An Unreleased Motorola Phone Spotted on a Bus



It’s nothing new that hardware manufacturers like to send their test grunts out into the harsh, cold, cruel world with nothing but their dignity and an in-development cell phone to put through its paces for quality assurance, so it doesn’t surprise me to learn that Kyle from Android Guys saw a guy using an as-of-yet unreleased Motorola handset on a Chicago public bus (Motorola prints their money in Schaumberg, in case you didn’t know.)

The phone was described as an oval-ish (Epic 4G) 3.5-inch device with what looked to be a front-facing camera, the standard set of Android buttons (excluding the search, for some reason), Android with MOTOBLUR, and the weirdest battery cover that I can imagine as Kyle describes it as transitioning from “a shiny metal to a faux leather, similar to a combination between an iPod Touch and the back of the original BlackBerry Bold.”

Asking the man about the phone, all he could tell him was that it was a device aimed for the ladies, but nothing else could be extracted from this epic tale (though AG was gracious enough to put together a decent-looking mock-up of what he saw.) So what is it, Motorola? We’ll be a little more patient on this one, but if you don’t out some details before too long, we’ll find you. We know where you live.


Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. What do you mean, they print their money in Schaumburg? They print their money in China. The corporate campus is a ghost town.

  2. Take my advice and give it back. I remember what happened the last time a phone was left somewhere.

  3. @GPL

    Motorola’s world corporate headquarters may be located in Schaumburg, IL and be a ghost town as they are planning to split into two separate companies, but their handset division’s US headquarters in Libertyville, IL and is not a ghost town.

    Since Libertyville, IL is a northern suburb of Chicago, Motorola handset leaks in the Chicago area have been highly reliable for years. They have many employees, family and friends on user trials.

  4. @Techblogger – He didn’t pick up the phone, he saw another guy using it, and that guy wouldn’t go into the details of the phone except to say that it is designed for the ladies.

    I am waiting to see if the MotoSplit will ever come out. I only saw some concept pictures, but if it is to be, and it’s running the latest and greatest, I may have to jump on it.

  5. @techblogger:

    Did you bother reading the article before typing that up?

  6. Come one guys, I think it was supposed to be a funny. No need for flaming here.

  7. c’mon guys….techblogger was obviously making a joke. lighten up a little!

  8. I love the comment “We know where live” coupled with the picture.

  9. ugh…leave it on the bus. can’t Motorola allocate some funding to hiring some decent product designers? They often try new and unusual designs but they often end up quirky, functionally deficient or plain ugly (see Motorola BackFlip and FlipOut). They need to shoot for innovative, ergonomic and modern.

  10. “Schaumberg”? From a Chicagoan to someone who isn’t, it’s Schaumburg and Motorola is exiting the premises soon for Silicon Valley. The idea that Kyle didn’t get more info just shows that he isn’t a really Chicagoan. Rough ’em up to get the 411. Duh!

  11. want more details… processor, ram and rom, camera??

  12. @JAG

    It’s obviously going to suck. Motorola has an A team and a B team. The stuff with Moto Blur is always from the B team.

    Plus this one is probably going with gender stereotypes as well. Like car dealers, who open the hood for all the men to show them how powerful the engine is and show the women cars based on what color they are.

    This obviously isn’t true for phones. My g/f has an Evo, she just has a pretty purple case.

  13. Oh great another Motoblur phone that won’t ever be upgradeable. Motoblur = not upgradeable.

  14. LOL@mn I’m from the Chi…were he at?lol

  15. Haha, I like the last line, “we’ll find you. We know where you live”

  16. Hey stupid, spell Schaumburg right. They do print money there in the Corporate Tower BTW.

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