Sep 28th, 2010

Accessories for devices these days are usually run-of-the-mill. Aside from a few cool ones from Samsung – such as the keyboard dock for the Galaxy Tab and the USB-HDMI out for their Galaxy S devices – they are always pretty much the same. Sony Ericsson’s come up with a cool one for their Xperia phones, however, called LiveView. This isn’t the official marketing term, but I like to call it a “bundle of joy the size of a pocket watch.” Too corny for you yet? I know, it’s early and I haven’t had my McDonald’s roasted coffee.

Anywho, LiveView is a small LCD screen that – at a glance – shows you a count of notifications on your device from different sources such as email, Twitter, Facebook, calendar reminders, missed calls, and more. It even allows you to control your device’s music. Take a look at the video above to get the full gist of things.

It communicates with your device using Bluetooth and it’s said that the battery will last four days on a full charge – not too bad. They list official support for all of their Xperia devices, of course, but profess that it works with many other brands with Android 2.0+ so a long list of those of us without Sony Ericsson phones don’t get left out. I hope this wasn’t the exciting announcement Ericsson’s CEO was talking about last week. I still want my PSP Phone. Nevertheless, this is still pretty cool. Anyone looking to snatch one up?sony-ericsson-live-view

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