Sep 23rd, 2010

sybase_logoA new survey from Sybase is out and it reveals some potentially interesting figures relating to the rise of tablets in general and consumer desire for Android products. The results of the survey show that nearly one out of every four Americans (23 percent) would buy and Android tablet. For those already owning an Android device the number rose to one out of two. The downside to this number is that of the non-Android users surveyed, only 13 percent would consider a tablet running Google’s OS.

Other interesting but not necessarily Android-related information emerging from the poll states that one in four Americans would purchase a tablet as a replacement for their laptop, and additionally 56 percent would prefer to purchase a tablet at a lower cost subsidized as part of a carrier contract rather than pay a large sum up front.

With little to no thrilling tablet presence for Android so far, will devices like the Galaxy Tab and rumored products from Motorola and others see a bump in these figures once they come to market? Where do you count yourselves? Among the one out of four who would buy a tablet, or with the majority who aren’t quite convinced yet?

[via Sybase]

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