Sprint Gearing Up for a San Francisco 4G Launch


A few of our users have chimed in over the weekend – excited as they’ll ever be – to let us know that they’ve been able to pick up a strong 4G signal in several parts of San Francisco. A similar event went down in New York City where Sprint was testing the network at one point before putting final touches on it, and it’s likely this is more of the same (as Sprint confirmed at that time that San Francisco was also going through its testing phases alongside Los Angeles.)


So 4G isn’t officially out yet for Sprint customers in San Francisco, but it’s getting there. Step outside and see if you can catch a ride on the 4G wave before it fizzles out.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. 4G is active in parts of Minneapolis and we’re not supposed to be live either. I’ve been getting 4G signal in my area since the beginning of the summer… just because a couple of users pick up a signal doesn’t mean that Sprint 4G is officially live.

  2. “So 4G isn’t officially out yet for Sprint customers in San Francisco, but it’s getting there…”

  3. No such luck in San Jose, but apparently there are a few pockets in Santa Clara and Palo Alto with 4G.

  4. There are also some areas in Mountain View around the Google campus with 4G.

  5. If you download the Sensorly mapviewr app you can see which areas have a 4G signal. I see some new 4g zones in SF that weren’t there last week.

  6. SJSU in San Jose has 4G

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