Sep 27th, 2010

SwiftKey’s transition from beta to full version in the Android Market slipped by us last week, but the predictive text keyboard is just a little too good to go unrecognized. It did, after all, garner over 250,000 downloads in beta form to give it the crown of most-downloaded third party keyboard. The full version has been tweaked and polished and is now ready for purchase. Yes, it will cost you, but if you have used it the $3.99 asking price is the least you could do to pay back the TouchType team for all their hard work. But you won’t even have to do that, as the stand-up folk behind SwiftKey are offering the keyboard for $0.99 until September 30th for all.

The out-of-beta version carries a few big improvements, including simultaneous bilingual text prediction, voice-to-text support, multi-touch, and a slightly altered keyboard layout. SwiftKey’s text prediction also now works in the browser, search, and other native text fields. If you can’t commit to paying for SwiftKey, don’t worry. The beta is still available for the time being if you want to give the app a quick once over free of charge.