Just How Rugged is the Motorola Defy? Take a Look


When this phone first broke its cover not too long ago, it was a center of attention due to claims of it being a device ready to take on any beating. Motorola later confirmed this, but we haven’t been able to see just how rugged this thing really is. Being the responsible retailers they are, Expansys decided to test the Motorola Defy’s ruggedness: no false advertisement for them! They first dropped the phone several times on concrete.

Nothing special there – most phones can take that kind of impact – but then they decided to put the phone in the worst situation it could find itself in: submerged in water. They did this while the phone was on and were able to use the device right after taking it out of the cup. While I’m sure a phone being dropped into water isn’t an every day occurrence for a lot of people, stuff happens and it’s nice to know that the Motorola Defy lives up to what Motorola said it’s going to be. Check out the video above.

[via EuroDroid]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. My Samsung Fascinate was just delivered today and I am starting to wonder if I bought the wrong phone.

  2. let Randy Johnson throw it…them we will REALLY see how durable it is


  3. Give me stock Froyo and this phone is mine!

  4. this video is too blurry

  5. hmmmm motoblur? what version?

  6. slow

  7. Is this a Verizon phone?

  8. Nope – not Verizon, seeing as it is a UK phone in Manchester, England.

  9. No, it’s for T-Mobile. And no mistakes were made in purchasing a Fascinate; the Defy will have low/mid-level specs. I’m betting a 600Mhz processor. After what’s been happening with the Cliq and Cliq XT, I wonder how many T-Mobile customers will be willing to buy a mid-range Motorola? Maybe T-Mo will offer it as a replacement for complaining XT owners.

  10. Run it through a load of laundry and show it working. Then I’ll get excited.

  11. Get your facts right it has a 800 MHz processor and this isn’t mid range.

  12. Guys, this is the same processor (except it handles CDMA) as the one found in HTC G2/Desire Z!

    So even if this only runs at 800MHz, it will perform better than other 1st gen Snapdragon processors, thanks to the new GPU – Adreno 205:


    Oh, and here’s the Quadrant number for G2:


    As you can see, performance-wise, this phone is no slouch.

  13. lol. Wrong forum – sorry. The above comment was meant for the new “HTC Merge”. lol.

  14. Durable, yes. But will it blend?

  15. the guys at motorola can waterproof a phone but still cant push at least a 2.1 update to the cliq and cliq xt owners? they have too much time on their hands

  16. hii ppl.. ! guys m planning to buy an android phone…
    plzz suggest me a gud one..m damn confused!

  17. OK. I am totally agreeing with IllYo. This is total bs. First off, I paid 500 for my Cliq. Let’s not forget, Motorolas FIRST ANDROID PHONE. So how come I am not running 2.2? Or atleast 1.6???? Seriously. OH BUT Motorola can find the time to make a waterproof phone? Wth. Secondly, Motorola isn’t too smart because 1. Its about to lose a lot of customers with these horrible TMO planned updates AND let’s not forget, HTC has a planned phone,possibly for TMO, with 1Gz and able to support Gingerbread(Android 3.0). 2. The phones Motorola are coming out with Suck. Seriously.
    Stop these little add-ons (Dumb MotoBlur, WaterProof, etc) and put out REAL phones for tmo. Not these crap phones that break after the first month . (Oh yes, I am also on my 4th replacement Cliq phone.) And some GREAT ANDROID PHONES that are not childish as the Charm and Cliq. Seriously. Not to compare Moto to HTC but, compare them and the UI. Htc sense is clean cut. MotoBlur is something less, ROOTERS have came up with so much better. So to sum up this essay I just wrote, STEP UP UR GAME MOTOROLA. And also if ur looking for an Android phone. Don’t look in Motorolas direction unless for the Droids.

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