Samsung Spain Giving Keyboard Dock Free to All Who Reserve the Galaxy Tab



If you live in Spain and are picking up the Samsung Galaxy Tab when it hits shelves next month, you just lucked out. The keyboard dock, an accessory that retails for around $99, is free to all those who register with Samsung by October 14th to purchase the Tab. The keyboard dock was easily one of the coolest accessories to be shown off at the Galaxy Tab launch event, even if a working version wasn’t available for a hands-on. Sure, the keys and layout look decidedly Apple, but shoot me if that might be one of the more appealing aspects of the whole thing.

No word on if Samsung wants to be nice and extend the offer to other countries, so for now the rest of the world might just have to stay resigned to paying the $100 for the thing outright.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. How about no more articles on the tab until someone can give a release date and/or price…

  2. Yeah, because its so Damn expensive that they have to give people a reason to want to buy one.

    Again, offer me a $399 – $499 model and I’m buyin.

  3. It’s not a preorder or a registry to buy the Tab, is only a registry to get information.

    The text at the site says: “Register with this form and when you buy a Galaxy Tab you will get a keyboard for free”

  4. It would be really cool if the keyboard worked for the Galaxy S models too.

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