Zenonia 2 For Android Coming December


In March of this year, our friends at GAMEVIL announced Zenonia was available on Android Market. While the highly popular game has its sequel (Zenonia 2) available on iDevices and launches on Nintendo DSiWare today, we’ve been luckily informed that Zenonia 2 will launch on Android Market by the end of the year!


GAMEVIL has been following Zenonia convo on AF and in addition to their “later this year for Android” announcement they’ve also tweeted that we can more specifically expect December.

[Thanks Hisiru!]

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  1. fap.fap.fap.fap.fap.fap.fap.fap.

  2. Nice this is a nice game lots of android users will like this.

  3. Zenonia 2 didn’t launch on DSiWare, the original did.

  4. @kidd

    right there fappin with you!!! NO HOMO

  5. Ok, this may be a dumb question…what the hell does FAP mean?

  6. lol now its already 12/12/2010 in South east asia region and its 2 weeks till near end of the year ….

  7. They say it will release on 24 december….. WOW THATS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!WTF

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