Sep 29th, 2010


It’s nothing new that hardware manufacturers like to send their test grunts out into the harsh, cold, cruel world with nothing but their dignity and an in-development cell phone to put through its paces for quality assurance, so it doesn’t surprise me to learn that Kyle from Android Guys saw a guy using an as-of-yet unreleased Motorola handset on a Chicago public bus (Motorola prints their money in Schaumberg, in case you didn’t know.)

The phone was described as an oval-ish (Epic 4G) 3.5-inch device with what looked to be a front-facing camera, the standard set of Android buttons (excluding the search, for some reason), Android with MOTOBLUR, and the weirdest battery cover that I can imagine as Kyle describes it as transitioning from “a shiny metal to a faux leather, similar to a combination between an iPod Touch and the back of the original BlackBerry Bold.”

Asking the man about the phone, all he could tell him was that it was a device aimed for the ladies, but nothing else could be extracted from this epic tale (though AG was gracious enough to put together a decent-looking mock-up of what he saw.) So what is it, Motorola? We’ll be a little more patient on this one, but if you don’t out some details before too long, we’ll find you. We know where you live.


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