to get it, but far from suicidal if I don’t get it today.

  18. Mine is out for delivery today and I have not received a tracking number yet- same thing happened with a replacement for my broken Cliq XT, got the tracking number texted to me the day after it arrived on my door step. Got to UPS.com, click on “track by reference” and enter your 10 digit phone number “4055551234” if it has been picked up by UPS then it should show up.

  19. I wish they were shipping things out in order. I was one of the first to pre-order, bright and early the morning they started offering it. UPS tells me it was shipped out on 9/28, but won’t be here until 10/5.

  20. Ordered mine friday, arrived yesterday UPS Ground. Tmobiles site still says backordered (lol). I found out it was coming via UPS reference #.

  21. Does anyone else’s UPS tracking state ‘rescheduled delivery date’? I thought that normally meant they tried delivering it once and failed. Which… obviously isn’t true because UPS still states it’s in IL, and I’m in CA, and besides that someone is always home if they were to come by. Anyone know what it means?

  22. @ Kelley, I wouldn’t be too concerned with it, I saw that once on a shipment and it wound up being a glitch in how they figured the arrival date. Nothing got changed or misdirected, It still arrived on time. Keep checking for progress to keep peace of mind, otherwise you can call them but they arn’t very helpful until it is out for delivery.

  23. @Mark, thanks. I’ll keep an eye on it. It does say that it’s shipped (in IL at the moment, started out in KY). Just puzzled over the long shipment compared to other peoples’ 2 or 3 days. ;) I’ll have to be patient.

  24. I ordered mine the first day from tmobile site. I got confirmation the order went through but still no tracking number. Though it says I will recieve it on the 6th. How are some people ordering same day I did but getting it so much faster?

  25. Update… I just read Want2CBetter post and tracked as instructed and apparently I will be recieving my phone tomorrow!!!!

  26. @Kelley mine suddenly says the same thing, was scheduled for tomorrow and on time and suddenly it’s in IL and delayed until the 5th.

  27. Mines jus arrived in the mail and I’m about to go run and get it Yay!!


    Is anyone’s phone actually working?!?! I really want to use it right when I get it!!!

  29. @Draco I’m glad we waited it out :) Is your phone up and running?

  30. I am typing to you from my G2 as we speak. What an amazing device. Instead of sleeping I’m playing with my new toy!

  31. @Diana, yepp, same here. It said it left IL yesterday, but havne’t seen an update from UPS yet. Frustrating, but hopefully it’ll end up here before the 5th.

  32. @Kelley mine just changed again and now it’s out for delivery and should be here any time, woo! Cannot wait, my 4th Android phone since I picked up the original G1, it looks like a beauty.

  33. @Diana, that’s great! I’ve been watching mine obsessively to see if it’ll change. Last update was from Hodgkins, IL at 9:30am yesterday, and nothing today. So here’s hoping. ;)

    I still have my G1, LOL. I was about to give up hope of them releasing a G2 since my G1 suffered a recent accident and isn’t working so great (memory card not reading, screen going out, etc). So I’m impatient and excited.

  34. I am writing this from my G2 I ordered it at my local store on the 29th and was surprised by the ups truck this morning about 10am pst

  35. I ordered on the 24th, but was never given a tracking number. I ended up speaking to several TMO reps who provided conflicting information, some telling me they cannot cancel the order. Finally, today, a very professional rep named Christina got the order CANCELED for me because she was either just honest, or knew what the heck she was doing.
    I’ll wait to see how they deal with the loose hinge, random power downs, low memory, etc before I commit to a contract extension. I have to say that the similar device coming to Verizon, the Merge or whatever it’s called, is a far more attractive device, especially since it doesn’t have that hinge.

  36. Not everyone is having the hinge issue. Any new phone that comes out like this (the iPhone, for example) has issues. Doesn’t mean it isn’t annoying, of course, and I’ll certainly be irritated if mine shows up today with loose hinges or the wrong amoung of memory. But I’m certain Tmo will be perfectly willing to correct whatever errors there are.

  37. I just got mine yesterday 10-5-10. I opened it immediately. It really is everything I was hoping it was. It is fast, sleek, nice keyboard, and larger battery. It is a decent upgrade from the clunky G1. I brought it in to work and everyone wants it now. The latest Android 2.2 update is spiffy too. No loose hinges here. Works great. The speed increase in CPU is very noticeable. It opens/closes apps much faster. On the G1 I would have to wait for Voice to open several seconds.

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