Nexus One, Samsung Moment Join Others in Maintenance Week


It’s Friday, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be seeing any shortage of maintenance upgrades. To close out the week, the Samsung Moment and the Nexus One have both received maintenance upgrades after a host of other phones from all sorts of manufacturers got their fair share of patching. Specifically for the Nexus One, no details were given on what’s been changed, but the Android version is 2.2.1, the build number is FRG83, and there may be a few new numbers in the baseband and kernel version, as well.


The Samsung Moment also got a quick update and looks to fix issues with airplane mode, issues with Skyfire, and it adds a Select All option to Bulk Bluetooth contact push. You should be looking out for version S:M900.8.OS.DI06 to hit your phone OTA within the next few weeks.

[Sprint, XDA]

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  1. Anyone else starting to think this is a big conspiracy and there was a big security hole that needed to be patched that no one wants to tell us about for the sake of the few phones that haven’t yet received an update? Me neither…but it sure is weird.

  2. i just ran checkin on my nexus one and I’m not seeing any OTA update.

  3. Conspiracy? No. This is how I would like it, why announce an exploit when most people (or anybody in this case) doesn’t have the fix?

    Most of the time exploits are announced once a fix is available, otherwise it’s just bad for everybody except hackers.

  4. I blame George Bush!

  5. Tony, your phone hasn’t been issued the OTA yet, they are done in waves.

  6. nothing on my nexus yet…….

  7. Would be nice if they actually fixed something on the Moment (or any Samsung smartphone) that needs fixing like the GPS stale Almanac and ephemeris problem. Maybe I should be grateful that there is actually a part of a person assigned to the Moment at all…

  8. Nothing on my nexus one yet. But I’m seeing rumors that this update includes a few gmail features, and a minor speed increase. Again just rumors, don’t know for sure yet.

  9. I’m not surprised to see a bunch of software releases right around now. It’s almost the end of the third quarter. Companies like to target certain quarters for certain milestones (say, 2.2 on the Droid X). Of course, with all the development and testing involved, these releases usually go out on the last possible day that still counts as “Q3 2010”.

    I don’t like it, because can mean a company prioritizes getting a product out on time over waiting until the product is bug-free and ready for shipment.

    As you might guess, this comes from first-hand experience.

  10. Main reported upgrade for Nexus One is to fix the loophole in the code that allows programs like Universal Androot to allow the phone to be rooted but not unlocked. You can still root you’re phone the old fashioned way but not with UA after the upgrade. Second report is Gallery lag problem has improved. Other changes haven’t been discussed or noticed.

  11. I just did the manual update. Works fine.

  12. I have received the update for my Moment and ever since the update my phone has been freaking out. Its frozen about 4 or 5 times and I had to take battery out to reset. My Moment never did this before its been great to me! So far so good today though I’m keeping my fingers crossed so it wont freak out today. Has anybody else expirenced this.

  13. Is this taking more than an hour for anyone else? I have the feeling it froze, and if i go to shut it off there is a 99% change i’ll brick my phone.

    Atleast this paperweight will have a keyboard on it.

  14. Funny, people have been complaining about the airplane mode issue since the phone was released last year. It only took them 10 months to finally address the issue. What great customer service…. NOT!

  15. I have this phone and my wifi had stopped working for the longest time. I got the update last night and allowed it to update. I became curious because I knew Android 2.2 wasn’t installed so it must have been a patch, so I turned on my wifi again and was able to use it like it had came when I first got the phone. That is one fix that I know that it fixed. I know a few other people had this same problem with this phone too so it must have been a software malfunction that was fixed with this new update.

  16. I wish 2.2 would hit samgsung moment. Most video is becoming useless without flash.

  17. Heh, right when i started the update process (got update.zip on my SDcard), the OTA hit.

  18. My N1 (T-Mobile) was updated today and now I can talk and have the web run in the background much like Verizon and AT&T.

  19. i’ve receive my update this morning(rogers in canada), I didn’t see any difference on my phone?What bugs are they fixing?

  20. ad, try reading the post+comments, you’d be surprised what lies within there…

    I got my OTA last night but haven’t upgraded yet, Nexus One

  21. My max volume on my N1 seems to have gotten louder since the upgrade. Used to be very low and hard to hear before or its just me a little deaf but better now.

  22. Since yesterday, i’ve played with my nexus one and i found that the scrollin for the windows and the app drawer are more smoothly. They have fixed the gallery also. Sometime photos take a while to load! I don’t know if they do any fixing for the batterry, but i’ve notice my batterry has a longuer life than before the update. At the end of the day for my normal and usual use( texting,music,ethernet) i still have over 75% of the battery.

  23. What happen to the slide feature since the new update to the Samsung Moment?

  24. Yep, my Moment has been acting up since the update too. I need another update to fix this update!

    My main problem is with it not going back into lock mode when i’m not using it. usually requires a restart to fix.

    My other problem is that it hasn’t been notifying me of missed calls. AAARRRGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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