Survey Says: 1 in 4 Americans Would Purchase an Android Tablet


sybase_logoA new survey from Sybase is out and it reveals some potentially interesting figures relating to the rise of tablets in general and consumer desire for Android products. The results of the survey show that nearly one out of every four Americans (23 percent) would buy and Android tablet. For those already owning an Android device the number rose to one out of two. The downside to this number is that of the non-Android users surveyed, only 13 percent would consider a tablet running Google’s OS.

Other interesting but not necessarily Android-related information emerging from the poll states that one in four Americans would purchase a tablet as a replacement for their laptop, and additionally 56 percent would prefer to purchase a tablet at a lower cost subsidized as part of a carrier contract rather than pay a large sum up front.

With little to no thrilling tablet presence for Android so far, will devices like the Galaxy Tab and rumored products from Motorola and others see a bump in these figures once they come to market? Where do you count yourselves? Among the one out of four who would buy a tablet, or with the majority who aren’t quite convinced yet?

[via Sybase]

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  1. 2,100 doesn’t seem like a big enough sample. I still get the feeling that most of the non-phone obsessed public don’t understand the difference between the Android OS and the Droid phone line.

  2. And the other 3/4 would buy the iPad? Lol…j.k

  3. No way 1 in 4 Americans would buy an Android Tablet considering A LOT of people don’t even know what Android is. And for the people who do know what Android is, only a fraction of that would be dumb enough to buy a tablet….

  4. Tablets need phone support. I don’t want two devices just one. That’s why the iPad sucks and the Mobile Tab will too.

    Just Sayin’

  5. 100 is a big enough sample. However, the 23% by itself isn’t very meaningful… with these types of questions consumers way overstate vs. what they would actually do. If 23% said they would purchase, the actual number who do will be much lower. Also have no idea if the survey and sampling itself were good or lousy. So, nice to know but can’t draw any conclusions based on limited info.

  6. That’s cool, but who do these companies be polling because I’ve never been asked to contribute my opinion on these kinds of thing

  7. The one big factors missing is “at what price” and “with what hardware”.

  8. woops meant to say “two” not “one”

  9. As fast as the Android OS is growing as a smart phone OS 23% could be millions of people. I wouldn’t buy anything apple anyway and I know that there are millions of people out there who dont buy apple products because they are very controlling of what you can put on them and how you use them. It’s funny I have never owned a i pod. I bought one for my wife as a gift.

  10. I’d rather get the Galaxy Tab instead of that crappy Ipad it’s better.

  11. I think the 10 inch tablet is very useful. I will be one of the early adopters. I look forward to having Android in tablet form. I will only buy with Gingerbread installed. I am on the fence on whether I want wifi only or cell. I think it is a great tool when the laptop is too much.

  12. I’m 1 of the 4 people to buy a tablet.

    and @acordes157 is right. I’m glad the Galaxy S phones came out so its easier to explain..

    “Motorala calls thier android phones Droids and Samsung calls their android phones Galaxy S’,.. so its the Droid X, Droid 2, Droid Incredible for Motorola.. and for Samsung its the Galaxy S Captivate, Galaxy S Fascinate, Galaxy S Epic 4g.. they are both different phones and phone makers.. but exactly the same in the inside cause the have ANDROID in it, it just looks different cause of the different skins Motorola and Samsung use.”

    and than they go.. “OOOOhh! i get it now!”
    All the time!

  13. Does anyone have any Idea what the Tab is going to cost, are they sitting back watching the buzz before they hit us with some crazy “Apple” pricing?

  14. “Americans would purchase a tablet as a replacement for their laptop, and additionally 56 percent would prefer to purchase a tablet at a lower cost subsidized as part of a carrier contract rather than pay a large sum up front.”
    Do these people realize that they’d then have two carrier contracts and would no doubt being paying triple digits every month?! People are so clueless with their money. Seriously, if you can’t afford to buy tablet outright today, then you also can’t afford to commit yourself to paying for one every few months for the next two-three years.
    Suze says DENIED!

  15. Buying a tablet with a carrier contract is fine if you just have a basic phone besides. But if you already have a top end Android phone, why bother? Just get a WiFi only version, and subscribe to Verizon’e 3G mobile hotspot service (or, just root and install Wireless Tether for free).

  16. Why someone would do such a research? Such subjective survey just discredits Android in the eyes of competitors.

  17. The sample size is nice enough for a general estimate…
    however, how biased is this test group? was it on a tech site? or was it in a supermarket?
    if i would hold a survey on the apple site, of who wants the new iphone… you also get close to a 100%…

  18. According to the Onion, one in four Americans believe Obama is a cactus. Perhaps they use the same pollsters as Sybase does?

  19. @phonixor: This is from the survey’s methodology section. Zogby is about as trustworthy and unbiased as you’ll find anywhere.

    “The referenced study was commissioned by Sybase and conducted by Zogby International. The study consists of online surveys of 2,100 adults in the U.S.A sampling of Zogby International’s online panel, which is representative of the adult population of the U.S., was invited to participate from 8/27/10 to 9/14/10.”

  20. one of the options i’m looking at going forward is because i live in a remote area and use UMA phones, using the TAB in conjunction with a plain vanilla UMA phone.

    only costs 10 bucks a month more than a ANDROID phone and when i’m on the go, i only have to manhandle a phone and leave the TAB on the dashboard.

    7″ GPS screen while driving for 200 bucks, a bargain, ya think?

  21. I would by an Android tablet if they gave me root access instead of locking it down. When I use an OS, especially a Linux distro like Android, I like to have full control just like with my Linux pc’s at home.

  22. Chris93036 you’ve got it wrong. Droid branding is Verizon’s. For example, the Droid Eris is made by HTC.

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