Sep 15th, 2010

We know the upgrade to Android 2.1 is coming for the suite of Xperia phones Sony Ericsson’s got out and about right now – and we know it should be headed our way before the jingle bells start ringing – but what about anything beyond that? According to a leaked roadmap for the X10 and its Mini offspring, the upgrade to Android 2.1 – which includes everything we’ve heard before such as HD video recording, 5 homescreens, social networking features, and more – will be followed by a smaller, incremental update that will bring upgrades to TimeScape and MediaScape.

x10 roadmap

It’s interesting to note that Android 2.2 doesn’t appear to be anywhere on this list, though that could just be by happenstance or for some unexplained reason (is there another page? Please tell me there’s information about Froyo on the next page! The suspense is killing me.)