Xperia X10 Phones Not Getting Eclair Until Late October


After promising an end of September window for the upgrade to Android 2.1 for their Xperia X10 phones, Sony Ericsson’s had to push it back yet again. This time, they say we shouldn’t expect to see the upgrade begin to roll out until late October as they need a few more weeks before it’s ready. At this rate, I don’t think we’ll ever see Froyo come to any of these devices. (Especially since a leaked upgrade roadmap made no mention of Froyo for one reason or another.)  [via Engadget]


Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. At the end of October:
    “Oh, sorry. That should say late October 2011..”

  2. man this makes SE phones really look bad.. I currently have a w760, but don’t think i’ll be buying another SE till they get their shit together..

  3. Sony’s CEO said he has a “big surprise” for us.
    Yay…Froyo! Wait…NVM

    Sorry for those suckers who bought Sony’s phones.

  4. Pretty soon it will be Goodbye SE and Hello HTC for me! Timescape should be re-branded as Timewaste or Timewait

  5. I give up waiting, This is simply ridiculous. phones are running 2.2 and Sony is still mucking around with it, what a way to treat your customers. What is taking so friggin long , Sony is supposed to be one of the largest electronics company’s in the world and they cannot put out a 2.1 update, the OS is already created all they have to do is add there Sony garbage to it, I knew this was going to happen, and now we will have to wait another month and then the Carriers will have to add there garbage to it so another few weeks, we will not see 2.1 until the end of November or early December, this is just pathetic, Sony has really showed us how they don’t support there products on this one, I told everyone that owns a X10 that Sony is taking this long for they are more worried about getting out all the Xperia line of phones and I see they are working on a new Xperia, so this is why the delay, they put the X10 on the back burner and it has not been a priority, it is sad to see companys like HTC and Mototola and others are able to add there items to 2.1 and 2.2 and ship out numerous phones, even the older HTC Magic is running 2.1 now and here I am with a beautiful $600 piece of outdated hardware. I am done waiting, Sony can take this phone back and never again will I ever buy Sony products, I am going out today and buying a phone that I know the company cares about support and making sure there products have the latest software, The HTC Evo 4G or the Droid X look nice, and so does the new Samsung Captive. So again for everyone with a X10, sell it now before it drops any lower in price and you will have to pay someone to take it. LOL, For if it takes Sony this long to put out 2.1 I hate to see if they put 2.2 on it for that update will be around Dec 2011.

  6. Read it elsewhere before Engadget :p. But seriously, this is a joke. This isn’t a flagship phone, it’s a flagship disgrace. Ruined my whole day/week. But at least I dont have to keep checking over hour to see if the update is out yet. Still, very disappointed anyway.

  7. you cant trust sony eri at all anymore. utter rubbish. did they learn with the wmp errors? no. they just screwed people again

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