Getting a Droid R2-D2 You Are? Emerge More Details about the Launch Party Do



We already know Verizon is planning to a hold quite a few launch parties for the limited edition R2-D2 Motorola Droid 2, but we now have a little bit more info about what sort of surprises can be expected for those trekking to the nearest VZW store holding an event. At least one store (Vista Ridge in Lewisville, TX) will be giving away five R2-D2 Droids with all sorts of activities for all including video games and a live DJ. You will also be able to chill with some Stormtroopers. And while that all is pretty cool, the real surprises may come in the actual Droid R2-D2 itself.

It is being reported that the re-decoed handset will sport a processor clocked to 1.2GHz inside as opposed to the same chip clocked at 1GHz found in the plain-jane Droid 2. This lines up with the supposed performance boost for the world edition of the device. Could it be that the Star Wars variant is actually a repaint of the world-roaming version? I guess we will find out Wednesday night when the midnight launches start popping off. Oh, and if you want to get your hands on this special edition Droid 2 you better act quick, because stores are only getting one shipment. Those hosting launch parties will receive 200 units. Once those are gone the phone won’t be sold again.

[via BGR]

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  1. Why is everyone saying the parties are tomorrow…they’re wednesday night, which would line up with a “midnight” sale on Thursday 9/30, the day they go on sale…right? Or am I the crazy one?

    1. you’re right, my bad.

  2. What is the pricing for those not on Verizon, who want one? As in the non-contract price? Can you even get one without Verizon service?

  3. @Bob, I’m sure they’ll sell you one if you want to keep it in the box and put it on the shelf with your SW collection :) I haven’t seen word on prices yet, sorry.

  4. If the phone was a Yoda, your article title might have been cute. But it’s not.

    Sorry Kevin, think it through a little next time.

  5. @Jeff. It’s still “cute”. It’s a star wars theme, so yoda way of speaking is still applicable.

  6. I called the store listed on the flyer and while the lady who answered was not able to give me exact pricing until Wednesday morning, she said expect the price to be comparable to the Droid 2 pricing (and you will be able to buy one off contract -in fact she said she expects most their sales to be off contract). Droid 2 pricing is $199 2 year contract or $599 off contract.

  7. @jeff dude you are a douche. If you are coming to phandroid just to complain and criticize somebodys work, you should also castrate yourself, so your seed doesn’t populate the earth.

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