Motorola Droid X Back in Stock on Verizon Site



Though if you took a bit of time to check out a few local Verizon stores you could no doubt track down in-stock Motorola Droid X units, the VZW site has had the handset on backorder for close to two months. As of this moment that is no longer the case as the product page no longer reports any delay in shipment. Of course, there is a chance that could change at any time if the current stock is again depleted, but here’s hoping Verizon can keep one of their most popular phones on shelves for at least the time being.

Have you been waiting to snag one? Now is your chance.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Mine’s already in the mail, but I had to get it by visiting a store. All of the Verizon stores nearby (including Best Buy) did not have it in stock.

  2. I was ready to jump on the X, but couldn’t.
    In the meantime, became aware of some newer HTC superphones coming out. I think I’ll wait…

  3. John,

    I’m in the same boat… ready to jump on the Droid X now, but would really like an HTC.. What HTC phones are coming?

  4. Heard that Verizon made up the lack of Android phones and such so they can sell more of them…if that’s true with all the new phones coming out that’s one dumb move

  5. I ordered my wife one on 09/21 & it arrived on 09/22, even though the website said it wasn’t going to ship till 09/24.

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