HTC Desire HD ROM Ported to Desire and Incredible



No more than a few days after the phone was officially announced, the ROM for the HTC Desire HD was already available and loaded onto an HTC HD2. Now the ROM is getting used to a more familiar setting inside of not one but two HTC Android handsets. The firmware has been ported to both the HTC Droid Incredible and the original HTC Desire, bringing along the new HTC Sense and some slight speed improvements overall.

The build plays nicely with the two devices for the most part, aside from a lack of camera support and some minor glitches here and there. If you are one of the more adventurous types and fancy yourself giving this a try on your own phone, XDA Developers has all the information you will need for both the Incredible and Desire.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I took the plunge hours ago and its fast and stable, can’t wait for the guys to get the camera working. HTC Desire UK factory edition.

  2. amaazing, when its fully stable this will replace my stock sense incredible

  3. This looks great, but I think I’ll wait for camera support before I jump ships.

  4. Hot damn!

  5. fuck that loaded fast

  6. Damn, that’s ridiculously fast!!!

  7. ya i had this loaded on my hd2, its amazing. even though half of it (hub, sense account etc) isnt even working yet on HTC’s side.

    the developer community for android is absolutely brilliant.
    without the developers working all around the world (mostly for free), the cupcake truly would have been a lie.

  8. Fast? I was able to spawn three kids while waiting for that to load… Nah Jk

  9. Has this rom been ported to the Nexus one as well?

  10. I like this new version of sense way better. The ugly grey bar was the main thing I didn’t like about sense. Now its customizable.

  11. Get it on the Evoooooo!!! Nice!!

  12. I’d rather have an official release :o

  13. can this be ported to the eris?

  14. Running this on my HD2 since 20th September. With working camera and tweaks to fix the occasional lag this will be the bee’s knees, but mustn’t forget it is only beta 2.

  15. Is there any possibilities that this will be officially released for Desire? I mean it can obviously run it

  16. Those themes in the screenshots really do look terrible. I hope it gets better than that!

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