Orange UK Now Offering the Motorola FlipOut in the UK Exclusively


The Motorola FlipOut is now available on Orange as it enjoys a quiet launch on the carrier. The phone was spotted in an ad professing over 70,000 Android apps and lets everyone know that it’s available “only on Orange.” If this was something you wanted to get on a contract in the UK, then you’ll have to be an Orange customer to get it. Otherwise, just buy them unlocked. They’re quite cheap.


[via EuroDroid]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Anyone considering this really needs to stop and think very hard, moto have an abysmal track record supporting any market other than the USA. I am a dext owner who was told we would get 2.1 back in january, waited and asked eventually the update was abandoned about a month ago but strangely the cliq (dext in the USA) is still being updated. No apology, no interest no communication other than set replies from email, forums and helpline, apparently 1.5 delivers the best hardware/software/user experience on the dext. Rooted mine, barely blurred 2.1 rocks and shows motobleugh and 1.5 for the crap bloatware job moto did on them. People are dumping their dexts and cliqs in droves and vowing never to get another moto phone so the choice is yours get moto and risk crap support and broken promises or buy something else.

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