T-Mobile G2 Gets Spotted in Best Buy’s Buyer’s Guide


It’s nothing fascinating, but the T-Mobile G2 has been spotted in Best Buy’s October 2010 Buyer’s Guide alongside phones like the EVO 4G, the Samsung Fascinate, and the Motorola i1.Seeing a phone in their Buyer’s Guide usually means we’re right on the heels of a launch, but T-Mobile has yet to open their own pre-order floodgates for the G2 (and we still can’t put a solid launch window to this thing.) So, how soon is “soon,” Best Buy? T-Mobile won’t tell us so you’re all we’ve got! [AC]


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Seriously. This is way too much secrecy for a T-Mobile phone that won’t sell out. But I still want one.

  2. Won’t sell out? Ummm your crazy the G2 is going to sell out because T-Mo customers contracts are ending right on October. :)

  3. Mine ends Oct 20. Def need to replace by G1. I don’t have even the back cover anymore (been about 3 weeks). Battery, antenna and sim card exposed to the elements…but still working great on Cyanogen 6.

  4. My girl and I have renewels on the 18th of October. Buy-one-get-one FREE baby! Not sure if I want the Vibrant or the G2.

  5. I will buy one without a contract. Seeing how that Android hand sets will be dominant long before a another 2 year contract expires will allow me flexibility to upgrade when I choose.

  6. Vanilla Android phone that won’t sell out? If I didn’t love my Nexus as much as I do I would be getting one of these.

  7. All of you interested in the G2 – what is your rationale for not waiting for the Glacier?? Someone help me make a decision!

  8. ^ For me? Because the Glacier probably wont have a keyboard. And thats important to me.

  9. because the Glacier is a wp7 (HD3) and im an android only guy

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